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Best Water Jugs & Insulated Water Jars

Water jugs are used for storing and dispensing drinking water. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors and materials. There are many types of water jugs available today such as plastic, stainless steel, glass or even aluminum. The most common type of water jugs is made from metal such as copper or brass.

These are called “water coolers”.

Insulated water jugs are made from different materials such as plastic, wood or even paper. They are usually referred to as “cooler” bottles because they store and dispense hot beverages rather than cold ones. Some examples of these kinds of water jugs include those with handles, lids or screw tops.

The insulation material used in water jugs varies depending upon their intended use. For example, some are designed to keep drinks warm while others are meant to hold ice cubes or other frozen items. The choice of the insulation material will depend upon several factors including cost, weight and ease of cleaning.

There are two main types of water jugs: those that have handles and those without handles. Most water coolers have either one handle or no handles at all. They are generally easier to carry around when full. Water jugs without handles are more of a challenge to grip but are much cheaper to manufacture.

How to Choose the Right Water Jug

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a water jug, such as the following:

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The size – you need to think about how much water you need at any given time. If you tend to drink a lot of water, a 3 gallon jug is ideal. If you’re just looking for something to keep in your garage or workshop, a 1 gallon jug will suit your needs.

The material – plastic water jugs are lighter and more flexible than glass or stainless steel jugs. If you want to transport the jug by vehicle, plastic is the best option as it is the most resistant to breaking.

The brand – choosing a jug from a well-known brand gives you some assurance of the quality of the product.

How to Clean Water Jugs

You should clean your water jugs regularly to prevent the build-up of mold and other types of bacteria. Mold is not only disgusting to look at, but it can also make you very sick. Cleaning your jugs is easy, simply follow these steps:

Begin by rinsing out the jug with water. Fill the jug with water and swish it around to loosen any dirt or grime that has built up. Pour out the water. Add a small quantity of baking soda to the jug, followed by white vinegar.

Swish it around using a spoon or other utensil. This will help to loosen any more dirt that remains in the jug. Pour the vinegar and baking soda solution to a drain. Next, rinse out the jug with water several times. You should now be able to see clearly through the jug. Fill the jug with fresh water and add a capful of bleach. Swish it around and leave it for about five minutes. The bleach will kill any germs or bacteria that may have built up in the jug. Rinse the jug thoroughly with water until you can no longer smell the bleach. Fill the jug with fresh water once again. You can now store it away or refill it with tap water for use in the house.

If your jug has a handle, you should soak it in soapy water or wipe it down with a soft cloth.

Best Water Jug Coolers - PURCH MARKETPLACE

Buying Bulk Water Jugs Online

When you want to buy water jugs in bulk, the internet is definitely the best place to look. Not only are online retailers likely to have a much larger selection, they will also be able to offer you much better value for money. Whereas a grocery store may sell jugs at an inflated price, you can get them online for a lot cheaper.

One of the most popular selling water jugs on the market today is the HDX 5 Gallon Water Bottle. They are made from BPA free material and are resistant to cracks and other damage. These jugs can also be used with a filter to make safe to drink from natural water sources, such as rivers and streams. With a comfortable carrying handle, you can easily transport them to wherever you want.

If you are looking for cheap jugs in bulk, you should definitely consider shopping online. A quick search will give you access to not only a better price but also a wider selection. You should have no problem finding exactly what you need.

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