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The most popular choice among backpackers is the gooey battery powered device called “feelle”. Feelle is a type of rechargeable lithium ion battery. They are small enough to fit into your pocket or purse, but large enough to provide long term energy storage capacity. The feelle batteries come in different sizes and types, with some offering up to 12 hours of run time. Some feelles have built-in USB ports so they can charge other devices while you’re out hiking.

There are several advantages to using a FEELLE battery:

FEELS are rechargeable, which means they will last longer than non-rechargeables. FEELS use standard AA size cells, which make them compatible with almost all devices.

FEELS can be recharged many times without degradation in performance. FEELS are easy to carry and store.

FEELS can be used in the wilderness, but they do not offer any protection from high winds or rain. FEELS cannot be charged when submerged under water, although some models can be submerged underwater for extended periods of time.

Some FEELs come with a USB port for charging other devices while you’re out hiking. Others don’t include such a feature at all.

Some FEELs are designed for multiple uses, while others excel at a single task. Still others are good for nothing except taking up space in your bag.

FEELLEs are popular with hikers, campers, and outdoorsmen because they can be used to charge most devices such as cameras, GPS units, cell phones, and tablets. They can also be used for lighting and warmth on cold nights.

Anker also makes a popular line of FEELLE batteries, including the Astro E1. This FEELLE is very affordable and offers a great deal of power in a small package.

It is not quite as powerful as the EternaBac, but it offers greater portability and versatility. It does not come with a USB port for charging other devices, but it can be recharged over 500 times. The Anker E1 offers more than half a charge for an average cell phone and can be recharged over 500 times.

Another popular FEELLE is the Astro E4, which is actually more powerful than the EternaBac. Like the E1, the E4 uses standard AA size cells and can be recharged over 500 times.

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The E4 has the added benefit of a built-in USB port for charging other devices. The EternaBac is a little more powerful than the E4, but it is also larger and heavier.

Other FEELLEs to consider include the E12, E16, and the E26. All three of these FEELLEs offer even more power than their AA size counterparts.

They also come with added benefits such as USB ports and greater re-charge cycles.

Of course, there are FEELLEs that fall short of expectations. The E13 only comes with a 100 recharge cycles, which means it will not last as long as the other FEELLEs listed above.

Another battery to consider is the Power Pot. This is actually a combination of a FEELLE and a cooking pot.

You can boil water, cook food, and recharge your devices all with the same unit! These can be a little tricky to use at first, so make sure you read the instructions carefully before using one of these devices.

Sometimes, you need more power than a FEELLE can provide. Many wilderness experts carry small gas-powered generators for such occasions.

These generators are loud and obnoxious and not ideal for the wilderness, but sometimes you have no choice.

Another option is the solar charger. These things are really neat, but they aren’t powerful enough to charge a dead FEELLE or even a phone.

These solar panels are great for trickle charging devices such as phones and GPS units, though. You can also use them to directly charge readily available batteries such as AA and AAA.

Other options include dynamo chargers that you can attach to your bicycle. These are good for charging phones, but they require a lot of exercise to get anything more than a little power.

A good compromise between a FEELLE and a dynamo charger is the hand crank dynamo charger. These combine an electric motor with a crank in order to produce electricity.

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They can be a little bulky for convenient use, but they can also produce a surprising amount of electricity. These are great for emergencies when you need to call for help.

There are also solar chargers and dynamo chargers that use AA or AAA cells. These can be good for charging at home, but they won’t work when you’re stranded in the middle of the wilderness.

Finally, a lot of people forget about marine batteries. The kind you have in your car are “flooded lead-acid” which is a fancy way of saying wet battery.

These things can last for years and be kept on a shelf for a decade and when you take them out they can still produce electricity. They are a little heavy, but they can produce a lot of electricity. These are great for powering LED flashlights, GPS units, or shortwave radios.

Always remember to take care of your FEELLE and other battery types. If you take good care of them, they can last for years and save your life more than once.

