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Best Women’s Road Bike Under $1000:

The following are some of the most popular models which have been reviewed by many experts. These are not all the best bikes available but they are among the top ones that have been tested and compared with each other. There is no need to spend a fortune when it comes to your cycling needs. If you want something light weight, reliable and durable then these are some of the best options out there!

There are several factors that go into choosing the right bicycle for you. One of them is your personal preference. You may prefer a heavier or lighter frame, or maybe you prefer a smaller or larger wheel size. Whatever your choice, there are certain things to consider before making up your mind. Here at Cycle Gear we offer a wide range of bicycles from various manufacturers such as Cannondale, Specialized, Giant and Trek.

All of our bikes come standard equipped with Shimano Dura Ace Di2 drivetrain and brakes. Some of them even come with disc brake systems if you wish to upgrade later.

If you’re looking for a new bike, here are some tips to get you started:

Choose a model that fits well on your body. A good fit will ensure that the bike feels comfortable and secure on your back while pedaling. When trying out a bike, adjust the seat and handlebars until they fit your body, this includes standing on the pedals and reaching for the handlebars from an upright position. If you need a step stool to reach the pedals then the bike is likely too small for you and vice versa if you need to bend your legs when pedaling.

Choose a size that fits you in both length and width of the frame. Different manufacturers measure their bikes in different ways. Make sure to consider this when choosing your new ride.

Stand over height – this is the distance from the ground to the top of the frame at the point where your leg hangs over when sitting on the saddle. This measurement is important because you want at least 1 to 11/2 inches between your legs and the crossbar or you’ll end up getting a nasty bruise on your private parts every time you go over a pothole. Always worth considering especially if you’re a beginner!

Another important factor to consider is weight. While some may prefer a lighter bike, heavier bikes usually are more stable and offer a more comfortable ride. The type of riding you intend to do will determine whether you should choose a heavier or lighter bike. If you like to go fast on bumpy roads or go off-roading, it’s best to choose a heavier bike. If you intend to only ride on paved roads or exercise on flat land, a lighter bike will suffice.

The type of riding you intend to do also determines the type of bike frame you should choose. The three main types of frames are diamond, step-through and hybrid.

Diamond frames are the most common and can be found on most bikes. They are easy to pedal and great for cruising on smooth roads. They offer good stability making them a favorite among beginners.

Step-through frames are best for women and riders who prefer to have their feet on the ground whenever possible. They are also great for riders who intend to ride on rough or hilly terrain. The main downside is they can be harder to pedal since your feet are closer to the crankset.

Best Women's Performance Bikes - from our website

Hybrid frames feature a mixture of both the step-through and diamond frame. They are a little more comfortable than step-through frames but not as resistant to damage.

The materials the frame is made of can also make a difference on how the bike feels while you’re riding. The three common materials are carbon fiber, steel and aluminum.

Carbon fiber frames are lightweight and offer good power transfer. They also are designed in a way that reduces vibrations to the frame when riding over bumps. They do come with a hefty price tag though.

Steel frames are heavier than carbon fiber or aluminum frames but are cheaper to manufacture. They are more durable than carbon fiber frames but heavier than aluminum frames. If you like the feel of a steel frame while riding, but don’t want to weigh down your bike too much, you may want to consider a steel frame since it is more durable than a aluminum frame but easier on the weight than a full steel frame.

Aluminum frames are lightweight and designed to be both strong and stiff. They are also the most affordable frames on the market. The main downsides are they tend to be a little more uncomfortable than other materials and do not dampen vibration as well as other materials.

Once you’ve decided which type of frame you want, it’s time to pick out the rest of the bike.

While it’s possible to build up a bike with a mix-and-match of parts, it’s best to buy a complete bike if you’re a beginner. This is especially true if you are buying your first road bike. The reason for this is most complete bikes are designed to be easy to pedal for the average user. Since you are a beginner, it’s best to get a bike that is going to be comfortable and not have you struggling to control it.

You will have plenty of time to learn about different parts and creating a custom ride once you get the hang of riding.

Road Bikes

If you do not intend to ride on dirt trails, then a road bike is what you need.

Road bikes can be broken down into 3 categories: recreational, endurance and racer. While each category is designed for a specific type of riding, all three types are suitable for riding on the road.

Recreational road bikes are comfortable and easy to ride. They are ideal for beginners or for those who don’t plan on going fast or riding far. Even though they aren’t designed for speed, some recreational bikes can reach speeds of over 20 mph.

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Endurance road bikes are a cross between the comfort of a recreational bike and the performance of a racing bike. These bikes are preferred by riders who like to ride long distances.

Racing road bikes are lightweight and are designed to get the rider to reach top speeds quickly. Because of their lightweight frame and narrow tires, these bikes need to be handled with care. The geometry of the racing bike means the rider is inclined forward which makes them a bit harder to control, especially at slower speeds.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes can also be broken down into three categories: cross country, downhill and freeride. All three types of mountain bikes are designed to handle himself on a mountain trails but each is specifically designed for a certain style of riding.

Cross country mountain bikes are designed to ride long distances. They have a lightweight frame with a slightly smaller wheel size than the other two categories. They also have low levels of suspension and are not suited for very rough terrain or steep inclines.

Downhill mountain bikes are just the opposite of cross country mountain bikes. They are built to handle very rough terrain. As a result, they are significantly heavier than other types of mountain bikes. They have large wheel sizes and high levels of suspension.

