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Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis?

In this article we are going to talk about Best Women’s Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis. There are many different types of plantar fasciitis, which may affect your golf game. If you have any type of plantar fasciitis, then it will definitely hinder your performance during the course of a round. So if you suffer from any kind of plantar fasciitis, then you need to get yourself some brand new women’s golf shoes.

The main reason why you want to buy these women’s golf shoes is because they provide comfort while playing the sport. They do not only offer protection against the pain caused by plantar fasciitis, but also prevent blisters and other skin irritations. These shoes are designed with a special sole design so that they don’t cause any discomfort when walking.

There are several brands out there that make women’s golf shoes for plantar fasciitis. Some of them include Adidas, Brooks, Converse, New Balance and Nike. However, none of these brands have been able to come up with a perfect solution for all those suffering from this condition.

So what makes one woman’s golf shoe better than another?

It all comes down to brand and cost. There is no shoe specifically designed for plantar fasciitis because there is no cure. It is just something that you have to put up with if you are going to continue your love for the game.

While every brand does offer their own solution, none of them can guarantee a permanent fix. There are special inserts that can be purchased separately which help to reduce the pain and they also prevent blisters on your feet.

When looking for the best women’s golf shoe for plantar fasciitis, you will want to find a shoe that has plenty of support. If you already have arch problems then you are going to want a shoe with extra support for your arches and ankles.

You may want to avoid women’s golf shoes that do not have a lot of flexibility because these are the types of shoes that can really cause your plantar fasciitis to act up.

We highly recommend that you try on a few different pairs of women’s golf shoes before settling on one pair. If you are a sufferer of plantar fasciitis, then your biggest concern should be playing as little as possible. So you shouldn’t feel obligated to buy an expensive pair if you can find a cheap pair that is comfortable.

Another option for women’s golf shoes designed specifically for plantar fasciitis is buying a used or second hand pair. There will most likely come a time when you have outgrown a pair or simply are ready for a new pair. If this is the case, then you should definitely consider selling your old pair online. There are several websites out there that will allow you to list items for sale, such as EBay and Amazon.

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In any case, make sure you try on several different women’s golf shoes before buying. You may even want to buy several different pairs and then test them out on the course before finally settling on your favorite pair.

Check out the popular women’s golf shoes listed below:

Women’s Golf Shoes Reviews

Puma Women’s Golf Shoes

These Puma women’s golf shoes are very affordable and provide good arch support which is great for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. They are available in a range of different colors, which means you can choose the pair that best suits your needs.

Moreover, the soles are made from a soft rubber material which provides you with extra comfort when walking and also offer a good grip on the golf course.

There are a couple of minor drawbacks with these golf shoes though. The first one being they can sometimes be a bit too narrow. This means that you might experience some rubbing and blistering on your feet when playing a full 18 holes.

Another problem is they don’t offer much ankle support. So if you suffer from weak ankles then you might find yourself in a lot of pain after a round of golf.

Callaway Women’s Expand-It Golf Shoes

These Callaway golf shoes are great for women who want a pair of comfortable yet stylish looking golf shoes. They have been designed with both form and function in mind, giving you everything that you could possibly need when playing the game.

A couple of features which really stand out with these golf shoes is the expandable collar and also the accordion stretch panels located on the sides. Both of these design features give you a great fit without the hassle of laces or velcro.

They have an excellent grip on all types of surfaces so you can trust that you will stay firmly grounded when swinging your club. The out sole is also quite sturdy, providing plenty of traction when climbing hills or walking on rugged terrain.

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The only real problem with these golf shoes is the sizing. It tends to run smaller than average, so it is best that you order a size larger than what you normally wear.

ADIDAS Golf Women’s Shoes

These Adidas golf shoes provide great comfort as well as style for all types of players. They have a quick release feature which allows you to easily slip them on and off whenever needed. Your feet will also stay nice and cool since there is plenty of ventilation throughout the entire shoe.

There is also a good degree of flexibility with these shoes and extra cushioning on the inside. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, these shoes will be able to handle everything that you can throw at them including walking, running, and even jumping.

A lot of users have mentioned that they tend to run small so it might be best to order a half size up from what you normally wear. Other than that, these shoes are great for everyday as well as for playing the game of golf.

Nike Women’s Air Tour Golf Shoes

If you are looking for a comfortable yet stylish pair of golf shoes, then these Nike Air Tour shoes are probably what you are looking for. They have been constructed with both performance and comfort in mind and are available in a range of different colors to suit your taste.

The soles are quite hardy and provide excellent traction on several different types of surfaces. This is thanks to the herringbone pattern that has been incorporated into them. They also have enough flexibility where they won’t restrict your natural foot movement but still provide you with enough support.

There have been some complaints about these golf shoes in terms of quality. The glue tends to come apart, causing the material to fray and fall apart over time.

