Best Women’s Schwinn Bikes

Schwinn Bicycles are known worldwide. They have been used for decades by millions of people around the world. These bicycles were designed with safety in mind, durability and reliability in mind, affordability and accessibility in mind, style and style appeal in mind, and most importantly – fun! Schwinn was founded in Chicago in 1873. Since then they have grown into one of America’s largest bicycle manufacturers producing over 1 million bicycles annually. The company manufactures bicycles for many different brands including: Trek, Cannondale, Specialized, Giant and Raleigh.

The Schwinn Beach Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Bicycle Company introduced their first beach cruiser model in 1948. Their first models were made from steel tubing and had a frame built from two pieces of wood.

Later models included aluminum frames and some even featured carbon fiber construction.

In 1966 Schwinn introduced their first electric beach cruiser bike called the “Electric Beach Cruiser”. The Electric Beach Cruiser was equipped with a motor which allowed it to travel at speeds up to 20 mph (32 km/h).

The Electric Beach Cruiser could reach speeds of 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) when fully charged. The battery powered bicycles were not popular because they required charging every few days and because there wasn’t enough room inside them for all of your belongings.

1970s began the use of oversized tires measuring nearly twenty-four inches in diameter. Manufacturers like Schwinn, Raleigh and Peugeot began using these tires which allowed riders to ride their bikes over rough terrain with more ease and comfort.

During this time bicycles like the Peugeot PSS10 showed up on US shores. The Peugeot PSS10 was a “superbike” that weighed nearly seventy pounds and sold for $600.

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In the 1980s companies like Specialized, Trek, Fuji, and Giant began to sell adult-sized BMX bikes. These bikes were heavy and had small wheels that made them unsuitable for cross country travel.

Beginning in the late 1990s bicycles similar to the ones sold by Haro Bikes began to appear. Haro Bikes are originally a US BMX company that began selling tiered bikes in order to attract younger customers.

The 2010s decade brought many changes in the bicycle industry. Carbon fiber and aluminum frames began to replace steel tubing which made bikes lighter and stronger.

Disc brakes are now found on most standard road racing bicycles because they offer better stopping power than traditional caliper brakes found on most road racing bicycles. Most hybrid bicycles now feature larger 700c wheels. And electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular because they eliminate pedaling and make traveling long distances easier.

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