Best Snowshoes

Best Snowshoes – MSR Snowshoes

MSR stands for “Mountain Safety Research” and they are a company that makes high quality products. They have been making their own brand of outdoor equipment since 1997. Their main product line includes backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, clothing and other items. The company was founded by two brothers from Colorado Springs named John Bowerman and Mark Ritchie.

The company has its headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO. They have offices in Boulder, CO and Salt Lake City, UT. The company’s website states that they manufacture their products at three factories located in Colorado Springs, Utah; Denver, CO; Fort Collins, CO and Seattle WA. They also produce some of their products overseas under license agreements with various companies.

Their first product was a backpack called the Mountain Hardwear Backpack which was introduced in 1996. Since then they have released several other products such as the Mountain Hardwear Down Parka, the Mountain Hardwear Midlayer Jacket, the Mountain Hardwear Insulated Pants and the Mountain Hardwear Insulated Long Sleeve Shirt.

They have also made a number of accessories for these products including a light weight version of their insulated pants called the Mountain Hardwear Lightweight Insulation Pant. The company also produces ski boots which are known as “Snowshoe Boots”.

MSR snowshoes are known to be excellent pieces of equipment and have been used in the Olympics. Along with their other gear these snowshoes are manufactured with a high degree of technical skill and craftsmanship. The company has won various awards for their products including the “Outdoor Fabrikator Award” by Landscape Architecture Magazine and the “Gold Award” by Backpacker Magazine.

Other Snowshoes Manufacturers

Along with the above-mentioned manufacturers there are several other companies that produce snowshoes. Other companies such as Tubbs, Atlas, Wood, Fimbulvetr, MSR, K2, Cascade Mountain Tech and many more manufacture high quality snowshoes. These companies have been in business for years and have gained a reputation for producing durable, long-lasting snowshoes that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

Snowshoes – Which Are The Best?

This is a matter of opinion since what one person may like, another may not. There are a few, however, that are recognized as being high quality and being used by various militaries. These snowshoes are very durable and can usually handle even the toughest conditions and terrain. Most of these snowshoes have metal frames which help them support heavy weights such as people, backpacks, climbing gear, extra clothes and more.

A few of these snowshoes include the following:

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MSR Snowshoes – Made by the same company that makes the same quality backpacks, tents and various other outdoor gear. These snowshoes are known to be lightweight and easy to carry around. They can support a large amount of weight making them good for people who are carrying backpacks, camping gear or other items on their snowshoes. They have a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

The only drawback is they are not the easiest to walk in due to their large surface area.

Tubbs Mountaineer Series Snowshoes – Also made by a company that has been in business for a very long time. These snowshoes have a weight capacity of over 400 pounds. They also support heavy backpacks, climbing gear and more thanks to their durable design. They are easy to maneuver and fit well.

The only drawback to these snowshoes is they are some what heavy and not the quickest to walk in.

K2 Snowshoes – These snowshoes are made by a company that also makes quality backpacks, climbing gear, skis and more. These snowshoes are very durable and have a weight capacity of over 300 pounds. The walking surface is 24 inches which makes them larger than average snowshoe. They are easy to walk in and maneuver.

The only drawbacks to these snowshoes is they are a little expensive and are somewhat heavy.

These are just a few of the best snowshoes on the market today. There are many others that have similar features and qualities. When choosing a pair of snowshoes, consider your budget, what you will be using them for and how much weight you intend on putting on them.

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