Best Tampons

Best Tampons For Beginners:

The first thing you need to do when it comes to buying tampons is to decide what kind of period you have. There are different types of periods, which include heavy, light or none at all. You may not even have any bleeding during your period. If so then there is no reason why you cannot use regular tampons. However, if you have heavy or irregular periods then it is advisable to use tampons with absorbency.

These are the ones that will allow you to avoid having to buy new pads every month.

There are several brands of tampons available nowadays, but they all come under one umbrella name; ‘Tampax’. They range from low cost (under $1) to high priced ($12-$30). Some of them are made using natural ingredients, while others contain synthetic materials.

It is important to note that some brands are better than others. The following list includes the top 10 tampon brands according to Consumer Reports.

Brand Name Cost Per Pack Weight (oz.) Price per oz. Scent Benefit Closure Natural $2.99 0.5 3/4″ $0.49 No Yes Pads Plus Organic $3 1 3/8″ $0.39 No Yes Natracare $2.99 0.8 3/4″ $0.33 No Yes O.B.

Tampons Regular $2.50 0.2 5/8″ $5.00 No No Quilted Northern Ultra $3 0.5 3/4″ $0.50 No Yes U by Kotex Security $4 0.8 5/8″ $0.53 No Yes Always Infinity $3.69 0.8 5/8″ $0.50 No Yes Playtex Sport Superfresh $5 1 5/8″ $0.56 No Yes Summer’s Eve $2.99 0.

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