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Best Tent Reviews: What are they?

Tent reviews are a way of giving a positive review about any type of shelter. There are many types of shelters out there; some have been around for centuries while others were invented recently. Some have better features than others, but all can be used effectively and safely if you take proper care of them.

The purpose of a tent is to protect your life and property from the elements. A tent must meet certain requirements in order to do its job properly. These include being lightweight, durable, weatherproof, comfortable and affordable.

If it doesn’t meet these criteria then it isn’t going to work well for you or your family.

There are two main categories of tents: those made specifically for families and those designed for backpacking trips. Family tents are generally lighter and smaller than backpacking tents. They tend to be cheaper too.

Family Tents vs Backpacking Tents

A family tent is one that fits inside a regular sized camper van or similar vehicle. Most family tents come with furniture such as beds, tables, chairs and so on. You may need to buy additional items like pillows, blankets etc., depending upon what kind of tent you want.

Backpacking tents are smaller and lighter than family tents. They only just fit one or two adults and aren’t designed for furniture or any other accessories. You will need to pack everything in your backpack, hence the name.

Tent Accessories

There are many items you can buy for your tent. Some are designed to make your life easier, some help protect your tent and others are simply to make your trip more comfortable. Here are a few examples:

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Tent Stakes: Your tent comes with some basic pegs to secure it to the ground. Most aren’t strong enough and bend or break easily when you try to hammer them into hard ground. Specialized Tent Stakes are designed for maximum strength and can be hammered into any type of surface.

Ground Sheet: A Ground Sheet fits under your tent and prevents water from leaking onto you from the ground. It also protects the bottom of your tent from getting torn.

Guys Rope and Pegs: Most tents don’t come with guy ropes or pegs. These are necessary if you want to improve their stability in windy conditions, particularly if you are going to be using your tent on a rocky surface or slope.

These are just a few examples of the many different accessories you can find to support your tent. Some items are essential, others are more for comfort and convenience.

How to Buy the Right Tent

When looking to buy a tent there are several factors you need to consider. These include:




Season and Geography

Size: The size of your tent is one of the most important factors. You need enough room to fit your entire family or all your friends, whichever is the case. You also need to fit all your gear, so a ten person tent isn’t going to be much good if it doesn’t have room for the chairs and coolers!


Location: Where you are going to use the tent has a lot to do with what size you need. If you are going car camping then you will probably need more room. You will also need more room if you are using the tent mainly for living quarters and won’t be hiking far from it.

Comfort: How much time you intend to spend in the tent is another factor. If you are going to be spending long periods inside it then you will want a more comfortable model with more amenities such as electricity points, shelving and tables. You will also need more room.

If you are just using it as extra cover from the elements then a smaller, lighter model may be better. Of course you can always use a tarp as an emergency shelter if you don’t need much room.

Season and Geography: Where you are and when you are going to use the tent should also be considered. If you are planning to go glacier climbing then an ordinary tent is not going to cut it. You will need a specialist mountaineering tent.

On the other hand, if you are planning to go camping in the summer in the lowlands of Scotland then a 4 season, double walled tent is probably overkill and is going to weigh you down needlessly.

The Bottom Line

Tents can be as simple or complex as you want to make them. There are many things to consider but you ultimately need to find the right one for you and your needs. Happy Camping!

The era of DVR has made skipping commercials a thing of the past, but television advertisers are not going to just roll over and die. In order to compete with the technology, they have had to become more creative and even employ some of the techniques that their competition (the entertainment industry) perfected in order to maintain viewership. Since everyone already knows that watching TV is a passive activity, these advertisements are always geared towards capturing your attention and forcing you to pay attention to them.

The first and most obvious method is to use shock tactics, or advertisements that are deliberately offensive or vulgar. The idea is that they are attention getting and will remain in the minds of the viewer long after the program has ended. This may explain some of the strange comments your children make.

Commercials like this can also be controversial as they often try to make a bold statement or play on deep emotions.

Another method is to make advertisements that are actually entertaining in their own right. There might not even be a product for sale at all, but the viewer will remember the jingle or the joke anyway. This type of advertisement has its roots in old style public service announcements that were made for free.

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The advertiser didn’t care about selling you a specific product; he just wanted to make sure you remembered his company name. Today, many of these ads still exist (they are often called brand awareness commercials), but there is also a newer style that has sprung up. This type exists to both entertain and make you aware of a product. It is often hard to tell where advertisement ends and entertainment begins.

The final and most common type of advertisement is the one that tries to make you feel sympathy for a particular situation. These ads are usually dramatized to make a particular scenario seem as real as possible. The viewer is supposed to put himself in the situation being portrayed and then feel an emotional attachment to the product that is being sold.

The idea is that this will cause the purchaser to remember the product when shopping next time and will favor it over similar products from competing companies. These types of advertisements often use real people in the dramatizations in order to boost the sense of reality.

Whatever method is used, the most important thing about a commercial is that it gets your attention and makes you aware that a product exists. Companies invest lots of money in advertising because it is their only way to get you to spend your money on their products. You as a consumer have to make your own decision about what products you like the most, and advertising has convinced many people that they like something better than they really do.

