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Best Electric Hair Straightening Brush Reviewed: Miropure 2-In-1 Ionic Brush

The Miropure 2-in-1 ionic brush is one of the most popular brushes among professional stylists. They are used to achieve a smooth, shiny finish on your hair. The brush comes with two different heads; a flat head and a dome shaped head. These types of handles allow you to control how much pressure you apply to your hair while styling it. The handle is made from synthetic material and is soft enough to grip.

You will definitely love the fact that it’s made out of plastic.

The Miropure 2-in-1 ionic brush comes in a variety of colors, which include black, blue, brown, grayish green, purple and red. If you’re looking for something really unique then go for the red version because it looks very pretty!


It’s easy to use. The handle is soft and comfortable to hold. You don’t need any special tools or accessories. It feels great against your skin and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy afterwards.


You may have some issues if you suffer from dry skin like me since the handle isn’t completely round and there aren’t many moisturizing products that work well on it. The colors on the handle can come off over time. The bristles wear down after a few months of use.

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Remington Professional 2000 Wet 2 Straight Hair Brush

The Remington Wet 2 Straightening Brush is one of the most popular and best-selling hair brushes in the market right now. It’s extremely easy to use and great for women of all ages and hair types. This is the perfect tool for getting rid of frizz and creating straight hair.

This brush has been designed to distribute moisture and heat evenly throughout your hair when using it with the Wet Combination Cream. It leaves your hair looking smooth, shiny and super healthy. This tool does not come with a heating mechanism so you’ll have to pair it up with a heat protectant cream or lotion to protect your hair from heat damage.

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