Best Water Balloon Launchers

Water Balloon Gun: What Is It?

The water balloon gun is a small device used to launch balloons filled with air from a distance. They are usually made out of plastic or metal and have two main parts – one that holds the balloon and another that shoots it. There are several types of guns available, but most are just ordinary firearms with extra attachments such as rubber bands or elastic bands which allow them to hold more than one balloon at once.

The primary purpose of the gun is to shoot a large number of inflated balloons from a relatively short range. The secondary function is to create a sound effect when fired. A few types of guns exist, including ones that fire only helium (which is lighter than air), those that use compressed gas (such as those found in jet planes) and others that use other gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Some guns even release bubbles when shot!

Types Of Water Balloons

There are many different kinds of water balloons, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, there are those that contain no liquid at all (such as bubble gum), those that contain some liquid (like watermelon) and then there are those that contain both liquids and gasses (such as firecrackers). When choosing your target, you need to consider whether it will burst into flames upon bursting or not. Also, some types of balloons are more dangerous than others.

The water balloon was first invented in 1823 by a city located in the US state of Missouri. It was filled with liquid (or sometimes even mercury) and used as a simple weapon in riots. In the following decades, many other designs were created, including the firecracker and bubble-filled varieties. It wasn’t until 1832 that the first water-only balloon was released.

This replaced the need for potentially dangerous liquids and helped to make water balloons safer than ever.

Helium-filled balloons work a little differently. They are filled with the noble gas helium, which is lighter than air. As such, these types of balloons are not suitable for throwing, but they can be used as projectiles instead. Instead of bursting when hitting something, they merely bounce off it.

They are popular among children because they are less likely to hurt anyone if they’re used incorrectly. They can be very annoying, however, as they make a very loud popping noise when they hit something and a child has a whole bucket full of them.

There are many other types of balloons, each with their own specific purpose and uses. For example, it is possible to fill a balloon with liquid nitrogen which can cause great pain if it makes contact with someone’s skin. Most people, however, only fill them with water for use as a weapon.

The Best Water Balloon Launchers

1. The Original Water Battle Balloons from Banzai

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The first ballon gun on our list is called The Original Water Battle Balloon Kit by the company Banzai. The kit comes with everything you need to start a water balloon fight, including two launchers and a whole bunch of balloons (100 of them! Although, to be fair, most of them are pretty small).

The launchers can each hold up to 6 balloons each. They are colored green and yellow to distinguish your team during a fight. They also feature shoulder straps for easy carrying. A potential downside to this particular kit is the balloons are on the small side, so they may not hold as much water as other guns.


2. The Original Banzai Water Balloon Launcher by Banzai

This is the same kit as the one above, except instead of being green and yellow, it’s blue and silver/gray. As such, it is also more expensive than the other kit. If you’re on a tight budget, then the first kit is probably better for you.


3. The Best Bang for Your Buck Water Balloon Gun by NCG

This is the best bang for your buck water balloon gun on our list. It’s very similar to the launchers by Banzai, except it’s more affordable. This set comes with two launchers and 120 small balloons in your choice of red or blue. These smaller balloons are filled with air, as opposed to water, so it’s safe to use them indoors.


4. The Fireman Water Balloon Launcher by Banzai

This is the most expensive launcher on our list, however, it is also the one that can shoot the furthest. It can also hold more water balloons than any of the other launchers at a whopping 10 in each tube! They come in red and yellow to help differentiate the teams during a fight. However, it does not come with balloons.

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You will have to buy those separately, or you can use the ones from one of the other launchers on this list.


5. The Original Spudz Water Balloon Kit by Spudz

This is the only pump-powered water balloon gun on our list. It comes with everything you need to start a water balloon fight, including a pump and 120 small balloons in your choice of red or blue. The pump is used to fill the balloons with water so they can be used as ammo. It can hold up to 8 of them at a time and can shoot them up to 100 feet.

This kit is great for kids since it’s simple to use. The balloons it uses are also on the smaller side, so they won’t hurt as much if they hit someone (although that wouldn’t really stop this weapon from causing pain).


