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Best Tetherball Set: Lifetime 90029 Portable Tetherball System

The best tetherball set is the one which lasts forever. If it breaks or becomes damaged, you will have to buy another one. You need to make sure that your new tether ball sets are durable enough so they can withstand all kinds of use. When you purchase a high quality tether ball set, you won’t have any problems with them breaking down due to abuse.

They should last for years and years!

You can get a good quality tether ball set from our website. You don’t have to spend too much money because you can easily afford it. There are many other things you can do with your new tether ball set, but we’ll leave that up to you.

There are several types of tetherball sets available out there. Some of them cost a little bit more than others, but they’re all worth it if you want the best tetherball set for life!

Tetherball Sets – Permanent vs Temporary

There are two types of tetherball sets; permanent and temporary. Permanent tetherball sets are made to last for years while temporary ones only last for months. These two categories are very different. A permanent tetherball set is designed to provide long term support and protection against damage.

While a temporary one may not offer such protection, but it’s purpose is just to keep you entertained until you decide to replace your old one with something better!

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Permanent Tetherball Sets

A permanent tetherball set is designed to last for years and years of enjoyment. They are typically made with strong metals such as steel so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart on you. A permanent tetherball set can be a good investment if you plan on using it a lot. Most people prefer to get these because they can be used in all kinds of weather.

They’re great for both kids AND adults.

Temporary Tetherball Sets

These types of tetherball sets are not as popular because they generally don’t last as long as the permanent variety. They’re usually made with weaker metals which makes them prone to rusting or bending out of shape if you were to use them on a daily basis. Plus these types of tetherball sets are very expensive. You may as well just get a permanent set because they cost about the same.

These are better suited for kids birthday parties or just to have around for a short period of time.

Tetherball Pole Materials

The pole is very important because it’s what holds up the tetherball itself. Without it, the actual ball would just fall to the ground. There are many different types of poles available. The cheapest type you can get is a plastic one.

They’re very affordable and most of them are very colorful. The only problem with these types of pole is that they can easily break if you were to hit the ball too hard. This could result in the ball falling to the ground and hurting someone, so they’re not always ideal for all ages.

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Another type of pole is made out of wood. These poles can last a very long time if they’re taken care of. The only problem with wood poles is that they can be dangerous if the person using the tetherball set doesn’t know what they’re doing. The pole can fall over and hit someone if the person loses their balance.

Plus it’s not a very good idea to have a tall wooden pole standing in the middle of your yard unless you live on a farm. Wood poles tend to attract insects and rodents due to being natural wood. They’re also not very good looking if you want your property to look neat and tidy.

The best type of pole that you can get is a metal pole. These are very strong and can withstand any force that you or the ball can throw at it. They usually come in a variety of colors and unless you live in a neighborhood with strict rules, there really isn’t much of a problem with having one. The only real problem is that they tend to be very expensive.

Most metal poles cost well over a hundred dollars. If you really want one then go for it, but there are cheaper alternatives.

The Cheapest Tetherball Pole

The cheapest pole that you can possibly get is a plastic one. They are very affordable and come in an assortment of colors. The only problem with these poles is that they’re very weak. If you were to hit the ball hard then it’s possible for the pole to snap in half.

This could result in the ball falling to the ground which could cause injury to someone. Another problem with these poles is if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions then the pole will become brittle and break after a few months. These poles are really only good for young children who aren’t strong enough to hit the ball that hard or people who just want a decorative pole.

Tetherball Rules

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There aren’t too many rules when it comes to tetherball, but there are a few guidelines that most people like to follow.

– Always keep the ball tied to the pole with the string. There have been reports of people hitting the ball so hard that it flies straight into the air and becomes lost.

– Always make sure that there is enough room around the pole to play. The last thing you want is to hit the ball, lose your balance and fall over. Also make sure there are no obstacles in the area that could cause someone to get hurt if they were to get hit with the ball.

– If the ball ever breaks off of the pole then the game is over and whoever gets the ball back on top of the pole first wins.

