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Washing machines are used in homes, apartments, etc. to clean the clothes. In order to maintain sanitary conditions, most hotels offer guests laundry facilities. They may be coin operated or use a card system.

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You can find coin operated washers and dryers in the basement of most apartment buildings. Laundromats are large public places that contain multiple washing machines and dryers. The main types of washing machines are top loading, front-loading and compact (or apartment-size).You can find different types of washers and dryers: front load washers and dryers, high efficiency top load washers and dryers, compact washer and dryers (often called apartment size), and specialty machines such as commercial washers and industrial dryers. The two major types of washing machines are top-load and front-load. Top loading machines have a tub on top that you put your clothes into. The drum has tumbling action which means it rotates during the wash and rinse cycles. These machines work well for large quantities of clothes but they tend to be noisier than front load machines. Front load machines have the drum located on the inside, making it more accessible and easier to open and close the lid.

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