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Online Trivia Games – What Are They?

The term “Trivial Pursuit” originated from the game of chance played by children. The first known published version was printed in 1855 in a book called “A Treatise On Chance.” The game’s name came into use when it became popular among adults. Today, there are many different types of online trivia games available on the Internet. Some of them have been around since the early 1990s. However, most of these games were created after 1995. These games are very easy to play and require little skill or knowledge. Most of them consist only of one question at a time with no scoring system whatsoever.

However, some of the games are quite challenging. There are even several games that require a high level of intelligence and strategy. A few of these games are based on word association. For example, if you type in “cat,” then the game will ask you a series of questions related to cats. If you answer correctly, then your score increases; otherwise it decreases.

Other online trivia games allow multiple choice questions and multiple answers (like yes/no). Still others consist of typing in a phrase and the computer guesses what you’re typing. If it’s correct, then your score increases.

The very best online trivia games incorporate all of the above elements with various types of questions and at varying levels of difficulty. This is what makes them a lot of fun to play! You can find several fun and interesting facts when playing these games. It is always a good idea to play these games with other people so that you can share your newly acquired information.

The first online trivia game to become available on the Internet was “Trivia Questions” in 1995. It was developed by a college student at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. There are several websites that offer trivia games. You can play these games for free, but most of them incorporate advertisements. Some of the most popular sites are listed below.

Check them out and have fun!

1. Games on the USA Network: This website offers an array of online games, including trivia games about entertainment, sports, and pop culture.

It also has games that test your knowledge on grammar, mathematics, movies, business, nature and more. You can also play word games here like Hangman and Scramble. The site is safe for children of all ages since there are no advertisements or pop-ups. It also provides daily puzzle updates.


2. Sporcle: Sporcle offers several different types of online trivia games.

There are over 8,000 unique games and quizzes in this website. You can also make your own quizzes and share them with your friends on social media websites. There are plenty of exciting features on this website like the Sporcle Live quiz show that airs daily and the never-ending Quiz Bowl where you compete for weekly prizes against other players.

3. TriviaHQ: This is one of the leading websites that offer trivia games, quizzes, and polls.

The website’s layout and design are quite pleasing to the eye, making it very simple to navigate around the site. You can play any of the site’s games without registering or logging in, but you can also create a free account (it only takes a few seconds) in order to keep track of your scores and compare them with friends.

4. Scene of the Crime: This is a great website for those who love watching crime shows on television.

It offers games and quizzes about shows like “CSI,” “Law and Order,” and “Cold Case.” It also provides information about current crimes and news in your local area.

5. Sciencenter: This is an interactive science museum that’s available online.

It offers fun, engaging, and educational games, activities, videos, and experiments for children of all ages. These activities cover a wide range of subjects, including animals, physics, nature, science as a whole, and much more. Learning has never been so much fun! The website is free and it’s designed for classrooms and individuals alike.

6. FunTrivia: This website offers board games, online games, and developer tools for those who are interested in creating their own games.

It covers a wide range of subjects including movies, sports, history, geography, television, and more. New trivia games are added to the website on a regular basis. You can also participate in forum discussions, create your own profile, and add friends.

7. Fun Brain: This website offers games, activities, videos, and more for students in the K-12 grade range.

It’s a great place to go if you want to keep your mind sharp. There are subjects on math, reading, science, social studies, and more. You can also find games that focus on individual grades like Math 4 Kids for those in the fourth grade. There are plenty of fun activities on this site and registration is not necessary.

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8. Games Games Games: This is one of the largest resources for board games and trivia games on the Internet.

The website has over 5,000 games in total, so there are plenty of choices no matter what your interests may be. You can play games in a variety of categories like board games, arcade games, card games, sports games, and special interest games.

9. GKON: If you need a quick fix of trivia fun then this is the website to go to.

The games are short and sweet, which is perfect when you only have a small chunk of time to spare. The topics vary from easy to hard, so there’s something for everyone.

10. Sporcle: This website offers over 8,000 different quizzes that are all grouped into 7 different categories. These categories include entertainment, sports, science, words, history, arts and literature, and oddities. Some examples of oddities include strange laws, fake foods, and unnatural substances. The quizzes are simple to play.

You simply click on the one you want to attempt and then you’re on your way to knowing more about that particular subject or topic.

These are just a few of the websites you can use to learn and have fun at the same time. The best part is these websites are all free, so there’s no cost involved on your part. Have fun learning online today!

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