Best Straight Draw Shave Tools

Best Straight Draw Shave Tools: Ox-Head & Beaver Craft

Ox-Head & Beaver Craft are two very popular brands of straight razor shave tools. They both have their own unique features. Both brands are made from high quality materials and they both have their own distinctive look. However, these two brands differ in several aspects.

The main difference between the two brands is the shape of their handles. The Ox-Head handle is rounder than the Beaver Craft handle. This makes it easier to hold and use while shaving with an ox-head or aftershave balm. On the other hand, the Beaver Craft handle is more rectangular in shape compared to the ox-head handle.

This makes it easier to hold and use while shaving with a beard oil or aftershave balm.

Another major difference between the two brands is the way they are constructed. The Ox-Head is made out of stainless steel whereas the Beaver Craft is made out of brass. Brass has been used for centuries in making razors because it’s easy to sharpen and maintain. Stainless steel however requires more maintenance which may lead to rusting over time.

Both razors are heavy duty and will both last a lifetime. If you’re looking for a durable straight razor this is the way to go. They also provide a very close shave. The difference between the two shave tools lies in the type of maintenance it requires and the way it feels when holding it.

Which one is best for you really comes down to personal preference. If you are looking for an affordable shaving tool that requires less maintenance then the Ox-Head is perfect for you. If you are looking for an high-end straight razor that will provide a close and comfortable shave then the Beaver Craft is perfect for you.

Best Straight Razor Shave Tools

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The best straight razor shave tools are those that make the whole process of straight razor shaving easy and effective. This includes razors, brushes, soaps, bowls, and aftershaves. The quality of the straight razor shave tools directly affects the quality of your final result and experience in straight razor shaving. In this section, we will be looking at some of the best straight razor shave tools that are currently available in the market.

Shaving Brushes

Shaving brushes are perhaps one of the most important straight razor shave tools. The purpose of a shaving brush is to prepare your skin and facial hair for shaving. By creating a rich and creamy lather, the hairs are lifted up and away from the skin. This makes the skin softer and easier to cut.

A shaving brush can also help in creating a thick lather which further protects the skin when you are shaving. There are also several other benefits of using a shaving brush.

Shaving brushes come in different sizes and shapes. They can also be made from different types of materials such as boar bristle, badger bristles, horse hair, or synthetic fibers. The most popular type of shaving brushes are made out of badger hair.

Badger Hair

Badger hair makes for great shaving brushes because they are soft yet firm. They retain water well which is vital in creating a rich and thick lather. The best type of badger hair comes from the darkest colored badgers otherwise known as dark badgers. Dark badgers have the highest quality hair and are the most preferred type of shaving brushes.

The least quality type of badger hair is blonde badgers. This kind of hair is the least favored because it breaks easily and doesn’t retain water well when making a lather. Their hair is also very light in color which makes the brush look very unnatural. In between dark and blonde, there are also grades such as red, white, and silver-gray badger hair. These are slightly better than blonde but not as good as dark.

Horse Hair

Another popular type of shaving brushes is horse hair brushes. These are usually less expensive than badger hair but can still be found quite easily. Horse hair is a bit coarser than badger hair making it great for those with sensitive skin. It doesn’t retain water as well when making lather but it’s still good enough to get the job done.

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This type of brush is also softer which makes it feel better on the face. However, it has a shorter lifespan than a badger hair brush making it less cost effective in the long run.

Boar Bristle

Boar bristle is the least expensive type of shaving brushes. They are usually the cheapest straight razor shave tools you can find. However, they have a great quality to price ratio. They are fairly soft and they also retain water well when making lather.

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