Freeride mountain bikes are a compromise between the other two categories. They are suited to ride on a variety of terrain and are slightly lighter than downhill mountain bikes.

Tandem Bikes

Tandem bikes allow two people to ride on one bike. These bikes are popular with families and friends who want to ride together. Tandem bikes come in both one speed and multi-speed models. One of the riders will pedal and propels the bike forward while the other sits back and enjoys the ride.

Choosing a Used Bike

Buying a used bike may be an option if you want to save money or you are unable to buy a new bike from your local bike shop. It is possible to find a used bike at a garage sale or flea market but it may be better to go to a dedicated bike dealer.

Best Women's Performance Bikes - from our website

When you are shopping for a used bike, there are a few questions you should ask yourself:

Is the seat the right height?

You don’t want to end up spending your time riding a bike that has an uncomfortable or improper seat height. This can lead to very sore muscles and can even cause injury.

Can you move the seat up and down?

If the bike you want has a fixed seat, make sure that you will be able to adjust it. It is possible that the owner may have the screw or bolt somewhere else.

Is it comfortable?

Bikes may feel different based on personal preference but there are also some bikes that are known to be more comfortable than others. Try to find reliable brands online before going to the store.

Do you like the style?

Find a bike that you think looks good. This is completely subjective so you don’t need to worry too much about this question.

Is there enough tire air?

Just like with automobiles, tires are important for the safety of the rider. If the tires are very flat, you may end up getting a nasty pinch flat in the event of a crash which can cause serious injury.

How does it shift and stop?

Make sure that the brakes and gears work as they should. This is very important for the safety of the rider.

Is it clean?

If you are buying a new bike, make sure that it is clean and doesn’t have any rust. If you are buying a used bike, make sure that the tires, brakes and gears work properly.

Is it the right size?

Make sure that the frame size is not too large or too small. A proper fitting bike will prevent pain while riding and will increase your endurance.

Is it worth the price?

If you are buying a new bike, you will be able to judge this fairly quickly. If you are buying a used bike, you may have to spend a little more time judging its condition. Don’t be afraid to walk away if the seller does not want to drop the price.


Along with your helmet and lights, a good U-lock is essential for an urban biker. These devices are hard for even the most skilled thieves to bypass. Before buying a lock, make sure that it has a Sold Secure rating of at least three stars. Also make sure that you are able to carry the lock with you. Most bikers simply get a D-lock but you may also want to consider an O-lock since these types of locks are harder for a thief to transport.

Before you lock up your bike, be sure that you are in a safe area. This means that the bike rack should be located in a well-lit area with cameras. Be sure that your lock cannot be easily cut if it is a chain and the ground is not soft or muddy. If you are using an O-lock, place the back wheel between the “0” of the lock. This will make it much harder to transport if a thief tries to take your bike.

Make sure that you are using your lock properly. If a thief is able to simply saw through your lock, it is not the fault of the lock if your belongings get stolen. Always make sure that you are using the right locking technique and have purchased a high-quality lock.


While there is no 100% way to avoid getting your bike stolen, there are a few things that you can do to try to prevent theft. Always be aware of your surroundings and if you see multiple people milling about, walk away from your bike. While crowded areas are okay, be sure that you are still able to see your bike at all times.

Also be aware that certain thieves will simply wait for distracted owners. Make sure that you are fully paying attention to your bike and have an eye on it at all times. Thieves are looking for easy targets so by simply not being an easy target, you can greatly decrease your chances of having your bike stolen.

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Another way to prevent theft is to simply reduce the resale value of your bike. If a thief wants to steal your bike, they will most likely be selling it for parts or to a scrapping yard. Both of these businesses are less likely to accept bikes with unique parts or custom work as this makes identifying the owner much easier.

To reduce the value of your bike, you can simply remove everything from it. This means removing lights, pedals, wheels, seats and more. Make sure that you keep some of these items in a safe location so that you do not have to go out and replace them right away. By the time you replace all of these parts, the thief or scrap metal dealer will have made lots of money off your bike and no one will pay as much for it.

Finally, you should consider getting your frame and serial number etched. This process is relatively cheap and makes it easier to identify your bike should it get stolen or lost.


Along with a great lock, insurance can help you get back on your feet if disaster does strike. There are a few different types of insurance that are available to you as a biker:

Your home owners insurance may cover your bike if it is stolen from your garage. This will depend on the policy that you have so be sure to talk to your agent about your specific plan.

Some credit cards offer free insurance if you buy something over a certain price on that card. Be sure to check your cards to see what kind of coverage they offer

There are many insurance policies available for bicycles, check with your insurance company to see what kinds of plans they offer. Be sure to read the fine print as some plans may not cover all of your bike or may have other conditions

If your bike was stolen, a police report can be filed and this will help you to get your bike back if it is recovered

While insurance can help you get back on your feet after a theft, you have to remember that every insurance policy has its limitations. This means that there is a cap on the amount that they will pay out for your bike no matter what the cost. It is important to do your research and to read all of the fine print in order to know what you will get back in the event of a claim.

Always remember that bike theft is a crime and unfortunately, criminals are rarely smart enough to get caught or go to jail. Due to this, your chances of having your bike stolen are relatively high. By taking the proper precautions and using a good lock, you can greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

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