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The Best Smart TV Brands: Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio

Samsung’s Smart TVs are the most popular among all smart TV brands. They have been around since 2012 and they were introduced with their first series of 55″ models.

Samsung has always had good reputation when it comes to making quality products which are easy to use. Their latest model, the 65″ model was released in October 2016. These are great televisions, but there are some drawbacks which make them less desirable than other brands.

Slim Design: The Samsung 55″ and 65″ models are very slim and light compared to other brands. However, these TVs don’t look as nice as the ones from LG or Sony because they aren’t as premium looking.

Some people like the design of these TVs, while others dislike it due to its slimmer design.

No Picture Quality Improvement: The Samsung TVs do not offer any picture improvement over the last generation. There is no HDR support either.

If you want better picture quality, then you should go for LG or Sony smart TVs instead.

Poor Sound Quality: Many people complain about poor sound quality from these TVs. People say that they get loud noises such as television commercials even though they are turned off at times.

This could be a big issue for people who want to use their TV as their primary source of audio.

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No Android Operating System: The new Samsung TVs come with Tizen instead of the traditional Android operating system. Due to this, the latest version of Android cannot be used on this TV.

For most people, this is a deal breaker considering the fact that the included “Smart Hub” is nowhere near as good as other versions of the Android OS.

Outdated Software: The software that runs on these TVs is very outdated. This can be noticed when you try to use the “Smart Hub” which is slow and clunky.

Even some of the apps on the TV don’t open immediately. Due to this, you’ll probably want to buy a Roku or Fire TV for your TV to make it easier to stream shows.

Bad Response: People have complained that when they try to use the voice command feature, it doesn’t work very well. This is a huge problem since this feature is one of the main reasons why people who buy these TVs.

Low Storage Space: The new Samsung TVs only come with low amount of internal storage capacity. You’re only be able to store a few apps and a little bit of content due to this issue.

This can be a problem for media streamers since many people like to stream content directly from their phones.

Vizio is well known for making cheap yet quality HDTVs. They have a reputation for producing the best budget TVs every year.

Their smart TVs aren’t an exception either. They pack a lot of value for the price you’re paying. The newest P-Series Quantum is their flagship TV as of now and it really lives up to the name.

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