Best Suunto Watches

Best Suunto Watches: What’s the Difference Between Suunto Watches?

The most popular and well known brand name of all time is Swiss watch manufacturer, Seiko. They have been making watches since 1873 and they continue to make some of the finest mechanical watches available today. Their watches are not only affordable but also very reliable and durable. The company was founded by Mr. Katsumi Kogyo, a Japanese businessman and inventor. Mr. Kogyo had an interest in watches since childhood and started making them when he was 16 years old. His first product was a wristwatch which sold at a price of $200. He then made another one with different features and called it “Katsumi Watch”.

In 1895, he introduced the first automatic watch which cost him $100. At that time, it featured two hands and three subdials. Later, he added a second hand and a date window. The watch was called “Katsumi Automatic” and it was extremely successful.

After that, he created the first automatic wristwatch which was priced at $10. This model included just one dial and no seconds display. This model sold poorly because of its low price tag.

Mr. Kogyo started his own company in 1924. He worked on a self-winding watch movement. it was a huge breakthrough in the mechanical watch industry and he is sometimes called as the “father of the wristwatch”.

The company’s name is changed into Daini Seikosha Co. in 1934. Seiko is a Japanese word which means “success” and it is quite apt for this company since they are one of the most successful watchmakers ever.

Seiko makes several watch collections for men and women. Some of the popular watches include Seiko 5, Seiko 7S26, Seiko 4R36, Seiko SKX007, Seiko Turtle, and many others.

Seiko 5: This is one of the most popular watch lines manufactured by the company. It was introduced in the year 1963 and since then it has undergone several changes. The Seiko 5 has a simple yet elegant design and it’s quite affordable. You can choose from an array of different styles, designs, colors, and materials.

You can have a leather strap, metal strap, bracelet or a nylon strap for your watch. It features both hand winding and automatic self-winding movements. A few of its models also have a date display feature. It is powered by either a quartz or kinetic mechanism and has much less maintenance compared to other expensive Swiss watches.

Seiko 7S26: This is a popular line of watches and its been in production since the 70s. It’s an affordable mechanical watch with hand winding and automatic self-winding movements. Its case, bezel, and crown are made out of stainless steel. It has several dial variations to choose from such as a simple black face to a more complicated one with Arabic numbers.

The watch also has either a metal bracelet or a black nylon strap with a buckle.

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