Best Women’s Burton Gloves

Burton Gore-Tex Women’s Snowboard Mitten

The Burton Gore-Tex® brand is known worldwide for its high performance winter gear. Their products are used by world class athletes such as skiers, snowboarders, and surfers. They have been around since the early ’70s when they were founded by Bill Bowerman (who was born in Scotland). They’ve made some of the most popular winter clothing brands like Patagonia®, Marmot™, and Black Diamond®.

In 2014, Burton introduced their first ever men’s line called Burton Men’s Outerwear. This new collection included several different styles of outerwear including parkas, bomber jackets, vests and more. One style that caught our eye was the Burlton Gore-Tex® Women’s Snowboard Mitten which retailed for $79 USD at select retailers.

We decided to do a test drive of the Burton Gore-Tex® Women’s Snowboard Mitten. Our goal was to see if it would keep us warm while riding our favorite snowboards. We weren’t disappointed! While wearing the Burton Gore-Tex® Women’s Snowboard Mitten, we experienced no cold spots or even any wind chill at all.

The wool felt so soft against our skin and kept us very comfortable throughout the day. Even when it warmed up, we never felt too hot. We wore a light base layer underneath and never once did we feel restricted or uncomfortable.

The wrist cuff is adjustable which allowed for a perfect fit around the wrist area. This feature is very important as it keeps the snow out and the heat in! The cuff has a stretchy neoprene material on the inside which allows for a snug but comfortable fit without being too restricting. It’s very soft and flexible, so it doesn’t feel too bulky or get in the way while wearing gloves.

The mitten did a great job at keeping the wind out when lifting your hands up while snowboarding and off your board. It was very easy to feel around for your board again with these mitts on! We really liked the style of these mittens and how they looked while snowboarding. Since this is a women’s specific glove, it was very form fitting to our hands. There were no baggy areas or places that felt too tight. It gave us full range of movement and flexibility while feeling snug at the same time!

The Burton Gore-Tex® Women’s Snowboard Mitten is made out of 100% nylon shell and lined with 100% polyester. The cuff has 70% neoprene, 20% nylon, and 10% spandex. It also has 100% polyester fleece lining. It is recommended to hand wash in cold water and drip dry.

Do not bleach or iron. The mitten comes in sizes XS-M which has a circumference of 8.25″ and L-XXXL which has a circumference of 8.5″.

Our overall impression of the Burton Gore-Tex® Women’s Snowboard Mitten is a positive one. We really like how stylish and comfortable these mittens are. The style is very sleek and modern looking. They feel very soft on the outside but still provide great warmth with the fleece interior.

They have great flexibility, range of motion, and comfort. The cuff has the perfect amount of stretch as it hugs your wrist but doesn’t feel too restrictive. We didn’t experience any hand chaffing or irritation while wearing these mitts, which is usually a problem for us. If you’re in the market for a new pair of snowboard mittens, the Burton Women’s Snowboard Mitten deserves a try!

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