~ Roarke ~

Chapter 2

My name is Roarke Higgins and I am an agent for the United States Government. I have been trained in both cyber warfare and espionage.

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I was drafted right out of high school, against my will, to serve as an agent for the government.

I’m currently stationed somewhere off the coast of Somalia where I have been working with a team to try to stop terrorists from taking control of the region. The war on terror has been going on for so long that I don’t even know where to start.

I fought in the Middle East, mostly in Syria and Iraq, until the terrorists had been defeated there. Now I have been transferred to fight the terrorists here in Somalia.

It seems like we just defeat them in one place and they pop up in another.

I will tell you one thing for certain, the terrorists do not play around. These guys have no problem killing anyone.

I’ve seen people horribly tortured and murdered. We had a team go in to take out a high-ranking terrorist leader and they were all killed, some of them were tortured first. We had US soldiers with their heads shoved up their asses before they were killed. These guys do not play and they are not afraid to die.

I’ve been on this mission for about three months now. The mission is pretty simple.

We want to stop the influx of illegal drugs from coming into the country. Recently, terrorists have been growing and producing a lot of illegal drugs in their territory. They use it to fund their operations. Our job is to go in and destroy their drug lab.

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This task isn’t as easy as it seems, though. These guys are well-armed and have a lot of home-field advantage.

I’ve been working on this assignment with a partner, a guy named Mike. He’s about my age, but a lot more experienced. We have gotten to know each other pretty well over this time.

Mike has a wife and two kids back in the United States. He talks about them all the time.

Even keeps pictures of them on him at all times. The things he says about his kids would make anyone laugh. He’s a funny guy when he’s not so serious.

Hey, Roarke, did you read that file I gave you?”

Mike asked.

Yeah, about the drug lord we’re targeting?

I read it,” I responded.

Any insights?”

“Not really. Just the same old stuff. This guy is a piece of work, though. He hangs those that don’t obey him. He has this idea that the only way to stop the flow of drugs is to simply stop producing them. So, if you refuse, you get the death penalty.”

“Well, it’s not like these guys have any respect for human life.

Why not kill those that don’t comply?”

“True,” I responded. “

Hey, did you see the pictures I sent you of the hotel room?”

“Yeah, very swanky,” Mike laughed. “I can’t believe they have a million-dollar view.”

I know, right?

Makes you wonder if it’s even worth going to the real Somalia if the only thing this country has going for it is a fancy hotel.”

“Look on the bright side, at least we don’t have to stay there,” Mike responded. “

Moving on, did you read the mission file?”

“Yeah, I’ve read it about five times now.

So, we’re pretty much going to walk in the front door and shoot everyone?”

“Essentially,” Mike responded. “These drug dealers aren’t fighters. They’re cowards that grew up in the slums. Most of them don’t even carry weapons. It will be a slaughter.”

“That sounds fun,” I responded.

Did you get your armor sorted out?”

“Yeah, I got a set that should fit me,” I said. “It’s a little tight around the arms and legs, but I can still move.

How is yours?”

“I have to admit, it’s pretty nice. It’s strong enough to stop even an AK-47. Mine fits a little better than yours, though.”

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“Yeah, well I didn’t ask to get the extra-small suit,” I laughed. “

Did you see the helmet?”

“Oh yeah, we’re going to look like absolute badasses with those on.”

“Hell yeah, we are,” I responded. “The only thing that would make this better is if we could use those jet packs from the 2000s.

You know, the ones with the afterburners that let you soar through the sky?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about those. I used to wish I had a set of those when I was a kid. I used to make simulations of them in Minecraft.”

Just then, my computer started beeping, which meant I had a message. It was from Ian.

“Hey, Ian’s messaging you,” Mike said.

I opened up the message. It simply said “Call me.” With this being the weekend, I couldn’t imagine what was so urgent.

I immediately called him up, and he picked up after one ring.

