Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controllers

Ultrasound Anti Biting Device (UAD)

The best ultrasonic dog barking deterrents are made by Zelters, which is a company based in Germany. They have been around since the 1970’s and they’ve won many awards for their products. Their product line includes the following:

1. The UAD-2 – A small, portable unit with a built-in speaker that emits sound waves at frequencies between 20 Hz and 30 kHz.

2. The UAD-3 – A larger, stationary unit with a built-in speaker that emits sound waves at frequencies between 40 Hz and 50 kHz.

3. The UAD-4 – An even bigger unit with a built-in speaker that emits sound waves at frequencies above 100 kHz.

The UAD-5 is the largest unit in the series and it measures over 12″ x 6″. It has a built-in speaker that emits sound waves at frequencies between 80 Hz and 120 kHz.

All of these units use ultrasonic technology to emit sounds at high frequency so that dogs cannot hear them coming. The UAD-5 uses a combination of both acoustic and ultrasound technologies to deter your dog from barking.

Ultrasound Technology & Dogs

Best Ultrasonic Dog Bark Controllers - from our website

Ultrasonics are sound waves with wavelengths shorter than those of visible light. Dogs (and other animals) have organs that are used to hear such as the cochlea and semicircular canals. While these organs help in the detection of sounds, they cannot detect sounds that have a wavelength shorter than 10^-5 meters.

This means that while an ultrasonic dog deterrent is emitting sound waves at frequencies above this threshold, your dog will not be able to hear them at all.

The sound waves that the UAD units emit are only detectable by people. They cannot be heard by animals or children. This makes it a humane way to keep your dog from barking.

The majority of anti-bark collars out there use pain to silence your dog’s barking. The pain received from these collars is enough to traumatize your pet, which is why most people do not resort to using them. The UAD units, on the other hand, only emit a sound that your dog cannot hear. In fact, most of the time your pet won’t even realize that their barking has an effect on their surroundings!

How Do The Units Work?

The UAD units work in two different ways. The UAD-5 emits a combination of ultrasound and traditional sound waves. When your dog starts barking, the unit emits sound waves at a particular frequency. If your dog is within range of this frequency, then they will hear it. This sound is inaudible to most humans. If your dog keeps on barking, the sound waves get louder and will reach the frequency of the ultrasound. It is believed that when a dog hears this type of sound wave, it is annoyed by it and stops barking altogether.

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