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Best Soft Surfboards For Beginners: What Is A Soft Top?

A soft top is a type of board with no rails or edges. Instead it consists of two pieces of foam (usually polyurethane) glued together. These boards are very easy to ride because they have a flat bottom and the edge is not sharp. They offer great control over waves and are good at breaking into small breaks.

Soft tops are usually made from a single piece of foam. The shape is often round or oval but other shapes can be used too.

Some soft tops are shaped like a traditional wave maker while others are shaped like a bowl. The most popular types of soft top surfboards for beginners include the odysea, wavestorm and wave makers.

Oddly enough, there is no such thing as a hard top surfboard for beginners!

But then again, what would be the point?

The main reason why a soft top is better than a hard one is that it offers greater flexibility when riding waves. When riding waves, your body weight transfers onto the front edge of the board which makes it easier to break into smaller breaks. You don’t need to exert any extra effort because your body weight is evenly distributed across both edges of the board. This provides you with excellent maneuverability and control.

Soft tops are also very easy to paddle which is an important feature for beginner surfers. You don’t need any extra muscles to paddle a soft top because the foam is light as a feather.

Even if you are a weaker swimmer, it still won’t be a problem. This makes soft tops more suitable for children who are learning to surf too.

Another advantage of soft tops is that they are much less prone to damage than hard tops. If you hit a rock or shallow reef, you can often fix the problem with a bit of duct tape!

Best Soft Top Surfbords For Beginners

It’s no secret that the odysea vector is a great board for beginners. It has a nice flexy tail which makes it easy to turn.

The deck pad also provides extra grip which helps to improve your footing. Even if you are a weaker swimmer, you will find it much easier to stay on this board. The odysea vector is one of the most comfortable boards you can ride and it’s a great confidence booster.

The wavestorm is another great board for beginners. Surfers often buy this board as their first longboard because it’s easy to ride and offers more stability than a shortboard.

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It has a wide nose which makes it very maneuverable and easy to turn.

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