Best Trailer Lighting Kits

What Is A Trailer Light Kit?

A trailer light kit consists of various parts which are used to illuminate your boat’s interior. These include:

1) The lamp itself.

This includes the bulb, the tube, and other components such as the base and reflector. You may choose from different types of bulbs or even LED bulbs depending upon what type of lighting you need. Some manufacturers offer multiple options for their lamps; others only provide one option.

2) The reflector.

This is the part of the lamp that reflects the light into your eyes. There are many styles available, but they all have one thing in common – they’re made out of metal.

3) The base.

Most trailers come with a standard plastic base, which allows them to be easily lifted up off the ground when not being used. Other bases are made out of wood, plastic, or even fiberglass.

4) The reflector holder.

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This is where you mount the lamp and the reflector. Some models come with two holders; some have three; some have four…etc.

5) The plug (the big black piece).

This plugs into a wall outlet and provides power to the lamp and its accessories.

What Are Types Of Trailer Light Kit?

There are a wide range of different types of trailer lights on the market, including:

1) Recessed and surface mounted.

These lamps go inside a small hole that you cut or drill into your trailer. They’re fairly easy to put in, but remember that you need to make a hole first! You can paint the lamp or its fixture any color that you want.

2) Projector lens.

These are mounted on a special bracket and have a magnifying lens at the front to make the light brighter and more focused. They’re really easy to install, but you do need to provide some sort of surface (like wood or a metal bracket) for them to be bolted onto.

3) Self-leveling.

These are lights that always try to find their way back to the horizontal position. They’re usually mounted on a special metal bracket that bolts onto your trailer’s ceiling, walls, or floor.

4) Sealed beam.

These are very common types of lights that can be either surface or recessed mounted. They have a replaceable flashlight-style bulb, a glass lens, and a metal reflector behind the bulb. Most modern RVs use these types of lights.

What Are The Advantages Of Trailer Light Kit?

There are many advantages to using the following types of lights:

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1) They provide a great deal of illumination. This is probably the number one advantage of having lights in a trailer. Whether you’re boondocking in the middle of the night or setting up your campsite, you’ll always have the ability to see what you’re doing.

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