6. QuickShotz Water Balloon Kit by QuickShotz

This kit comes with one launcher and 30 small, colored balloons. You can choose between red or blue. The downside to this set is that it only holds a maximum of 2 balloons at a time, so you will need to pump it after each shot.

The upside, however, is that it’s very lightweight and easy to carry around. This set also comes with a storage bag so you can keep everything together and not lose any pieces.

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7. The Original Battle Balloons by Battle Balloons

This kit comes with 2 launchers and 200 small, colorful balloons. You can choose between red, blue, yellow, green, or orange balloons when you make your purchase. Each launcher can hold up to 8 balloons at a time, which isn’t as many as some of the other launchers on this list, but you can always link them together with the extra connector that comes with the kit.

While there are less balloons in this kit compared to some of the others, it has several advantages. First, these particular balloons are smaller than most of the others, so they pack a bigger punch. Second, you get twice as many launchers. Finally, each balloon is double-sealed, so they won’t pop easily.


8. The Battle Balloon Machine by Battle Balloon Machine

This is the only automatic water balloon launcher on our list. It can hold up to 80 balloons in the included ammo belt and shoot up to 6 balloons at a time. It’s the most expensive water balloon launcher on our list, but it’s also the easiest to use.

The only thing you have to do is make sure it has water in the base (which can be done with a small hose). This water not only acts as weight for the launcher, but it also powers a pump that fills up the balloons and shoots them out.


9. The Water-Balloon Gun by The Water-Balloon Gun

This is a bit different from the rest of the water balloon launchers on our list in that it doesn’t use a compressed air system to launch the balloons. Instead, it uses elastic bands to pull back and propel the balloons forward.

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This means that you have to supply the force needed to propel the balloons yourself. This can be accomplished with a rubber tube that you blow into, or even your own breath (although it might not provide enough power for it to reach targets at longer ranges).


What To Look For In A Water Balloon Launcher

One of the first factors you should look for in a water balloon launcher is whether it holds the balloons on the side or at the front. These launchers are usually the type that are more like a gun and holds all the ammunition in a row or circle at the front.

These types of launchers are usually cheaper than side-loading ones, but you can’t adjust the angle or placement of the balloons as easily. This makes them better for targeting a specific person or group, but worse for getting a bunch of people in general (such as random people driving past your house).

The side-loading ones are usually more expensive since the mold to create them needs to be more complex, but they let you adjust the placement and angle of the balloons. This can be great if you want to get a house on your street, or just a group of people in general.

Another factor to look for is how many balloons each launcher holds and at what rate it can fire them. Naturally, the more balloons it holds and the faster it can fire them, the better. But, you need to make sure there is a sufficient supply of ammunition.

Finally, you should look at the components of each launcher. Most importantly, you should look at the type of trigger mechanism and whether or not it’s easy to use. After that, you should look at the mold and casing of it. You want something that is rigid enough to withstand multiple uses, but light enough for easy carrying.

Other Types Of Water Balloon Launchers

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While the water balloon slingshot and the water balloon machine are the most common types of launchers, there are also a few others you can find.

One of these is a water balloon launcher that is made to look like a real gun. It looks and functions like a regular pump action shotgun, but instead of firing pellets it fires water balloons. They usually hold around 6 or so balloons per barrel, and can be pretty fun.

Another type is a water balloon machine gun. It looks just like a real machine gun, but it only has the capacity to fire water balloons. These types of launchers have barrels that can hold hundreds of balloons at a time. While they fire the balloons out at amazing speeds, they aren’t very accurate.

Finally, you have the water balloon bow. This type of launcher looks just like a regular bow and arrow, but instead of arrows it shoots out water balloons. They don’t fire very fast and only hold around 3 balloons per side, but they are fairly accurate.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re defending your castle against attackers or want to play a prank on the neighbors, a good water balloon launcher can really help. You just need to make sure you get the right launcher for your needs.

Just remember to have fun and stay safe.

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