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Wooden Hangers: Best Space Saving Hangers?

In the past, there were no furniture hangers. People used to hang their clothes from trees or other objects. Nowadays, people use various types of hangers such as metal, plastic and wood. There are many reasons why people prefer one type over another. Some people prefer wooden hangers because they feel it’s easier to clean. Others like them because they’re more durable than plastic ones.

The main reason why people choose wooden hangers is that they last longer than plastic ones. They don’t break easily either, which makes them ideal for long term storage of clothing and other items. However, if you want to save money then plastic hangers might be your best bet since they cost less to replace.

Another benefit of using wooden hangers is that they’re much cheaper than plastic ones. You’ll pay around $0.20 per pound for wooden hangers compared to $1.00 per pound for plastic ones.

That means you could buy enough wood hangers to make several hundred pairs of pants! If you have a closet full of clothes, then this would definitely be worth the extra expense!

Possibly the best benefit of using wood hangers is that they make it much easier to organize your clothing. You can stack more wood hangers in a small amount of space due to their flat surface. They also don’t have protrusions such as plastic knobs or wire hooks.

This makes them much easier to store without taking up much space at all! If you have limited closet space, then this benefit alone may make them worthwhile to purchase and use.

There are a few other minor benefits of using wood hangers. For one thing, they’re easy to make. You can just buy a small piece of wood and cut, sand, and stain it however you like!

If you enjoy arts and crafts, then this is definitely reason enough to use them. The only downside is that you’ll need to buy more varnish or sealant since wood stain isn’t always enough to protect them.

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Some people also feel that wood hangers provide better grip than plastic ones. This is important if you’re trying to pull off a fancy tie or heavy winter coat. The last thing you want is to drop your favorite suit on the floor and have to crawl around desperately searching for the missing cufflink!

Finally, wood hangers don’t cause nearly as much clutter since they can be stacked on top of each other. If you’re short on closet space, then this is certainly something you’ll want to consider.

If you only have a small amount of clothing, then plastic hangers might be worth the extra expense. But if you have a large wardrobe and want to maximize space, then wood hangers are definitely your best bet!

Whatever the type of hanger you use, make sure that it’s high-quality, strong and sturdy enough to support more than just the weight of your clothes.

It’s also recommended that you do regular maintenance on wood hangers by sanding and re-staining them as needed. This will prevent your clothes from getting snagged or damaged in any way.

Whatever type of hanger you use for your clothing, make sure it’s something you can afford and will actually use. If you’re short on cash, then plastic or wire hangers are always a good option to save money.

Also, remember that you don’t have to own a bunch of different types of hangers. Your closet isn’t a museum and it’s okay to have a small collection of hangers that you like. Just make sure they suit your needs!

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