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Best Talkie by Toymail Dolls (BTTD) is a company which specializes in making toys with voice-overs. They have been around since 2006 and they are known for their high quality products. Their main product line consists of dolls such as Hello Kitty, Barbie, Monster High, My Little Pony, etc., but they also make other types of toys such as action figures and plushies. BTTD has its own brand name, Toy Mail Dolls.

The company was founded by two friends from college, Tanya and Tom. They were inspired to start the business after seeing how much money they spent on buying doll voices for their own children’s toys. When they first started out, it wasn’t easy: they had no experience in manufacturing or selling anything at all! However, over time they learned how to do things right and now they’re one of the most well-known companies in the industry.

In 2012, BTTD released their first child’s doll named Hello Kitty. Since then, the company has expanded into many different categories including video games, books, clothing items and even jewelry. Their Hello Kitty line has been a huge success and that’s what most people know them best for.

The company has won a few awards over the years for their high quality work in toys. They’ve been recognized by Playthings Magazine as one of the top 50 toy companies and have won numerous awards from Oppenheim Best Toy Awards.

Today, BTTD is located in Los Angeles where it employs well over 300 people. The company is known for its creative environment where people are encouraged to voice their opinions freely. They have a fully stocked kitchen, an in-house masseuse and even a nap room! They believe that when people feel comfortable at work, they can be more productive.

BTTD has five different factories: one in the US, one in Canada, and three throughout Asia.

The company is currently looking into setting up more factories in other countries such as Eastern Europe and South America where the cost of labor is much cheaper. This would allow them to save money on production while still having quick and efficient shipment times.

BTTD has been doing very well as of late and expects to continue growing in the coming years. They recently released their newest doll, a singing unicorn named Sweetie Bell, that has been advertised on TV. They are also opening up a new factory in Bangladesh where the minimum salary is much lower. However, while the company is doing well now, there are looming problems on the horizon that may threaten its prosperity…

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Let’s do a SWOT analysis of the company to see what these are.


BTTD has many strengths that contribute to their success. First and foremost, they have very low manufacturing prices. Most of their dolls sell for around $50 which is on the lower end of the price scale. This is because they have their own factories in countries like China and Vietnam where labor is much cheaper.

This allows them to save a lot on shipping and import tax which also helps their profit.

In addition to manufacturing, they also have low distribution costs. They sell most of their products online and have a fully automated warehouse that can quickly process and send out all their orders. This allows them to have low overhead and pass the savings on to customers.

Another strength is that BTTD has a wide market. They aren’t limited to selling just one type of product. They have numerous categories of dolls such as babies, animals, celebrities, superheroes, dinosaurs and more. There’s also a wide variety of dolls such as some that cry, sing, talk or even wet themselves.

This allows them to reach a wide range of ages including both boys and girls. Because of this they earn a lot of revenue through repeat customers and word-of-mouth advertising.


While BTTD does have some strengths, they also have many weaknesses that prevent them from becoming an industry leader. First of all, their product quality is lacking. Most of their dolls are made out of low quality fabrics and often break easily. In addition to this, the manufacturing in general is lacking as well with uneven stitches and glancing paint jobs.

The designs themselves are also pretty basic and lack anything that would be considered a “new innovation”.

Another weakness is that BTTD doesn’t have many licenses. Licensing allows companies to make dolls based off of popular movies, T.V. shows, video games and even celebrities.

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This increases sales greatly as it creates more demand for the product. BTTD only has a few licenses and they are all related to movies that are at least a decade old.

Because of this, BTTD’s market is narrow and their appeal is low. The main people who buy their products are parents that can’t afford anything better and are forced to settle for what’s cheap. The word has also spread about the low quality of their products which has prevented them from getting any new customers.


If BTTD wanted to expand, there are opportunities available to them. One opportunity is to create dolls based off of current celebrities or characters from popular children’s shows. The market for dolls is much larger if the dolls are current and children can relate to them better. This would also allow them to get more licenses and create toys based off of those characters as well.

Another opportunity that BTTD can take advantage of is the creation of robots.

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