Best Wii U Controllers

Best Wii U Controller Alternatives:

Wii U Pro Controller – Nintendo WII U Pro Controller Alternative

The Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller is a high quality product that offers superior control over your games. However, it’s not without its drawbacks. One of these drawbacks is the fact that it requires you to use two hands while playing, which may be uncomfortable for some players.

It’s true that the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller does offer a great level of comfort, but it still doesn’t compare to other options out there. For example, the Xbox 360 controller features a smaller touchpad than the one found on the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller. The PlayStation 3 controller features a larger touchpad than that of the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller. And finally, the GameCube controller features a large touchpad compared to all other controllers available today.

The Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller is also not the only option when it comes to a console-quality controller. There are several third party companies that have released their own versions of the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller. These include the Logitech G29, SteelSeries Siberia v3, Razer DeathAdder Chroma, and many others. All of them feature their own unique design and feel different from each other. Some even offer additional functionality such as wireless connectivity or bluetooth support.

Ultimately, the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller is equal to or better than all of the other alternatives. The only differences are in design and aesthetics. But even in those two categories, there’s no real winner since everyone has different tastes. However, if you’re a fan of Nintendo, then it’s safe to say the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller is the best controller for you.

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