Best Water Doodle Drawing Mats

Best Water Doodle Mat Review: What Is Aqua Magic?

Aqua magic is a type of water art where one draws with water in a magical way. The artist uses their imagination to create the illusion of water moving or flowing through various objects such as paper, cloth, glass, etc. The artist can use any kind of liquid or solid material for the effect. Some artists prefer using only colored liquids while others add other colors to make it look more realistic. There are many different types of aqua magic doodles and they range from simple drawings to complex paintings.

The best thing about aqua magic is that it requires no special equipment, materials or skill. You just need some basic artistic skills and patience. Most of the time there are no rules when it comes to creating these kinds of images. However, most artists tend to stick with one style because they believe that doing so makes them better at their craft.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Aqua Magic Doodling Mat?

There are several benefits of using an aqua magic doodling mat. One benefit is that the artwork looks very natural and does not require much effort to draw. Another advantage is that the artist can focus on their own creative ideas rather than worrying about how the image will appear on the water doodle mat. One can choose from a wide range of oil or water-based materials if they want the artwork to be more permanent. A third advantage is that one can easily blend between their imagination and reality with this form of doodling.

How Do You Use The Water Doodle Mat?

Most people use a small cup of water and a pencil for this purpose. It may take some time to create your first masterpiece because you have to get used to how this material works. However, once you get the hang of it, then you can start to draw in any way you want. But the best way to draw on the water doodle mat is to use various color pencils or watercolors to come up with a more vivid image.

How Was The Idea Of The Aqua Doodle Mat Developed?

This idea was first developed by musician and artist Bill Reid in 1988. He was the original inventor of it. He first used water in a wine glass to create his art. Later, he was able to use a few more materials to increase the diversity of this form of doodling. Shortly after that, he started producing it on a mass scale and created the company known as Aqua Magic. His product became very popular among professional artists and non-artists alike.

What Materials Are Used When Making An Aqua Doodle Mat?

Most aqua doodle mats consist of a piece of waterproof vinyl or latex. You will also find a porous material called foam core that is placed underneath the vinyl. In some cases, one may also find a paper layer as well. The bottom layer of the mat is covered with a special coating so that the ink from the pencils will not seep through to the other side. The top layer uses a special kind of paint that won’t fade or wear off even after years of usage.

What Tools To You Need To Create A Doodle On The Mat?

The only tool you need to create an aqua doodle mat is a pencil. However, using colored pencils or other drawing media can make the artwork look more interesting.

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