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Best Whisk: Matfer

Matfer is one of the most popular and well known makers of whisky. They are based in Germany and have been making whisky since 1867.

Their products include single malt Scotch, Irish whiskey, Canadian rye, American bourbon and rum. They also make a range of distilled spirits such as vodka, gin and liqueurs (among others). They produce their own grain mash which they use to make all their distillates from.

They manufacture their own barley, wheat and rye as well as other grains used in the production of their spirit. They also use peatbogs and other natural ingredients in the mashing process.

Matfer uses a number of different types of wood for the barrels used to age their spirits. Some of these are oak, hickory, maple or even walnut. The casks are then filled with various combinations of these woods depending on what type of spirit they intend to produce.

The company produces a wide variety of whiskies and their brands include Glenfiddich, Talisker, Balvenie, Macallan, Caol Ila and many more. Their most famous product is their single malt Scotch whisky called Matilda.

It was first produced in 1871 and it’s still made today! The brand is so successful that it has become the world’s top selling whisky. The most popular product in the U.S. is certainly Glenfiddich which has been the number one selling single malt in the states for decades.

Matfer company owns the world’s oldest whiskey distillery on record, Old Bushmills. They also own various other distilleries such as The Aultmore and Glen Keith Distilleries.

For a long time they held a majority stake in the famous Speyside brand but they sold their stake back in 1993. There are a wide range of whiskies made at their different distilleries.

Matfer use the same type of copper stills as many other distilleries for all their malts. They have managed to keep some of their secrets from prying eyes (even the tax people) and this has allowed them to produce some of the world’s most popular whiskies, selling in almost every country across the globe.

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The mentioned above whiskies are only a small part of the huge amount of whiskies the company produce. There are literally hundreds of various types and flavours of whiskies available from this company.

The company have many different types of whiskies in their range. From single malts to blended whiskies and everything in between.

Matfer own a number of famous whisky brands such as Chivas Regal, Royal Salute, The Famous Grouse, Passport, 100 Pipers, Johnny Walker, Grant’s, Haig, Cutty Sark and many more. Each brand has a slightly different taste and flavour depending on the type of wood used and the length of time it is aged for.

The company also owns a number of different distilleries and operates them independently. These include: Glenfiddich, Balvenie, Tullamore dew, Teacher’s, Isle of Jura, The Glenlivet, Dalmore, Aberlour, Cragganmore, Longmorn and many others.

The company has its own dedicated team of “noses” that are responsible for the blending of its various spirits. These people are the most important part of the process as they have the most skill and knowledge when it comes to mixing various ingredients to get the exact taste that the company is looking for.

There are different noses for each brand and they have a great deal of control over how each product tastes.

The company has already won a great many awards for its whiskies over the years and shows no signs of stopping in the future!

Matfer own a large number of vineyards and are the biggest wine producer in France. They have many different types of vineyards across several different regions in France.

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They use these vineyards to produce and mix a wide range of wines that can be used for both eating and drinking.

The company owns several different vineyards in several different countries. The most important being in the Bordeaux region of France as this is where the company was founded.

They own several vineyards in this region and use the grapes produced there for their best wines. Their vineyards in this region produce grapes for their most famous wines such as Chateau Lafite, Matfer, Haut Brion and many more.

The company has vineyards in several other regions of France such as the Burgundy region and the Champagne region. They also have vineyards in other wine growing regions such as The United States, Chile and several other countries.

The company controls a wide range of wineries that produce different types of wines from the grapes grown in their vineyards.

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