Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

Best Women’s Mountain Bikes Under $300: Juliana Bikes

Juliana bikes are one of the most popular brand name in women’s mountain biking. They have been around since 2007 and they offer a wide range of products ranging from full suspension mountain bikes to hybrid road/trail bikes.

Their focus is on offering quality at affordable prices. The company was founded by two brothers – John and David.

The first product that the company produced was a single speed mountain bike called the Jumbo. The Jumbo was released in 2010 and it became very successful among the cycling enthusiasts.

Since then, the company has developed several other models such as the Jumbo Hybrid (2011), the Jumbo Roadster (2012) and finally their latest model – the Juliana.

The Juliana is a single speed mountain bike with a top tube length of 495mm which is slightly longer than that of the Xtracycle Ripper (which stands at 493mm). The top tube length is important because it shows how much room the rider will have when cycling.

A longer top tube length implies that there will be more space between the rider and the front wheel of the bike, hence, giving the rider more control and stability. The Jumbo has a longer top tube than that of the other two bikes.

The Juliana is fitted with 26in wheels and it is available in one color – black. It is made from a steel frame and has a weight of 34.5lbs.

This might be heavier than other mountain bikes that are available on the market. The only gear that this bike comes with is a single speed system.

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Despite being slightly pricier than other similar bikes, the Jumbo is one of the best-selling bikes today. Made from durable materials and designed by an experienced team, the Jumbo has received positive customer reviews for its quality components.

This bike is highly recommended for beginner mountain bikers. It may not be as flashy as the other bikes on this list but it certainly gets the job done.

Best Women’s Mountain Bikes Under $2,000: Intense Tracer 29 X01 Eagle

The second most expensive bike on our list, the Intense Tracer 29 X01 Eagle is a full suspension mountain bike with 29in wheels and an eagle drivetrain. The eagle drivetrain includes a mix of SRAM and Shimano components.

This makes the drivetrain lightweight and highly efficient while also allowing for the 11 speeds. The frame is made from lightweight carbon fiber. It comes in three colors: black, orange and green.

Despite its light weight, the frame is durable and strong enough to withstand regular use by an adult rider. The shock at the rear of the bike is highly adjustable and provides excellent traction on various terrains and trails.

The front fork provides an absorbing effect that protects the rider from bouncing around on the bike.

The Intense Tracer 29 also comes with a set of FOX FLOAT Factory series suspension. The rear shock of this mountain bike is made by Rockshox and is considered one of the best in the business.

Most bikes don’t come with such high-quality components straight out of the box but the Intense Tracer 29 X01 Eagle does.

The tires of the Intense Tracer 29 are a combination of both dual and single ply. The front tire is thicker than the rear one in order to provide more grip and stability to the bike.

The rims of this mountain bike are also slightly wider which allows for a more comfortable ride. This feature is especially useful for downhill tracks as it allows for more control even at higher speeds.

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The drivetrain of the Intense Tracer is also one of the best in its class. The eagle series by SRAM provides the rider with a smoother transition between gears and excellent control over the bike.

There is a lot of focus on quality when it comes to this drivetrain as each and every gear has been tested to ensure that it works efficiently.

The design of this mountain bike is one of its most appealing features. The bright green frame with black wheels looks sleek and is sure to turn heads on your next ride.

The tires are a light tan color which is a great contrast to the black wheels. The black fork matches the frame but also helps hide dirt and grime after a long day of riding. A white logo sticker with the company name adds a nice decorative touch to this innovative bike.

The Intense Tracer 29 X01 Eagle comes at a price that may seem high but is actually quite reasonable for what you get. This mountain bike is one of the best on the market and offers a comfortable and exciting experience for all riders.

This is one of the best mountain bikes under $2000.

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