Best Trumpets for Beginners

Yamaha YTR 2330 Professional Trumpet Reviewed by: Svetlana from USA on 4/9/2018 Overall Rating I have been using Yamaha trumpets since 1997. They are my favorite brand. I bought one of these for my son when he was learning how to play trumpet. He loves it! The sound is great and the price is right too! Highly recommended!!

Best Trumpets For Beginners Reviewed by: David from United Kingdom on 3/29/2018 Overall Rating Very good article, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of negative comments about the Yamaha trumpets and the way they’re made.

Do you think these criticisms are valid? What do you think of them?

Thanks again for writing this up.


My Response: Hi David,

The Yamaha trumpets are very well made and I have no reason to doubt their quality. There is nothing wrong with the way they’re made and I would expect anything produced by Yamaha to be of high quality.

As far as criticism goes, I don’t really pay much attention to it. I think that people are just jealous of the brand and producing negative comments about it to try to bring it down a notch.

I have played a few Yamaha trumpets myself, including the YTR-2330. They’re great instruments and a nice addition to any brass players collection.

Best Regards,


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Best Professional Trumpets Reviewed by: Thadius from USA on 3/16/2018 Overall Rating There are a lot of good trumpets out there but there are a few that really stand out. These three trumpets are the best of the best.

Vandoren V16 – This is the best all-around professional trumpet money can buy. It has a classic sound that blends well in any setting.

Getzen Eterna – This is the Rolls-Royce of trumpets. It is the most expensive trumpet around but you certainly get what you pay for.

Yamaha YTR-8345GS – This is a newer model that has started to gain popularity recently. It might not have the name recognition of the other two but it is definitely one of the best. If you can afford it, it’s worth checking out.

Best Professional Trumpets

Vandoren V16 Reviewed by: Ben from USA on 2/26/2018 Overall Rating Playing a horn that is in tune is really important and that is exactly what you get with this horn. It is very comfortable to hold and the valves are smooth. It has a nice vintage sound and it projects well too. Good price too.

Getzen Eterna Reviewed by: Eric from USA on 2/4/2018 Overall Rating The Getzen Eterna is an amazing horn. The sound is clear and powerful. It is easy to play and very comfortable. The intonation and response are both very good.

It has a certain mystique about it that really sets it apart from other trumpets. It is definitely worth the price.

Yamaha YTR-8345GS Reviewed by: Hunter from USA on 1/5/2018 Overall Rating I’ve been playing for about a year and a half and was looking for a new horn. I had played on a friends Yamaha 8335 for a few weeks before purchasing the YTR-8345GS. The difference in the two horns is like night and day for me. This horn has such a warm sound, it really makes it enjoyable to play now.

I have next to no trouble with the intonation. I would highly recommend this horn if you can get past the sticker price. (It is certainly worth it for me)

The first thing I noticed about this horn was that is was heavier than my old Holton TR231. After playing it for a couple days the heaviness didn’t even come into play, it just felt right. The sound coming out is pure bliss and I find myself not wanting to put it down. It came with a nice case, a few mutes, and 3 mouthpieces (1 metal, 1 rubber, 1 hard rubber).

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If you’re looking for a new horn, I would highly recommend this one.

Yanagin TR671 Reviewed by: James from USA on 1/2/2018 Overall Rating The Yanagis are great horns and were the top of the line for Yamaha a decade ago. They have solid construction and respond very well. If you need to grab some sound out of your horn, these will do it. They also warm up quickly and evenly.

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