Best Volleyball Sets

Best Volleyball Sets: Volleyball Net

Volleyball net is used to protect players from flying objects such as the ball or a shot. There are different types of volleyball nets available on the market today. Some of them are cheap, some expensive and some even very fancy. All of these types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

They all work well in certain situations but not others.

The main reason why one prefers one type over another is because they are made of various materials and designs. These include plastic, wood, metal, fiberglass and more.

So which kind of volleyball net will suit your needs?

You might want to consider the following factors when choosing a volleyball net:

Cost – One thing that must be considered before buying a volleyball net is its price tag. Cheap ones tend to break easily while expensive ones are more likely to get damaged during use.

Durability – Another factor that must be taken into consideration is how durable it is going to be. A cheaper volleyball net may break down after a few months of regular use whereas a high quality one could last years without any problems.

Ease of Use – How easy it is going to be for you to install and remove the net once installed.

Will you be able to easily roll it up and carry it around while you travel from place to place?

Other Considerations – Another thing to think about is where you are going to be using it and how, such as if you are a beach goer or someone who has a permanent volleyball court in your backyard. This will greatly influence which kind of net would be more suitable.

Best Volleyball Sets: Best Volleyball Net

As mentioned before, there are many different kinds of volleyball nets when you look around for them. They vary greatly in price and design, however they all fulfill the same purpose which is to catch the ball so that it doesn’t go flying everywhere and hurt someone. Let’s take a look at some of those different kinds of volleyball nets.

Galvanized Steel Volleyball Net

One of the most common types of volleyball nets that people use are the galvanized steel type. These types of nets are usually found in places like schools and parks where many people play on them on a regular basis. They are very durable and can withstand lots of wear and tear. They are also very easy to roll up and take down which makes them perfect to take along with you on a trip or vacation.

Over time the steel gets coated with a layer of zinc which in turn protects it from rusting. These nets are usually pretty cheap and affordable for most anyone who needs one, though they are heavier than other types so they might not be the best choice if you need to carry it around a lot.

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Plastic Coated Volleyball Net

Another common type of volleyball net you will find is the plastic coated kind. These are pretty much the same as the galvanized steel nets, but they have a plastic coating over steel wires. This makes them lighter than the galvanized nets and a little more portable, however they tend to be just as durable. Because these nets are so light they are great for setting up at a campsite or even on the beach.

You won’t have to worry about them blowing away in the wind. The light weight also makes them a favorite among RV owners who want to set up a portable volleyball net on the side of their trailer.

Aluminum & Fiberglass Volleyball Net

Yet another type of volleyball net that you will commonly find is the aluminum and fiberglass combo nets. These nets are very strong and durable and are usually used in more professional situations such as high school and college athletic programs. They are also very rigid and don’t tend to break down as easily as other types of nets do. They are a little more expensive than the other types, however they tend to last much longer so they end up saving you money in the long run.

These are not recommended for use at the beach or other outdoor sporting events because the wind can cause them to buckle under its force. They are great for more “static” locations such as high school gyms and professional sports stadiums though.

Best Volleyball Sets: Best Portable Volleyball Net

If you are the kind of person who likes to take your volleyball games on the road or go camping a lot, then you are probably going to want to invest in a good portable volleyball net. These nets are great for those who want to have fun wherever they go and are very affordable when compared to other types of nets. Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds you can choose from.

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Metal Pole Portable Volleyball Set

This kind of volleyball net is one of the most common types you will find. They consist of a metal pole that has a circular base with 4 legs that extend out to place in the ground to keep it sturdy. At the top of the pole is a set of rings that the net goes over and then comes down to the ground. The height of the pole can be adjusted to whatever height you want and then the base can be filled with water or sand to keep it very stable even in strong winds.

The main benefit of these kinds of nets is that they are very easy to set up and take down, they are durable, and they are quite affordable.

Self-Standing Portable Volleyball Set

A newer type of portable volleyball net is the self-standing kind. These nets do not need any kind of support at all to stay upright. They have a special design that makes them able to stand on their own. These are great for those who don’t want the hassle of trying to find something to dig into the ground to keep the net stable.

They are a little more expensive than the metal pole kinds, but they are also a little lighter and much easier to transport since you don’t have to worry about finding something to fill the base with.

Best Volleyball Spike: Best Volleyball Shoes For Spiking

The best volleyball spike is the one that fits your playing style the best and makes it easier for you to get the ball over the net. There are a few different types of shoes that are made just for volleyball and help you play your best. Let’s take a look at some of these different types.

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Diadora Vaypor Volleyball Shoe

If you are looking for a good pair of low cut volleyball shoes that are going to help you spike the ball better, then you might want to consider the Vaypor by Diadora. This shoe has a very thin but durable outsole which allows you to feel the floor better and helps you make those quick moves and switches on the fly. It also has a special triangular hole design in the midsole which reduces the length of your spikes while increasing the power you can apply to them. This shoe is popular with a lot of players who want more mobility and don’t mind having their feet a little higher off the ground.

