Best Spiral Slicers

Best Electric Spiral Slicer?

The question arises whether it’s better to buy an electric or a manual spiralizer. There are many factors involved such as price, size, weight, power consumption, ease of use and so on. So let us see which one is the best for your needs.

Electric Spiral Slicer vs Manual Spiral Slicer: Pros & Cons


It takes less time to prepare food. You don’t need to spend hours preparing different recipes. It saves money because you save time. If you have several small meals, then using an electric spiralizer makes sense since it only requires a few minutes to prepare each meal. It doesn’t require any maintenance like a manual machine does.


You may not get the same results if you’re trying to make a very delicate dish. It’s difficult to control the thickness of the slices. It’s harder to clean up after cleaning up with a manual machine. You might have problems when slicing certain vegetables such as onions, garlic, peppers etc… It’s hard to cut through tough foods like carrots or cucumbers without damaging them.

How To Choose The Best Electric Spiral Slicer For Your Needs?

In order to choose the best electric spiralizer for your needs, you must consider the following factors:

What are you going to use it for?

If you want to make pasta, then a regular vegetable slicer will do. But if you want to make chips out of zucchini or sweet potatoes then you need something more powerful.

How often are you going to use it?

Again, if you’re only using it occasionally, a manual machine will do just fine. But if you’re planning on using it on a regular basis, then go for an electric one.

What is your budget?

As usual, the more features and power it has, the higher the price. But some electric spiralizers will cost much less than others. You may also need to buy extra attachments that can make your job easier and faster.

Where are you going to use it?

If you’re going to use it at home, then it doesn’t matter what the size is. But if you’re going to carry it around while traveling or picnicking, then it needs to be as small as possible so that it’s easy to carry around.

Why Should You Buy An Electric Spiral Slicer?

They save a lot of time when preparing meals. As mentioned before, they can make several types of dishes in just a matter of minutes. They clean up very easily, even when you’re making something like pasta with ridges. They are very easy to operate and maintain. They can come with several attachments that will enable you to create all sorts of different dishes.

How To Use A Spiral Slicer?

Using a spiral slicer is actually very simple. Here’s how you do it:

Turn the machine on and position the blade at the top. This will ensure that the food doesn’t fall off before you’re ready. Load the food by putting it on the small tray at the bottom. Make sure that none of the pieces are poking out or they may get chopped in half. Slowly guide the machine along while applying gentle pressure.

The blade will start to shave the food and it will collect in small, thin strands as it goes through. You can use a spoon to push the food towards the blade if need be. After the food is all shaved, you can move it into a bowl or dish.

What Can You Make With A Spiral Slicer?

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can make with a spiral slicer. Here are just some of the things you can make:

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Pasta dishes such as fettuccine and spaghetti.

Thin chips out of potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets and more!

Julienne strips of vegetables for the perfect salad or stir-fry.

There are many more things you can make with this amazing machine. Just use your imagination and have fun!

Some Final Words

In closing, I hope that this article has convinced you of the many benefits that an electric spiral slicer can give you. I also hope that it has helped you narrow down your choices by letting you know what to look for and what to avoid.

As always, I recommend that you do your own research as well since my findings may differ from yours.

Just remember, an electric spiral slicer will make your life a whole lot easier in the kitchen!

Just make sure that you get one that is powerful enough for your needs and remember to have fun with it!

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