– It is always best to play with more than one person. Not only is it more fun, but it’s safer too. Playing with more than one person helps keep someone from getting hurt if they were to accidentally get hit with the ball.

Tetherball is a great game for all ages. It gets the heart rate going and is fun for everyone. Many schools have tetherball poles set up so children can play when they need to get out some energy. Some parks even have them set up too.

If you’re lucky enough to have a pole in your own backyard then you’re really lucky. Just make sure you follow the safety rules and have fun!

Tetherball is similar to baseball in the respect that it can be extremely fun to play. The game of baseball has been around for many years and will most likely continue to be played for many years to come. Tetherball is a relatively new game, but it has also gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of decades.

One of the great things about tetherball is that you can play it by yourself if you want. All you need is a pole and ball. You can even improvise and use a tree branch and a rock or something instead if you want to. One of the only things you really need is enough room to swing the ball around and try to hit the pole.

Even though tetherball is typically played by yourself, many people find it to be a lot more fun to play with others. You can play with a group of friends or you can join a tetherball league at your local school or park. Joining a league is a great way to make new friends and keep yourself active in fun and healthy way.

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The Rules of Tetherball

Tetherball is a very simple game. You just need to get the ball on top of the pole. It may sound easy, but it can actually be quite challenging. The ball is tied to the pole by a long piece of string.

The object of the game is to whack the ball so it wraps the string around the pole as many times as you can before the ball falls off.

Many people think that the person whose turn it is to hit the ball can swing as hard as they want to. This is actually not the case though. There are tetherball rules that state how hard you can hit the ball.

The specific tetherball rules state that you must keep one foot on the ground at all times while hitting the ball. This makes the game a lot more challenging because you have to use your arms and body to hit the ball instead of just using your arm to swing as hard as you can.

There are tetherball rules that state that the ball can only be hit in a downward motion. This means you are not allowed to hit the ball in any other direction other than down. Hitting the ball in any other direction is considered a fault and the person gets to have another turn.

The rules of tetherball also state that there is a limit to how many times you can hit the ball consecutively. This is referred to as a let. If you hit the ball six times in a row and miss on the seventh attempt it is called a let. The person whose turn it was to hit then gets to have another turn.

This rule is in place so that players do not get frustrated by constantly missing the ball.

The ball cannot be hit with anything except the string attached to the pole. This is also a fault and the person whose turn it is gets to have another turn. Another tetherball rule to watch out for is that you cannot hit the ball twice in a row. This means if your partner hits the ball and it’s your turn next, you must let them hit it again even if you think you can prevent them from getting a point.

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Players can try to distract their opponents by making a lot of noise or even walking around the pole. This is all part of the fun of tetherball and is known as gamesmanship. Sometimes the best defense is a good offense. If you think you can get your opponent to miss the ball because they are paying too much attention to you, then it may be worth it to try and distract them.

The Rules of Tetherball – Courtesy

Tetherball is a very fun and simple game but it still has some general rules that should be followed. The most important one is to always show courtesy to your fellow players. This means you should never criticize them for missing the ball or even criticize the way they are holding the rope. This is all part of the game and nobody likes a know it all so keep your opinions to yourself.

Tetherball Strategy

The rules of tetherball are designed to make the game fair and fun for everyone. However, this does not stop players from employing various tetherball strategies in an effort to win. Some of these rules of tetherball strategy are designed to trip up the other team while others are designed to help your own team. Here are just a few examples.

The Clip

This tetherball strategy is considered very underhanded and should only be used if you’re desperate or you have no shame. All you do in the clip is get really close to the ball and hold on to the rope while your opponent is hitting it. The momentum of the ball will be enough to carry it forward and around the pole where it will then hit you in the groin and end up at your feet. Not only does this hurt more than a regular hit but you get to take a full turn directly after (depending on the rules you play with).

The Hook

The rules of tetherball state that you are not allowed to push or strike your opponents. This makes it very difficult to get them out when they are really close to the pole because they can simply lean in and hold on. The hook is designed to get around this rule by hooking your opponent with your foot and pulling them away from the pole while they are trying to hit the ball. This is a very risky move so you should only attempt it if you think you can get away with it.