Then the vicious cycle begins where companies keep producing more of a certain product just because it sells well.

After commercials finally come to an end, your program resumes. You idly listen to the adventures of Car 54 as you ponder the true meaning of advertisements.

The game show host has finished explaining the rules and regulations of tonight’s trivia game. All you need to do is pay attention and you’ll be able to answer the questions easily. You’ve watched this show every night for nearly a year, you should have all of this stuff memorized already.

After he finishes talking he puts on his famous smile and says “Now here are tonight’s contestants. Dont worry folks, they’re all real people no matter what their x factor is!” The audience laughs, and the game begins.

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The first round of questions are all pretty easy. Name one of the actors in a movie, or what movie was based on what book, or something like that. You have no trouble at all answering these, and it seems like everyone else is having a hard time too.

When the first commercial break comes you feel great, you’ve been leading the pack the whole time.

The second round is a little harder. The questions start getting more specific, like what color was something, or who someone was married to, or the year something happened. These are still pretty easy though, you’re sure of getting all of these right.

Then the last commercial break comes, and you’re feeling good about yourself. But then suddenly it hits you.

You remember seeing something like this before. You had to watch a movie in school once, about this guy who was really into a TV show, just like you are now. But then he started to notice little differences in what was happening each time he watched.

Sometimes a different contestant won, or there would be different ads during the breaks. It got to the point where his whole world was based around whatever the TV show said it was, and everything else began to fall apart around him.

You’ve been watching this show every night for the past year.

What if you’re slowly becoming like that guy from the movie? Is what you’re doing any different just because it’s a TV show, instead of real life? Would your life really fall apart if you didn’t watch it?

You don’t know the answers to these questions. You never thought about them before. But you do know that you’re starting to feel sick, and you can’t stop from thinking about them now. This is all just too weird. You’ve got to get out of here.


You push back your chair and make for the door, knocking over your mother’s carefully placed knick knacks in your wake. You don’t care though, you just need to leave this place behind.

You’re nearly at the front door when you mom comes running out of the kitchen. “Alright, alright, I’ve turned it off.” She says as she reaches your side.

Apparently she’s been watching over you more than you thought.

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But you don’t care anymore, you just want to get out of here. You wrench the front door open and start sprinting down the street.

“Timothy! Get back here right now!” You hear her shout from behind you.

But you don’t listen, you just run and run and run, not stopping until you get home. Then you run straight to your room and collapse on your bed.

You’ve got to get out of this place.

Over the next few days you spend all your time trying to come up with plans to go see your dad. But something always comes up to stop you.

For one thing it’s Christmas break and all your friends are going on vacation somewhere, which means you can’t hang around them and they can’t help you in any way. Your mom is acting really weird too. Whenever you bring up your father or where he might be, she gets this scared look on her face and tells you that you can’t talk about that place.

You end up shutting up pretty quickly after that.

There’s no way you’re going to be able to convince her to take you to see him. It’s not like you know where he lives anyway, so you’d have to call him and beg him to come get you. Not something you’re really willing to do.


So there’s nothing you can do, but sit around and wait. You don’t even know how long, just until “things get back to normal.” Whatever that means.

You pass the time playing games and staring out the window a lot. A whole week passes and then another. Pretty soon it’s been two weeks since you watched that show.

You haven’t heard anything on the news about Mr. E yet. Maybe he’s in jail and won’t be able to get you after all.

Finally, your mom says that you can watch TV again. The first thing you do is turn on the news, just to see if there’s any stories on Mr. E.

But there’s nothing, not even on the show that started it all. In fact, there isn’t a single story about him at all, like he never even existed.

You do see something about a rock band that crashed their tour bus and one of them died though. You remember seeing some ads for them before the Mr. E ordeal, which is weird because you never watched commercials before.

You don’t really understand it, but you’re just glad everything is back to normal.

The next day you go back to school and everything seems like it’s back to the way it was before the whole Mr. E incident.

Just to make sure everything is indeed back to normal, you go down to see Brian after class.

“Dude, you won’t believe what happened!” You start as soon as you see him.

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“I saw you on TV man! It was just a local news segment, but I still saw it!”

He looks at you for a minute and then says, “You’re crazy.” Then he walks away.

Fortunately, most of your other friends are a little more understanding and they all tell you their own stories of how they saw you on TV or in the newspaper or whatever. It seems the media couldn’t keep Mr. E’s identity a secret and many people saw whatever it was they saw.

You’re surprised you didn’t get hauled in by some scientist to be studied, but then maybe it was kept quiet.

Everything seems to go back to normal in a few months and you somehow manage to forget about Mr. E and the whole mess. You return to watching TV, but nothing is ever as good as that show you saw.

You also keep playing your games, but again, they just aren’t as fun as before.

You eventually move on to other things and graduate from High School. You even manage to get a good job, but you’ll always remember that brief period in your life when everything was exciting and new. Of course you’ll also always wonder about Mr.

E and his plans to dominate the world.

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You’ll also always wonder if any of it was real.

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