Best Universal Remotes

Best universal remotes are not only useful but they can also be used for entertainment purposes. They have been designed with simplicity in mind so that users don’t need to learn complicated commands or complex settings. Most of them have built-in apps which make it easier for the user to use these devices.

There are several types of universal remotes available today, such as those made by Logitech, DTS, Harmony Central, and others. These devices range from basic to advanced and can be controlled via various methods including voice commands, touch screen controls, and even motion sensors.

The most popular type of universal remotes are those that include a microphone so that they can be used to speak into the device. While some of these devices do come with apps, many require a separate application download if one wants to utilize the features of the device in any meaningful way.

Universal remotes are great for home automation purposes because they allow users to control multiple devices without having to remember complicated commands. However, their lack of customization makes them less desirable than other types of universal remotes.

Harmony Central’s Harmony Hub (HAR) is a very popular universal remote that comes bundled with the company’s line of smart speakers. This type of device does not have the capability to control home automation equipment, but it does boast a library of approximately 270,000 products that users can control with ease.

What’s even better about the HAR is that it works with more than 350 million devices worldwide and continues to grow due to its open-source platform.

Another type of universal remote is the one that allows users to control their devices via voice commands. These remotes aren’t designed to be used with home automation equipment, but they do allow for a hands-free approach to controlling a home’s lighting and other functions.

Companies like VRC and Anova have created some really cool remote controls that can be used with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Some of these devices are even capable of opening your garage door or turning on your sump pump.

There are also universal remotes that come with motion sensors. These devices can be used to turn on a television as soon as the user walks into the room.

Other motion sensors can be used to dim lights or even lock a smart lock. The best thing about these types of remotes is that they can be easily paired with a smartphone for added functionality.

While there are only a handful of universal remotes on the market that have been created with home automation in mind, there are many more that can be used for this purpose. As the popularity of these devices continues to increase, so too will the number of options available to buyers.

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