Best Stove Knob Covers

The following are some facts about stove knob covers:

Stove Knob Cover Types:

1) Stove Knob Lock – These are the most common type of stove knob cover.

They have a small lock mechanism which prevents unauthorized access to the stove’s controls. You need to remove the knob cover first before you can turn on or off your stove. There is no key required, it simply opens up when turned over.

2) Stove Knob Guard – A stove knob cover with a locking mechanism.

The knob cover must be removed from the stove before turning it on or off. The knob cover then requires a key to open up and allow access to the controls. This type of cover is used for certain types of stoves where you don’t want to risk opening up the control panel yourself, such as those with electric burners.

3) Stove Knob Guard With Keyhole – A stove knob cover with a key hole.

The knob cover needs to be opened up using a special tool called a keyhole wrench. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to use the screwdriver method described below.

4) Stove Knob Cover Without Key Hole – A stove knob cover without any kind of locking mechanism.

These kinds of covers are most suitable for those who want to keep their stove looking original.

5) Stove Knob Cover with Screwdriver Slot – A special type of knob cover that has a screwdriver slot at the bottom.

This allows you to manually open up the lock if the keyhole breaks.

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6) Stove Knob Covers for Recessed Knobs – A special type of knob cover designed for recessed stove knobs.

These are quite similar to a regular knob cover, except that the plate is smaller and sits flush with the rest of the surface.

Stove Knob Lock Buying Tips:

When choosing a knob cover, make sure it doesn’t block the burner from heating food inside.

You don’t want to cook your meal on a cold stove, do you?

Also remember that some knob covers may not fit in all types of knobs.

Stove Knob Guard With Keyhole Buying Tips:

Stove knob locks are designed for those who want to protect the knobs from being opened or adjusted. You can use a keyhole wrench to open up the lock. However, if you want to keep your keyhole wrench in one place at home, you may want to have it engraved and use a keychain type tool instead.

That way you don’t have to worry about losing the tool.

Stove Knob Covers for Recessed Knobs Buying Tips:

Most stove knob covers are designed with the standard type of knobs in mind. If you have a set of recessed knobs that are not standardized, you may want to consider getting this specific type of knob cover. It’s smaller than the regular ones and sits flush with the surface.

Stove Knob Guard with Keyhole Buying Tips:

If you’re worried about your children or pets accidentally turning on the stove and getting burned, this might be a good option for you. A stove knob cover with keyhole will help prevent children and pets from turning on the stove, since they will need a special tool (and hopefully parental guidance) in order to open up the lock.

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