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Yarn Storage Shelves: What are they?

The purpose of yarn storage shelving is to keep your yarn organized and accessible. You can store all kinds of knitting or crocheting projects in them. They are made from wood, metal, plastic, foam and other materials. There are many types of yarn storage shelves available today. Some have drawers with hooks; some do not. Some are designed to hold yarns in different sizes, weights and colors.

Some of the most popular types of yarn storage shelves include:

Hooks & Drawer Hooked storage racks are ideal for storing small amounts of yarn. These racks have hooks at each end so that you can hang up your project when needed.

Drawers with hooks allow you to organize your projects into smaller sections without having to worry about losing something while moving things around. Metal Hinged storage racks are great if you want to store larger quantities of yarn. They have hinges at both ends which makes it easy to open and close the rack. Plastic Hinged storage racks come in various shapes and sizes. Foam Hinges make it easy to move your yarns around, but they tend to crack over time due to heat and humidity exposure.

How Do I Choose Which Type of Yarn Storage Shelf Is Right For Me?

Type of Racks You Need To Know Before You Buy:

There are many types of storage racks available today. Each of them has its own features and benefits.

You can choose the one that suits your needs and storage space. These types include:

Yarn Storage Racks with Drawers

These are very stable and can hold a lot of weight. They are made from wood or metal.

They have knobs with which you can pull out the drawer.

Yarn Storage Racks with Doors

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These are mostly made from wood. They have a front door that opens up to reveal a number of horizontal cubbyholes.

The cubbyholes help you organize your tools and other stuff.

Yarn Storage Racks with Shelves

These types of storage racks are great for organizing smaller items. They can sit on a table top or floor.

These racks are available in various shapes, sizes and colors.

Yarn Storage Racks with Baskets

These are great for storing small and odd shaped items. They have a number of cubbyholes and drawers which you can use to sort out your things.

These can be placed on floor and table tops.

How to Buy the Best Yarn Storage Racks?

The best way to buy the right storage rack is to consider your own needs. The following factors should be taken into consideration:

Your Storage Space

The area where you are planning to place your storage rack must be considered. Make sure that it fits in the space provided.

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You also need to take into account the height of the ceiling of that room. You wouldn’t want to buy a storage rack that is too big or too heavy for you to handle. You also have to keep in mind the location of power outlets so that you can be able to plug in the lights or fans if that is what you are planning on buying.

Your Projects

Your current and future projects should also be kept in mind. If you are planning on doing a lot of knitting then you should consider buying a rack with hooks as they are very versatile and can accommodate several different types of yarns and tools.

If you are planning on storing a lot of bulky yarn then you may want to consider buying a shelf or basket storage rack as they can hold more than other types of racks.

Your Budget

You also need to keep your budget in mind. The price of the storage rack that you buy depends on the type of materials that it is made from, its size, and its features.

You can choose to buy a cheaper one if you are just starting out and planning to store only a few projects. A more expensive one may be a better investment if you are a frequent knitter.

Other Factors

You also need to keep in mind the aesthetic factors when choosing a storage rack. There are many different materials that racks are made from such as wood, plastic, wrought iron, and chrome.

You need to choose one that fits in with the decoration of your room.

Buying the best yarn storage rack shouldn’t be all that difficult. All you have to do is consider your own personal needs and preferences and then buy one that suits them.

The above guide should have given you a good idea of what factors to take into consideration so that you can buy the right one.

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