Hey Ian, what’s up?’

“Hey Zee.

Are you alone?”

he responded. His voice sounded a bit panicked.

“Yeah, Mike just left.”

“OK, good. Look, the DEA just contacted me.

They want to talk to you about the mission.”

Really? They already got back to you?

Usually they take at least a week to respond,” I asked in surprise.

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“I know. That’s why I was so worried.

They said that they just got our request, but they want to talk to you about the plan. Zee, this is bad. They’re going to find out what we’re doing.”

“Relax. Nothing is going to go wrong.

We’ve planned this for months.”

“Yeah, but still…

I don’t know. This seems really suspicious to me.”

“Well, I’m going in anyway,” I responded. “I’ll call if anything comes up.”

“Zee, don’t be like that. If something seems off, we need to talk about it.”

“Ian, I’m going in. I suggest you do too.

Our goal is to stop the drug trade, not worry about getting caught.”

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“You do what you have to do, Zee. I can’t stop you.

I’ll see you on the other side, hopefully.

I hung up. I didn’t have time to argue with Ian.

If something seemed off, then it could mean this whole thing would fail. The drug lord probably already knew we were coming, and if that was the case, I didn’t want him escaping or worse, killing hostages. I had to go in.

I arrived at the hotel and saw a man and a woman standing outside. They were dressed in suits, but they weren’t intimidating like ours.

They looked more like secret service agents, rather than the Navy SEAL-trained bodyguards that the drug lord had. They also didn’t look very old. They probably weren’t even in their twenties yet. I pulled up to them and got out of the car.

“You must be Zee,” the man said approaching me. “I’m Nathan and this is Linda.”

What happened to Frank and Frances?”

I asked, remembering the agent’s real names.

“We decided it would be best to use codenames for this mission,” Nathan responded.

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Did Frank and Frances protest?”

I asked.

“Actually, they protested quite a bit,” Nathan responded. “They’re currently serving at our embassy in the Dominican Republic.”

I didn’t have time to argue with them. I simply nodded and followed them into the hotel.

The plan was simple. The hotel had twenty floors, each numbered 1-20.

We entered on floor five. The agent’s created a keycard for each floor, starting at five and going up to floor nineteen. The twentieth floor was off limits unless you had special permission, which we didn’t. The plan was to get the keycard for floor five, go to the room, and hide in the closet. When the drug lord and his men came, we would ambush them when they opened the door. It was simple, but it would probably work.

The three of us entered the hotel lobby. There were a few people loitering around, but no one bothered us.

Nathan and Linda both went straight for the keycards while I guarded them. Once we had the keycard, I led the way to the elevators. We entered one that was currently going up and stopped it between floors by pressing a button that said “emergency stop.” Then we waited.

A few minutes later, an elevator from a different company came. Out of it came two men wearing suits.

One had a keycard in his hands. It was the drug lord and his men. They didn’t notice us as they walked right by us. When they went past us and entered the elevator, Linda hit “5” on the keypad, as well as the emergency stop. The elevator stopped, and we got out. We hid behind the corner as we heard them frantically trying to get the elevator working again.

What’s going on?”

one asked in Spanish.

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“I don’t know! The elevator just stopped working!”

We heard footsteps as they ran out of the elevator. We opened the door to see them trying to open the elevator doors from the outside.

The elevator door opened just enough for one man to squeeze through. He was met with three bullets to his chest, knocking him backwards and onto the ground.

The drug lord was caught off guard. He froze for a second as he saw his man die in front of him.

Nathan took advantage of this and shot him in the head, killing him instantly. The bodyguards started firing at us, but we were already retreating back to the elevator. Linda managed to press the button to go to floor nineteen before one of them shot her in the back, killing her instantly.

“Retreat!” Nathan yelled as he ran back to the elevator.

I fired my gun at the bodyguards, missing every shot, before running after Nathan. We entered the elevator and Nathan pressed “19,” the emergency stop again.

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