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Best Vented Hair Brush:

Vent brushes are used to blow out excess moisture from your hair. They have a small opening at the top where air is blown in. When you blow on it, the trapped moisture is released into your hair and helps prevent frizzy or damaged looking strands. You may use any type of vent brush, but they tend to work better with thicker hair types such as coily or wavy.

Vented hair brushes are usually made of synthetic materials and have a very high gloss.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using A Vented Hair Brush?


They allow you to blow out excess moisture without damaging your hair. They also provide a nice shine when blowing on them.

 You don’t need to worry about tangles forming because the air is blown through the vents directly onto your scalp.

 The venting action allows for a good seal between your hair and the brush so there is no risk of getting dirt or debris inside the brush.

 If you want to get rid of some frizz, then using a vented brush will definitely do the trick. However, if you’re trying to keep your curls soft and manageable, then using regular straightening irons might be better suited for that purpose.


The main disadvantage of using this type of hairbrush is that the air flow is only one way. This means that the vent can expel your excess moisture, but it cannot help to distribute your natural oils. Using this type of brush too often can cause unnatural dryness to your scalp and hair.

The brushes are very lightweight and tend to be a little smaller in size.

Due to the small size of the brush you will have to do all the backcombing and teasing with your hands. This isn’t really as big of a deal because it allows for more precision.

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Some consider vent hair brushes to be too much work and would prefer to use regular hairbrush, leave in conditioners, oils, and other serums to help moisturize their hair.

How To Care And Maintain A Vented Brush

Even though vent brushes are made with strong durable materials, it doesn’t mean that you can be overly rough with it. Here are some tips on how to take care of your new hairbrush:

Always make sure to clean the brush once you’re done using it. This will prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from building up in the brush and ruining its quality.

Do not wash the brush in hot water, instead use warm water only.

Dry the brush using a towel and lay it out in an orderly fashion so that it can dry properly.

Do not expose the hairbrush to extreme temperatures or else the plastic may deform.

Do not use any kind of styling products such as hair spray, gel, or wax. Instead, use a leave-in conditioner or serum to help keep your hair hydrated and moisturized.

Here are some recommended brands of vented brushes that you can check out:


This self cleaning vented hairbrush by Conair comes with a unique design that prevents your hair from getting tangled in between the bristles. It comes with an easy grip handle and a non-slip base so it will not fall off of your bathroom counter.

The vented design allows air to pass through the bristles that can easily expel excess water and moisture from your hair. The vents also help to eliminate any frizz or flyaways that you may have after drying your hair.

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This vented hairbrush comes with flexible bristles that can gently massage your scalp as you brush your hair. The bristles can adjust to any angle which makes it easier to style your hair while keeping the rest of the hair out of your way.

The hairbrush comes with a removable cup at the bottom that you can easily take out and clean. All you have to do is remove the screws, detach the cup from the handle, put some soap and water on it, and scrub away any dirt or grime that has built up inside.

As an added bonus, this hairbrush comes with a self-cleaning button. To use it simply press the button while the cup is detached from the brush. Once the button is pressed the bristles will spin in a circular motion which causes all the hair that has been trapped inside to fall off into the cup. When finished, just screw the cup back onto the handle and you’re ready to go!


This vented tangle tamer hairbrush by Conair features flexible bristles that are designed to glide through your hair while keeping it free of tangles and knots. The vented design allows air to pass through the bristles which prevents any moisture from building up in your hair while you brush.

The bristles are also infused with oils that provide a protective layer over your hair, keeping it soft and moisturized after each use. The tangle tamers are specially designed to glide effortlessly through your hair even if it has been left untreated or is heavily laden with product.

Although vented hairbrushes do an exceptional job of preventing moisture and moisture from building up in your hair, they can be a bit difficult to clean. It is recommended to clean these brushes at least once a week to prevent buildup of dirt, dust, or other debris that may get stuck in the bristles.


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The bristles on these vented hairbrushes are not always made from high-quality materials which can result in them falling out. Also, some users have complained that the ventilation holes cause a buildup of static electricity which causes their hair to stand on end after each use.

These brushes also tend to be a bit pricier than most non-vented ones, especially those that are high quality. It’s also recommended that you keep the brush dry to avoid rusting at the base of the bristles.

Though this may seem like a minor drawback, some vented hairbrushes are not as easy to clean as they claim. Dirt and grime can get stuck inside the tiny ventilation holes which makes them harder to clean thoroughly. Even if you put the brush in a basin full of water and soap it can be difficult to remove all of the dirt.

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