Best Stretch Mark Creams

Best Stretch Mark Creams: Palmers™ vs. Medersa®

Medersa® is one of the most popular brands among women with stretch marks. Medersa® has been around since 2001 and it is manufactured by a company called Riedel GmbH (Germany). Medersa® is a brand name of Medermag AG (Germany) which was founded in 1882.

Palmers™ is another well known brand name of Medermag AG. Palmer’s™ is a product made by Medermag AG. Palmer’s™ cream comes from the same family as Medersa®, but it contains less ingredients and it has no alcohol or parabens.

Both Medersa® and Palmer’s™ are available in different sizes. Both products have similar ingredients and they both contain natural oils. However, there are some differences between them.

Medersa® is a cream that is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It does not cause any irritation on your skin and it doesn’t leave any greasy residue behind on your clothes. It is a good product that will help you dealing with your stubborn stretch marks, especially if you have very dry skin.

Palmer’s™ is lighter than Medersa® and it is absorbed by your skin quicker. This makes it an ideal product for use in summer. It also contains natural oils and it helps keep your skin hydrated.

Due to the fact that it doesn’t contain any alcohol or parabens, it can be safely used on damaged or irritated skin.

Best Stretch Mark Creams: Palmer’s™ vs. Palmers®

As mentioned above, Palmer’s™ is a lighter version of Medersa®. It contains many of the same ingredients as Medersa®, but it also contains some other ingredients which can be irritating to certain skin types, such as soft paraffin, sweet almond oil and rose hip oil. It claims to be non-greasy, however it can leave an unpleasant greasy residue if too much is used.

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Palmer’s™ Original Formula Cream is a good choice for those who have mature or dry skin, as it has a more nourishing formula. It also contains glycerin and vitamin E which helps to hydrate dry or damaged skin. If you use this product as intended, it should not leave any greasy residue on your clothes.

We can definitely recommend all of the above products, but if you have dry skin, you may want to stay with Medersa® or the Palmer’s™ Original Formula Cream. Which one you decide on depends on your own personal preference.

For those who are looking for a non-greasy product that absorbs quickly, we would recommend Palmer’s™. For those who prefer a more nourishing and moisturising product, we would recommend Medersa®.

We don’t recommend Palmers medicated because it contains the ingredient clindamycin which is an antibiotic that can kill the good bacteria on your skin as well as the bad.

If You’re looking for a non-greasy product that absorbs quickly, we would recommend the Palmers Medicated. If you prefer a more nourishing and moisturizing product, we would recommend the Medersa Cream.

But if you’d like to try a natural home remedy for treating your stretch marks, see below.

How to get rid stretch marks using home remedies

There are many different ways in which you can get rid of your stretch marks naturally. One of the most common ways for women to get rid of them is through the use of cocoa butter. In fact, many women use it for various purposes when they are pregnant.

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It is used for everything from moisturizing the skin to preventing stretch marks to helping with heartburn. Many natural health physicians actually recommend it to patients. If you are looking for an at home treatment method, it is definitely one that should be considered since it is affordable and easily accessible.

It can often be found at most grocery or drug stores.

Another treatment option includes the use of lemon juice. This is a more costly home remedy, as you have to buy lemons. Many women actually use this in conjunction with the cocoa butter since it can help lighten the skin in the affected area and also improve the texture and look of it as well.

If you are looking for something more advanced, there are laser treatments and other types of surgery to remove stretch marks. These can be costly, ranging from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. It all depends on where you go and what your particular needs are.

Those with health insurance may be able to get the costs covered, but others will have to pay out of pocket.

Find Your Perfect Match

Stretch marks are no joke, and if you’ve ever had to deal with them, you know how frustrating it can be. It can make you feel self conscious, which leads to even greater problems if left unchecked. Luckily there are a variety of ways to treat your stretch marks from creams to surgery and everything in between.

Use this guide to help find the solution that is right for you.

So What’s The Best Stretch Mark Treatment?

There isn’t a single best stretch mark treatment that will work for everyone. Your best bet is to try out several methods and see what gets the best results. Fortunately, most of these treatments are relatively cheap such as creams. Others, such as surgeries are quite expensive and not covered by medical insurance. If you are looking for something quick and effective, surgery is your best bet. For a more holistic approach, try out some of the cheaper creams on the market.

Stretch Mark Cream Reviews

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There are many stretch mark creams on the market, and not all of them are effective. We’ve done an in-depth review of some of the most popular creams to help you choose which one is right for you.


Bio-Oil is one of the most popular over the counter stretch mark removal products available. It is made from plant oil, and contains various vitamins and nutrients that can promote skin healing and renewal. It has been shown to improve the texture and look of skin, making it look more youthful.

It can be used on scars and burns as well, not just stretch marks.

Bio-Oil is a very popular product that has been around for years. Many women have had great success with it and highly recommend it. It can be used both during pregnancy and after your child is born to help prevent stretch marks from forming.

Many parents also use it on their children to heal existing scars or skin blemishes. It is safe to use on all skin types, even those that are sensitive. It has a pleasant smell and can be easily applied with your fingertips.

Bio-Oil is easily accessible almost anywhere you go. You can find it at most beauty shops, drug stores, and even some large grocery stores carry it. The price is very inexpensive as far as stretch mark removal products go.

A small bottle that can last you anywhere from four to six months on a daily basis will cost you anywhere from nine to fifteen dollars.

Bio-Oil is highly recommended by most moms that have used it. It’s one of the top products for healing scars, stretch marks, and other skin blemishes.

However, Bio-Oil does have its drawbacks. Many people have complained that it leaves a greasy residue and takes a long time to completely absorb. Depending on how much you use, it can leave stains on clothing.

It can take a while for the product to work. Some people have reported that they have been using it for months with no signs of progress whatsoever.

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Whether or not Bio-Oil will work for you is ultimately up to you. Many people have seen great results, so it could very well be worth your time and money. It’s always better to try than to regret not doing anything at all.

Cream Reviews

There are several cream brands available over the counter, and some of them are quite popular. We have done extensive research on various creams and have found the most effective ones available.

Bella B Dream Cream is one of the most popular brands. It uses an advanced formula to help prevent wrinkles and aging skin. These types of creams are good for those that don’t want or can’t tolerate injections.

These types of products must be used over a prolonged period of time in order to see results. The process is slow and steady, so patience is a must.

One common complaint about this type of treatment is that over time it tends to get quite costly. Costs can add up over time as most of these types of creams need to be used on a daily basis in order to maintain the youthful appearance of your skin.

Glytone Bioglycolic Foaming Cream is a well known and trusted brand. It has been around for many years and has helped treat many different types of skin conditions, including stretch marks. It contains glycolic acid and vitamin E which help to eliminate dead skin cells that build up and cause discoloration.

It is important to exfoliate your skin in order to tighten and smooth your pores. This will also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that would otherwise form around the mouth and eyes.

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One of the main ingredients in this product is glycolic acid which has been clinically proven to increase the production of collagen. This will fill in the wrinkles and give the skin a tighter and smoother appearance.

A disadvantage of this type of treatment is that some of the ingredients may cause allergic reactions for certain people. This is why it’s very important to consult your doctor before using any type of over the counter product. Overusing or using something that your skin doesn’t agree with can cause redness, burning, and other types of irritation.

Neostrata Bio Signature Cream is unique because it uses microcurrent technology to help eliminate dead skin cells. It also contains natural ingredients that don’t cause any allergic reactions and are suitable for all types of skin. Your face will become smoother, softer, and younger looking in a short period of time when you use this product.

There are some disadvantages to using this product. The main one is that it takes time to work.

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