ASICS Gel Discovery Volleyball Shoe

If you are looking for a good pair of high cut shoes that are specifically designed for volleyball, then take a look at the Gel Discovery by ASICS. This shoe has a very durable outsole made of hard rubber that will help you stop and start on a dime. It also has specially designed grooves and lugs that help channel water and mud away from the bottom of the shoe to keep you stable when playing on wet or muddy surfaces. This shoe is popular with players who like a little more height on their shoes and want one that is specifically designed for the sport.

Best Volleyball Spikes: What Is The Best Volleyball Spike?

As you may have learned in the section before this one, the best volleyball spike is the one that fits your playing style the best and makes it easier for you to get the ball over the net. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of volleyball spikes and what they are best suited for.

Reebok Alien Attack Volleyball Shoe

If you are looking for a good basic spike, then the Reebok Alien Attack is a good choice. It offers a thin but durable outsole and is very light so that you can feel the floor well and move quickly. This shoe was designed with versatility in mind so that it can be worn in a variety of different playing conditions. From hard court to grass to sand, this shoe does it all.

It also has a very high quality design and is used by many professional athletes all over the world.

Asics Gel-Solution Speed Volleyball Shoe

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If you are looking for a good sprint spike, then the Asics Gel-Solution is a good choice. It has very large and deep spikes made of hard plastic that will help you get an extra push off the floor when you need to make those longs runs for the ball. It also has a special design that keeps mud and water from getting stuck in the spikes and slowing you down. This spike is all about speed and is great for hard surfaces or short bursts on soft ones.

Diadora Vaypor Volleyball Shoe

If you are looking for a good low cut, flat bottomed shoe, then the Vaypor by Diadora is a good choice. It has a very thin but durable outsole that allows you to feel the floor very well and helps you make quick stops or starts. It also has a special triangular hole design in the midsole that reduces the length of your strides while increasing the power you can apply to each step. This shoe is popular with many players who like to have their feet pushed close to the floor.

How Do I Care For My Volleyball Shoes?

As with any other piece of sports equipment, proper care can help your shoes last longer and stay looking good. Follow these easy tips to keep your shoes in great condition.

Washing Your Shoes:

Most of the time you can get by just by wiping off the dirt and stains from your shoes with a damp cloth, but sometimes you are going to need to give them a good washing. Whether it is from mud, blood, or soda, you are going to need to wash your shoes at some point. To do this without harming them, follow these steps.

First, fill a basin (or a bucket if you don’t have a basin) with lukewarm water and add a small amount of mild detergent.

Then put your shoes in the water using a brush to scrub any particularly dirty areas.

Let them soak for a few minutes while you prepare the next step.

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Rinse your shoes in clear running water two or three times to make sure you have gotten rid of all the detergent.

Be sure to keep them facing the same way during the rinsing process to prevent them from twisting and locking into an odd shape as they dry.

After the final rinse, leave them in a place with good air circulation to dry. A fan set on low is ideal, but if you are in a bind, they will dry just fine in a normal room as well. Just be sure to check them every now and then to make sure they aren’t sticking to anything, such as your carpet or a cardboard box. If this does happen, just soak up as much of the water as you can and roll them out.

Stuffing Your Shoes:

No matter how well you take care of them, your shoes are going to lose their cushion and form a little bit after a few months of play. This is more noticeable in shoes with soft foam midsoles and can be fixed by an occasional restuffing. While this process may seem a bit intimidating at first, it gets a whole lot easier after you have done it a couple times.

Start by removing the insole. This is usually just a slab of foam that is glued in place, but it may be sewn in as well. To remove it, just use a knife or another sharp object to cut the glue or stitching that holds it in place. Pull it out and set it aside.

Once you have access to the inside of the shoe, you are going to want to add an insert. This insert should be thicker than what was originally in the shoe and have some kind of compression capability. Cushion foam works well for this, as do certain types of plastic foam. Shredded rubber or small rubber pellets can also be used.

To prevent the insert from shifting around in the shoe, you are going to want to glue it in place or sew it in place using a sewing machine.

After you have placed the insert, simply place the original insole on top of it and insert the foam slab on top of that. Make sure everything is how it is supposed to be and there are no wrinkles or bends in the foam before you start gluing or sewing.

Once you are sure everything is in place, take a glue suitable for rubber and glue around the edges of the foam slab. This will prevent the foam from moving around.

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If you want to take things a step further, you can sew channels into the foam for the glue to fill or even sew the insert directly to the foam using heavy duty thread and a sewing machine. This step is completely optional, but it does make for a more secure fit.

Once that is finished, all that is left to do is place the insole on top of the glue and put the shoe back together. If you want, you can also cover the foam with some fabric to help keep it clean and give your shoe a little style.

One more thing…

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