Best Smartphone Sanitizers

The Best Smartphone Sanitizers:

1) Cell Phone Wire Cutter – Best Smartphone Sanitizer

2) Homedics iPhone 5/5C Screen Wipe & Cleaning Kit (Best Smartphone Sanitizer)

3) iClean Mobile Phone Wash and Scrubbing Solution (Best Smartphone Sanitizer)

4) Safesafe Cell Phone Wipes and Cleanser (Best Smartphone Sanitizer)

5) Purell Cell Phone Wipes and Cleanser (Best Smartphone Sanitizer)

6) Listerine Hand Soap with Alcohol Free Formula (Best Smartphone Sanitizer)

7) Clorox Bleach Concentrate (Best Smartphone Sanitizer)

8 ) Gatorade Water Bottle Wipes and Cleanser (Best Smartphone Sanitizer)

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9 ) Dettol Baby Food Baby Wash and Scrubbing Solution (Best Smartphone Sanitizer)

10 ) KwikWax Hand Sanitiser Gel (Best Smartphone Sanitizer)

Cell Phone Wire Cutter – Best Smartphone Sanitizer:

In the past, cell phones were not only used for calling but also for sending messages. That’s why it was necessary to protect your personal data from being stolen or compromised.

If you want to know about cell phone sanitizer, then here’s the best solution for you.

The first step is to turn off your cell phone. There are just a few steps involved in using the wire cutter.

Once your phone is switched off, the first thing you need to do is to open it up. You can do this by using a flat screwdriver and gently prying it apart. (This process involves taking out the screws of the back cover. Also, the front screen and keypad should come off as one whole piece). After you remove the screws of the back cover and take it off, you’ll notice that your phone doesn’t look quite the same. There are 3 wires connecting to the back of the battery. These wires can be quite difficult to undo so be careful while doing this. You may need a small flathead screwdriver for this.

First of all, you have to locate the positive wire. This is the longest and skinniest wire of them all.

The middle wire is the negative and the smallest one obviously. Now you have to cut all the wires with a pair of scissors. Make sure that you do not mix up any wires while cutting. Now you can put the back cover of your phone back on and re-screw it in place. (Do not turn on your phone just yet).

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