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Paul Mitchell Soft Sculpting Spray Gel Review

The Paul Mitchell brand was founded in 1873 and they are one of the oldest companies still producing products today. They have been making their own products since 1980. Their product line includes hair care, body wash, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant. The company has a wide variety of hair types from straight to wavy to curly.

Their spray gels are marketed under several names including “PMSG” (Polymethyl Methacrylate), “PMSG2” (polymethacrylate 2) and “MBSC”. The PMSG brand name is used primarily for their polymers, while the other two brands are used for their emulsifiers. These emulsifier ingredients make up most of the weight of each bottle.

PMSG is the only spray gel that contains methyl methacrylate. Methyl methacrylate is a chemical compound made up of three carbon atoms linked together with a single hydrogen atom. It is used mainly in industrial applications such as plasticizers and resins. It is not generally known to humans but it plays an important role in many biological processes including skin aging, bone growth, blood clotting and wound healing.

PMSG2 contains mainly the same ingredients as PMSG except it includes PEG-2 oleamine. PEG is short for polyethylene glycol and it is a clear, colorless and organic chemical compound made up of carbon and hydrogen atoms. It is used mainly in medicine, industrial applications and food additives. It can be found in some juice products and other foods as well.

In medicine it is used for intravenous feeding, for the treatment of burns and in drug delivery systems.

The spray gels are available in several scents. The scent is considered to be a trade secret by the company and the exact mixture of scents is unknown. Despite this, there have been several attempts to crack the code. In general, most of their scents are fruity or flowery.

It has been discovered that the words “light” or “unscented” are used when there is no scent at all. “Muscle” is another code word for a scent in their spray gels.

One of their scents, which is described as being a mixture of “raspberry, blueberry and apple” is actually made up primarily of chemicals normally found in floor cleaners or toothpaste. It is possible that the scent comes from one of these ingredients rather than from real raspberries or apples. The floor cleaner in particular is a product made by the company “Clorox”. It is used to clean floors and it is not recommended that it be ingested.

The other ingredient in this scent is the chemical d-limonene which is known to cause cancer in animals. It has not been proven to cause cancer in humans but it has been shown to damage DNA and affect genetic material. It is not recommended that this chemical be ingested and it should not be used on broken skin or inhaled.

Another ingredient in the male grooming spray gels is propane. This is a colorless and odorless gas that has no known uses in cosmetics. It is used mainly as a fuel for lanterns and barbeques. It is heavier than air and can cause oxygen deprivation if released in a poorly ventilated area.

The last ingredient in their scents is alcohol. Ethanol, also known as drinking alcohol, is used in many cosmetics to take away moisture. In higher concentrations it can act as a solvent and it can cause chemical burns. It is flammable and can cause fires if improperly disposed of.

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It is not known exactly what quantity is used in the spray gels but it is used in all of their scents.

Most of the spray gels come in the form of small bottles. They are colored blue and labeled “PMSG”. These bottles contain 160 milliliters (ml) or 5 ounces of product. There are also larger bottles available that contain 480 ml or 16 ounces of product.

These larger bottles are colored green and labeled “PMSG2”.

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