Best Women’s Dress Watches

Best Women’s Dress Watches: Top 10 Under $300

10. Seiko SKX007 Men’s Watch – $299.99 (Amazon)

Seiko SKX007 is one of the most popular men’s dress watch brands. They are known for their high quality and reliable design. The brand was founded in 1881 and they have been making watches since then. Their first models were made out of gold but later changed to steel.

Today, Seiko is known for its divers watches which are very popular among both men and women.

The SKX007 is a classic style watch with a black dial and silver hands. The case measures 40mm wide x 12mm thick and it weighs just over 50 grams. The watch features a date window at 3 o’clock position and a small seconds display at 6 o’clock. It comes with a stainless steel bracelet.

9. Omega Speedmaster Professional “Masterpiece” – $399 (Amazon)

Omega Speedmasters are some of the most sought after timepieces in the world. They’re not only highly collectible, but they’re also considered to be some of the finest mechanical watches ever created.

The “Masterpiece” edition of the legendary Omega Speedmaster features a black dial with subdials for 60-minute and 12-hour increments. The watch hands are white, as are all the numbers featured on the face. At the 3 o’clock position sits a small date window, and at the 6 o’clock position you’ll find the Omega logo.

The case is made out of stainless steel and measures 38.5mm in width, 47mm in length, and 13.5mm in thickness. The watch weighs just less than 7 ounces.

It comes with a black leather strap with white stitches.

8. Timex Weekender Second Size – $69 (Timex)

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The Timex Weekender Second Size is one of the few affordable watches that has an attractive charm to it. It’s got that vintage look that you just can’t find in most modern day watches. It also has a very simplistic design that looks good no matter what you wear it with.

The watch features a 40mm case made out of a combination of metal and plastic. It also has a 21mm nylon strap. The dial is protected by a curved piece of hard mineral crystal. The watch is powered by Japanese quartz movement, and it’s water resistant up to 30 meters.

7. Daniel Wellington 0106DW – $195 (Daniel Wellington)

The Daniel Wellington 0106DW is a watch that has a refined and classic look to it. It’s one of those watches that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the outfit you’re wearing it with. The watch looks good in a professional environment, but also has an outdoorsy feel to it as well. You could easily wear this while camping or hiking and still feel comfortable.

The case of the watch is made out of a combination of premium steel and top quality leather. It measures in at 34mm wide x 45mm long, and features a 22mm nylon strap. The dial features classic Roman numeral at 12 o’clock, small second markers at 6 and 9 o’clock, and a date display at 3 o’clock. A scratch resistant sapphire crystal protects the dial.

The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters. It’s powered by a precise Japanese quartz movement.

6. Seiko 5 SNZG09 – $105 (Amazon)

The Seiko 5 is one of the most affordable automatic watches on this list. That’s right, this watch does not need battery in order to keep time. It gets its power from the movement of your arm! This watch has a lot going for it in terms of style and features.

However, its biggest drawback is the fact that it doesn’t have a screw-down crown. This means that, despite being water resistant to 200 meters, it can be susceptible to water pressure damage if left underwater for long periods of time.

The case measures in at 42mm wide and 13mm thick. It’s made out of stainless steel and sports a rotating bezel. It has a black dial with white numbers and markers with a date display at 3 o’clock. The watch has an automatic crystal, and it’s powered by a Seiko Caliber 7S26B Automatic Self-Wind movement.

It features manual wind, hand winding capability, a 41-hour power reserve, and dates.

5. Skagen 233XLTTN – $165 (Amazon)

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The Skagen 233XLTTN has a simple design that looks great in a professional environment. It’s a watch that can easily be dressed up or down depending on what you’re wearing it with. The watch has an understated elegance to it, while still having a sporty edge to it as well. It’s a very unique mixture that gives the watch a desirable aesthetic appeal.

The watch features a stainless steel case and a black nylon strap. The case measures in at 40mm wide and 10mm thick, it’s water resistant to 50 meters, and it’s powered by a Quartz movement. The watch also has a 10 month battery life.

4. Timex Weekender – $40-$60 (JOM)

The Timex Weekender is another one of those classic watches that just never seems to go out of style. It’s been around for decades, and it probably will continue to be around for decades to come. This watch is perfect for everyday wear. It’s simple, functional, and very affordable.

The watch features a 40mm brass case and a 22mm brown leather strap. It’s water resistant to 50 meters and is powered by a quartz movement.

3. Tissot 1:1 Analog – $185 (Nordstrom)

The Tissot 1:1 Analog is a modern looking watch that has a lot of desirable features to it. The watch’s case measures in at a sizable 44mm wide and 13mm thick, and it’s water resistant to 100 meters. It also has a a unique 1:1 display that is both easy to read and aesthetically pleasing.

The watch is powered by a Swiss made automatic movement. It has an analog dial and a unidirectional bezel. The watch has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and is covered under a lifetime warranty.

2. Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic – $495 (Amazon)

The Hamilton Khaki is one of the few watches on this list that has real military provenance. It was first issued to US troops during world war 2, where it gained a reputation for being a rugged and durable field watch. It’s been a popular choice among military personel ever since.

This modernized version of the Khaki features a stainless steel case and a khaki green nylon strap. The watch has a vintage distressed dial and is powered by a Swiss Made automatic movement. This thing is built like a tank, and it’s as beautiful as it is functional.

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1. Steinhart Ocean One Black – $520 (Steinhart)

The Steinhart Ocean One Black is a gorgeous watch that features a stunning sunburst black dial and a radiant blue index. The watch is also outfitted with classy touches like gold accents, a gold coin edge bezel, and a fine brown leather strap. It’s a watch that looks as good with a tuxedo as it does with your favorite pair of denim.

The watch features a black ion plated stainless steel case and measures in at 41mm wide. It’s water resistant to 100 meters and is powered by a Japanese made automatic movement. The brand has a reputation for creating quality watches at affordable prices, and the Steinhart Ocean One Black certainly upholds that standard.

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