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Sony Ht-St5000: A Good Soundbar?

The Sony Ht-St5000 is a good sound bar if you are looking for high quality sound with decent bass response. You will get better results from other brands such as Denon, Marantz or Pioneer. However, there are some things which make the Sony St5000 superior to these others.

1) Sound Quality:

The Sony Ht-St5000 is one of the most expensive sound bars but it delivers excellent audio quality. Its built-in speakers have been designed to deliver clear, crisp and loud music at reasonable volume levels. The speaker output is not very powerful but its enough for normal listening level.

You may need to turn down your TV’s volume if you want to enjoy music at low volumes.

2) Remote Control:

It comes with a remote control which works well. There is no need to use the mouse or touch screen to operate the device. The remote control has two buttons – “Play/Pause” and “Stop”.

When you press the button, it starts playing/pausing automatically. If you want to stop playback immediately, then just press the Stop button once again. This will save a lot of time compared to other remotes.

3) Smart Functionality:

It has in-built Bluetooth and NFC (Near-field communication). It allows you to wirelessly stream audio directly from any compatible device.

The sound quality and features of Ht-St5000 are better than many other sound bars available on the market. However, it does not mean that you should ignore other models. You may find some other sound bars which are cheaper and offer more value for the money.

Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer

There are many different makes and models of soundbars, which one is the best?

The answer to that question really depends on what you are looking for in a soundbar. Some people believe that a soundbar is a sub-woofer less alternative to a home theater system. This may be true for some soundbars, but it does not have to be true for all of them. Some soundbars have built-in subwoofers, while others do not. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of soundbars.

Advantages of a soundbar with built-in subwoofer

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Built-in subwoofers tend to produce deeper bass than most soundbars that do not have a built-in woofer. If you like feeling the low frequency sounds of a movie explosion or feel the music in your chest from a song, then a bar with a built-in woofer is going to be what you are looking for.

If you do not have a lot of space available, then a soundbar with a built-in subwoofer is going to take up less space than two separate components. A soundbar with a built-in subwoofer is basically one unit rather than having a big speaker and a separate subwoofer that takes up space.

Disadvantages of a soundbar with built-in subwoofer

Some people feel that the bass from a built-in subwoofer is nothing special. For these people, a home theater system with separate speakers and a separate subwoofer would be a better choice. Some soundbars have additional speakers that are built into the soundbar.

These types of soundbars do not have as much bass as a soundbar with a separate subwoofer.

Advantages of a soundbar that does not have a subwoofer

If you do not want the extra bulk of having a subwoofer, then a soundbar that does not have one built-in is what you should get. You can always add a separate subwoofer later if you feel that the bass is not strong enough. If floor space is an issue, then a soundbar that does not have a subwoofer is a better solution.

Disadvantages of a soundbar that does not have a subwoofer

If you listen to music or watch movies primarily for the powerful bass sounds, then a soundbar without a subwoofer is not going to be what you are looking for. You will have to connect a separate subwoofer to get the stronger bass that most soundbars with built-in subwoofers have.

Out of all the different types of soundbars, which one is the best?

The best soundbar for you is going to be based on your personal preference. If you like having deeper bass and do not mind the extra bulk, then a soundbar with a built-in subwoofer may be what you are looking for. If having a soundbar with less bulk and not having to connect a separate subwoofer is important to you, then you should get a soundbar that does not have a built-in sub.

Best Soundbar For The Money

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When it comes to purchasing anything, cost is always a major factor. You always want to get the best bang for your buck. The following are our picks for the best soundbars based on cost.

Best Soundbar Under $100

The bestselling and most popular soundbar on the market is the Yamaha YAS-203. This soundbar has won many awards and is considered by some people to be the best sounding bar on the market, regardless of price. This soundbar has a very slim design and measures only five inches high and 14 inches wide.

It produces nice clear sound with good bass. It also has everything that most people will need to enhance the sound of their television set, such as Bluetooth, HDMI and USB connectivity. It is praised for its small size while still having big sound and deep bass quality.

Best Soundbar Under $200

When you move into the higher price ranges, the options become fewer, but the quality is much better.

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