Best Wall Heaters

Best Wall Heaters: What are they?

Wall heaters are used to provide warmth in your home. They consist of two parts – a heating element (which heats up the air) and a fan which blows warm air over the heating elements. Most wall heaters have a thermostat that regulates how much energy is provided by the wall heater.

There are many types of wall heaters available. Some are passive, meaning they don’t require any electricity to operate.

Others run on batteries or gas, but there’s no point in using them if they’re not efficient enough to keep your house comfortable during cold winter months! There are also some models that use solar power and others that rely on wind power.

What Are They Good For?

When it comes to keeping your home warm, a good wall heater will make a big difference. A well designed one can save you money and energy. The main benefit of using a wall heater is that it helps regulate the temperature inside your home. If you live in an area where the temperatures drop significantly at night time, then having a good wall heater can help with this problem. It may even prevent frostbite!

The other benefit of using a wall heater is that they are quite affordable. A great wall heater can help you save hundreds of dollars when it comes to heating your home – especially if you rely on other heating methods such as oil and propane.

Some wall heaters are also very stylish and modern looking. They can add a touch of design to any room in your house!

How Do You Choose One?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a convection wall heater or a radiant one.

Convection heaters blow warm air across your body, which can feel quite nice on a cold winter day! They work well in large rooms and are best for heating up an entire space rather than just one person at a time.

If you live in a well insulated home then a convection heater might work better than a radiant one.

Convection heaters are a bit louder than radiant heaters, although this isn’t a big issue most of the time.

These types of wall heaters typically have three or more heating elements. They produce warm air that rises upwards in a loop.

If you want to feel really warm then this is the type of wall heater to go for!

The second option is a radiant heater. This emits infrared waves that directly hit your skin and make you feel warm.

They do not blow warm air and are best used in small rooms. They are less expensive than convection heaters and they don’t make a lot of noise.

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If you have limited space then a radiant wall heater is probably the best choice for you! They come in many different styles and designs.

Some have curved bodies and others have straight edges. There are also some that can be attached to the wall, while others need to remain freestanding.

Some radiant heaters can also double as a lamp, which is great if you want a little extra light while you’re reading or doing other activities.

Make sure to buy one with an automatic shut off feature just in case you forget to turn it off before you go to bed. This will help prevent any potential fires from starting!


Whether you choose a convection or radiant wall heater is completely up to you and your budget. Both types have their advantages.

A convection heater is best for larger rooms and will keep you warm all over your body, while a radiant heater can double as a lamp and is great for smaller rooms.

Remember to choose the right wattage heater depending on how big the room is! It is also wise to have a fire extinguisher nearby just in case something goes wrong.

Make sure to take care of your wall heater so it lasts for many years and doesn’t cause a fire in your home. You should clean it every month or so to remove any dust that may have accumulated.

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Be careful when using it as well – never put your face too close to the heating elements and never let children play with it.

Heaters are a great way to keep warm during the winter months. Just remember to stay safe while you’re doing it!

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