Adidas Performance Golf Shoes

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These Adidas golf shoes provide a mixture of comfort and performance. They are made from a mixture of fabric and synthetic materials. One feature that really stands out is the rubber material located on the soles. This provides great traction on multiple different types of terrain, so you can trust that you will have stability no matter where you play.

A lot of users love these shoes due to their excellent comfort. They have plenty of cushioning throughout the entire shoe, as well as elastic inserts on the instep which allow for a snug and secure fit.

The only major complaints about these shoes have to do with their durability. Some users have reported that these shoes just don’t last very long due to materials used in their construction.

Callaway Men’s Tour Golf Shoes

These are another great pair of shoes for golf that will provide both comfort and performance on the course. They have a classic look to them, so they will go with just about any type of outfit. The soles are made from a rubber material which provides excellent traction on several different types of terrain. They also have enough flexibility where you won’t feel like you’re walking around in wooden blocks but still provide enough support.

A lot of users have mentioned how comfortable these shoes are. Whilst they don’t look like it, the uppers are made from a breathable fabric which will keep your feet cool and dry whilst you play. They also come with extra cushioned insoles that provide plenty of arch support.

A common complaint with these shoes is that they run small. So if you plan on buying a pair, it might be best to get them a size or half size bigger than what you normally wear.

New Balance Men’s MW928 Golf Shoe

These New Balance golf shoes offer a combination of style and comfort which are perfect for those casual rounds when you don’t feel like dressing up in traditional golf cleats. The outsoles have the right amount of flexibility so you won’t feel like you’re walking in wooden blocks but still provide enough support. The midsoles and sock liners have been made from a special foam that has been designed to create a comfortable and stable fit.

One feature that users seem to like is how lightweight these shoes are. Whilst they still provide plenty of stability, you won’t feel like you’re dragging around barrels on the golf course.

One thing that several users have complained about is the quality of these shoes. After just a few rounds, the material surrounding the cleats began to rip and tear. Whilst this can most likely be fixed with some extra stitching, it’s still an inconvenience for a lot of people.

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Whilst we have provided you with several different options, you may want to take some time and do some extra research before making your final decision.

Golf Shoes Buyer’s Guide

If you’ve decided that you really need a new pair of golf shoes, but you’re not quite sure what exactly you’re looking for, never fear. We’re going to go over some of the main features that you should take a look at before making your purchase.

Golf Shoe Construction

The first thing that you should familiarize yourself with is the different types of shoe constructions that are out on the market. The main ones that you will run into are:

Stitchdown: In this type of construction, the sole and upper material are stitched together. It provides a sturdy construction which will hold up well on the golf course. The only drawback is that they’re a little bit more time consuming and expensive to make.

Unit : In this type of construction, the sole and upper are made from one single piece of material. Because there are no stitches to come undone, it provides a very quick production time. The problem is they don’t always hold up as well as the stitchdown shoes.

Affordable Mens Golf Shoes

We all like to save money where we can and golf shoes are no different. However, you get what you pay for and if you try to buy the cheapest pair you can find, you’ll probably end up having to replace them sooner than you need to.

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Spend a little more money and get a pair of shoes that are made from good materials and will last a little longer.

Why You Should Wear Golf Shoes

Wearing the proper golf shoes could give you that extra edge that you need to improve your game. Depending on what type of surface you play on, you may want a certain kind of shoe to provide the best stability and traction.

If you have suffered from ankle or knee injuries in the past and need additional support, golf shoes are a great way to protect those joints. Also, if your regular walking shoes don’t offer enough support, a good pair of golf shoes could help prevent any re-injury.

Do You Need Both Pair?

You might be wondering if you need to buy a pair of golf shoes and sandals since the two go together like peanut butter and jelly.

In reality, if you’re just a casual golfer, you probably don’t need to get a whole new wardrobe of golf clothing and equipment. Just keep in mind that certain types of terrain require different types of shoes so make sure you dress for each specific hole.

What Else Should You Consider?

Golf shoes need to fit well so you should think about going to a professional and having them professionally fitted. Just tell them that you need a pair of golf shoes and they will take it from there.

They will measure your feet and then provide you with the perfect fit. They may have you try on a few different pairs so make sure you go some place where you can be assured of their quality.

Also, be prepared to spend a little money. While you don’t have to buy the most expensive pair, you should look for quality and value when making your purchase.

And while you’re at it, buy or borrow a pair of golf sandals too. You’ll be glad that you did on those hot summer days when the ground is a little to scorching to walk on with bare feet. Just make sure you wipe them down really good before you put them back in your bag!

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Golf shoes can provide you with a lot of benefits that you just can’t get when playing barefoot. So take the time to find the right pair for you and your feet and your game will greatly benefit because of it.

CA Golf Shoes

If you’re looking for a great pair of comfortable and durable golf shoes this is the brand to go with. With their innovative designs and high quality materials, these shoes will help you play your best game.

Newton Golf Shoes

These are really the best of the best when it comes to golf shoes. They are designed for comfort and performance and are used by professional golfers all over the world.

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