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Best Sun Joe Pole Saw Review: Swj803E

Sun joe pole saw review: Swj803E is one of the best sunjoepole saws in the market. Its design makes it very easy to use. You don’t need any special tools to operate this pole saw. It has a large blade and a powerful motor that allows you to cut through wood with ease. The handle is made from aluminum alloy and it feels comfortable to hold.

There are two wheels at the back which allow you to move around easily. This pole saw comes with a carrying case, which contains all necessary accessories such as a bag of wood chips, a dust mask, and other useful items.

The blade is 6 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. It’s sharp enough to cut through hardwood like oak or maple without any problems. The blade is made out of high quality stainless steel. The handle is made from plastic and it feels good in your hand.


Easy to Use – You Don’t Need Any Special Tools To Operate This Pole Saw!

Sharp Blade – It Has A Powerful Motor That Allows You To Cut Through Wood With Ease.

Sturdy Design – It Has A Large Aluminum Alloy Handle That Feels Comfortable To Hold.

Comes With A Carrying Case – It Comes With A Carrying Case That Contains All Necessary Accessories Such As A Bag Of Wood Chips, A Dust Mask, And Other Useful Items.

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The Shredder Clogs Up Easily

How to use the sun joe tjs502E?

This is a pole saw that’s easy to use. First, you have to extend the pole until it reaches the length you need. Then, you have to lock it in place by tightening the screw on top of the pole. After that, you can mount the saw by sliding it over the pole. The last step is to prepare for pruning by placing the wood against a solid backstop

How to maintain and clean the sun joe tjs502E?

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