The Lean

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This is another tetherball strategy designed to trick your opponent into missing the ball. The lean involves leaning way back while your opponent is hitting the ball. If they miss they end up hitting you instead of the pole and if they hit the ball then they end up hitting it too hard and it goes past the pole. Either way you win.

It’s a great move but it takes a lot of practice to get it right so only attempt it if you’re good at keeping your balance.

The Fake Hit

This is another tetherball strategy designed to trick your opponent. When it’s your turn to hit the ball you can pretend that you’re going to hit it but then miss or simply hit it weakly. Your opponents will try to hit the ball themselves and when they miss, they are out. However, they may simply refuse to be fooled and anticipate that you’re going to miss and instead try to hit it hard themselves.

If that happens then they will be out and you’ll just have to try again next time.

Tetherball Terms

There are some tetherball terms that you should familiarize yourself with before getting into a game. Knowing what these terms mean will help you communicate with other players and get the most out of your experience.

Back Row – This is the team that gets to serve in the first row. It’s usually considered an advantage to get to start out in the back row but this isn’t always true.

Bump – This is when a player bumps into the tethered ball either intentionally or accidentally during their turn at the pole. This will result in the other team getting an extra spin.

Center Pole – The middle pole that the tethered ball is tied to.

Clip – An illegal move where a player tries to hook their opponent with their foot in an effort to pull them away from the pole so they cannot reach it.

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Fireman Spin – This is an advanced version of the spin move that involves over-rotating and putting out your arm to stop yourself from falling on your face.

Flare – This is when a player hits the ball with an angle, usually to try and trick their opponent.

Inside – This is the opposite side to the sun from where you are currently standing. So if you are standing with your left side towards the sun then your right side is considered the inside.

Kill – When a team gets the chance to hit the tethered ball hard after their opponents fail to do so properly. They gain a kill for every successful hit.

Line – This is the area directly in front of the pole, either left or right. Players are not allowed to cross this until their turn comes around again. Crossing this line results in a penalty.

Penalty – This is given to a player who breaks the rules. The typical penalty is losing your turn.

Pole – This is the vertical pole you must hit the tethered ball off when it is your turn.

Rainbow – This is a term used to describe the order of play. If you are on the red team then your order of play is described as red, orange, yellow and green (or rainbow).

Serve – A serve-and-volley game begins with a player serving the ball off the center pole and their opponent returning it. They then get to hit it again before their opponent does. This back-and-forth continues until one of them misses.

Shade – This is the area of ground that is only lit by the shadows of objects and not by the sun directly. Typically, this will be the area opposite the sun from where you are currently standing. So if you are standing with your left side towards the sun then your right side will be in shade. Hitting the tethered ball into the shade results in a penalty.

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Shadow – This is the complete opposite of the sun, where there is no light at all. Hitting the tethered ball into the shadow results in a penalty.

Short Corner – This is one of two places on the court where players are not allowed to stand during their turn. Failing to follow this rule results in a penalty.

Side Pole – One of the two poles that mark the boundaries of the court. They are parallel to the center pole and equidistant from it. They also have small flags on top of them.

Spin – This is when a player puts some effort into their turn and tries to hit the tethered ball with some topspin or backspin. This will cause the tethered ball to bounce differently and may fool an opponent.

Swing – This is when a player hits the tethered ball without putting any sort of spin on it. This means the ball will bounce in a predictable fashion and can be easily defended against.

Tethered Ball – This is the ball that hangs from the middle of the court on a rope and the object players must hit during their turn.

Topspin – This is a type of spin put on the ball in which the bottom of the racket face turns away from you as you swing. This causes the ball to bounce upward and could fool an opponent expecting it to bounce downward.

Underhand Serve – The only way a player can serve the ball. It is done by tossing the ball in an overhand fashion so that it hits the middle pole and then the tethered ball.

Best Tetherball Sets - from our website

Victory – The team that earns the most points before all players have served five times wins the game. If both teams are tied then the game is a draw.

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