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What are the pros and cons of different types of smokers?


1) They’re cheap.

You don’t have to spend much money on your smoking hobby. (If you want to buy a new one, it’s going to cost you at least $200-$300.)

2) They’re portable.

If you travel a lot or just like having someplace where you can smoke, then these are great options for you.

3) They’re quiet.

You won’t hear any noise from them when you’re cooking. (You might get some smoke smell, but not too bad.)

4) They heat up fast.

So they’ll cook your food quickly and efficiently without burning it. (They do burn your food though if you don’t use enough oil/butter etc.)


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1) Some of them are noisy and smelly.

2) Some of them aren’t very efficient.

They tend to only produce small amounts of smoke. (For example, you may need to use less than half the amount of oil/butter etc.)

3) Some of them don’t cook your food well.

For instance, they might not make enough fat or meat flavor into your food. (It all comes down to personal preference, though.)

How are electric smokers different from other smokers?

1) They’re easy to use.

Just plug it in and turn it on. If you want smoke, just press a button to turn on the smoke generator. (Some models automatically send the smoke through after the heating element is turned on.) Just wait for your food to cook and then you can eat!

2) They’re clean.

There’s no ash or burnt wood mess to deal with.

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3) They tend to be cheaper than other types of smokers.

However, some are more expensive due to additional features. (Such as WiFi connections, higher capacity, and more cooking racks.)

What makes the smoke in electric smokers different?

1) The heat is more consistent.

It distributes the heat across the entire smoking chamber. (So no hot or cold spots occur. This prevents your food from getting burnt or undercooked.)

2) The smoke itself is more consistent.

Smoke generation is done by an electric generator and fan. This ensures that the right amount of smoke is sent throughout the smoking process. (It also tends to make the smoke taste stronger.)

3) The color of the smoke is more consistent.

(It’s darker than the yellow/white smoke from wood or charcoal.)

What about adding wood chips? Can I do that with an electric smoker?

Yes, you most certainly can. Many manufacturers even sell wood chips designed for their specific smokers. If you want even more smoke flavor, get a Large Aluminum Non-Stick Roasting Pan and fill it up with your choice of wood chips and place it below your food. (Make sure the pan doesn’t come into contact with the heating element though. In fact, put it on something elevated so that the smoke has space to be released.)

How do I clean my electric smoker?

Most parts are easy to clean since they don’t get stained or burnt. Just wipe with a wet cloth and dry. (Do not immerse any part of the smoker in water though.)

What types of food can I make with an electric smoker?

You can easily make steak, sausage, ribs, and even cheese! People have also used these to make bacon, pulled pork, and chicken. (However, I would recommend getting a larger smoker if you want to do big pieces of meat.)

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Enjoy your new smoker!

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