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The best universal remotes are not just those that are compatible with all your devices, but they also have features that make them more useful than others. There is no doubt that the universal remote is one of the most popular gadgets nowadays. They come in many different shapes and sizes, from simple buttons to full-fledged touchscreens.

Some of these remotes are easy to use, while others require some technical skills.

Smart TV’s such as Samsung TVs or LG TVs offer a wide range of functions, which makes it possible for users to control various aspects of their television sets. These include volume controls, input selection and even power settings. The main problem with these remotes is that they do not always work well when used with older televisions that lack modern technology like HDMI ports and other inputs.

However, there are some remotes that are specifically designed for controlling smart TVs. These remotes typically feature a touchscreen interface and allow users to perform tasks such as changing channels, adjusting brightness levels and much more. However, they often cost quite a bit of money.

The Harmony remote is one of the better ones because it costs less than $100.

The Best Universal Remote is the Logitech Harmony Elite

The best universal remote allows users to control all of their devices with just one click. This includes TVs, media streaming boxes, media players and much more. These remotes can also be customized depending on a person’s needs.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all universal remotes are the same. This, however, is not true because there are some that are better than others. One of the best universal remotes is the Logitech Harmony Elite.

The first thing that makes this remote great is its durable build. Unlike most other models that are sold at your local electronics store, the Elite is made from quality materials and can stand up to a bit of abuse. People who have children or pets will also like this model because it can withstand a bit of drops and spills.

What also makes this one of the best universal remotes is the fact that it comes with a color touchscreen. This touchscreen allows people to view various features and make adjustments as necessary. In addition, it supports voice commands and activity control.

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As a result, people can switch between various gadgets and perform different functions by simply speaking or tapping on the screen.

The Elite is one of the more expensive universal remotes on the market right now. However, it is well worth the money for many people. This remote allows people to better manage their media consumption and even helps them save time when using their gadgets.

Benefits of Using a Best Universal Remote

The best universal remotes can do much more than most people would expect. In addition to helping people save money and energy, they also free up space on coffee tables and other places where remotes tend to gather.

Save Money

The average American household has well over a dozen remotes to manage all of their various gadgets and appliances. These remotes add to the clutter and make it difficult for people to locate the right one when they need to use it. As a result, many people decide to leave their devices on all the time.

However, this is not good for energy conservation and can also lead to early burnout for devices like TVs and media players.

The best universal remotes help people to manage their media consumption much better by allowing them to turn on and off devices at the press of a button. This allows people to save money on their electric bill because they are not using unnecessary electricity.

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Save Time

Another benefit of using the best universal remote is that it saves time. Instead of having to get up to change channels or adjust the volume on a TV, a person can simply tap a few buttons or speak a command.

Universal remotes can also help people to streamline their media consumption. For example, a person can program all of their TVs and Blu-ray players to turn on and switch to the correct input when they want to watch a movie. This allows them to save time from having to manually change inputs every time.

Improve Your Life

The best universal remotes improve the quality of life for many people. They allow people to free up space on their coffee tables and entertainment centers by getting rid of the stack of remotes that used to sit there. In addition, universal remotes allow people to easily control all of their gadgets with a single device.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Remote

There are several things that you’ll want to consider before purchasing a universal remote. The first is whether or not it works with the various devices that you own. The second thing is how easy is it to program and use the remote.

It would be a shame to purchase a remote that features a nice touchscreen if you are not going to use it to its full potential. Last, but not least, is the price. There are many remotes available on the market at a variety of price points. It’s important to find one that fits your budget without sacrificing quality or features.

To make this process easier for you, we have put together a list of features that you should look for in a remote, as well as a list of questions to ask yourself before making a purchase. After going through these lists, you will know exactly what to look for when it’s time to buy a new remote.

Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

What devices do I currently have?

If you already own a few media players, then it might be worth it to look for a remote that is compatible with them.

What kind of batteries does my remote require and are they easy to find?

For example, some devices use obscure battery types that can only be found at specialty stores. You’ll also want to consider how expensive these batteries are and how often you’ll need to replace them.

Do I want a touchscreen?

There are some remotes that feature a touchscreen. If you think this would be useful, then you will have to decide whether or not the extra cost is worth it for you.

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Features to Look For

Number of Devices It Can Control: The number one thing to look for when purchasing a universal remote is how many devices it can actually control. Some can control up to fifteen different devices, while others can go up to fifty.

Multi-Device Control: You’ll also want to consider whether or not the remote can control multiple similar devices. For example, some remotes can control up to five TVs, while others can only control one.

Battery Type: The type of battery a remote requires is another thing you’ll want to look at before purchasing. Some utilize AAA batteries, while others require a specialized battery type that can only be found at specialty stores.

Backlit Buttons: In a darkened room, it can be hard to see the buttons on a remote. A backlit remote solves this problem by lighting up the buttons when you need to use them.

Multiple Color Options: Some remotes come in various colors. If you want a unique looking remote, then look for one with multiple color options.

Price: Lastly, you’ll want to consider how much you’re willing to spend on a universal remote. There are many available on the market, so you should have no trouble finding one that fits your budget.

Check out these remotes that can work with multiple devices!

This remote can be programmed to control up to fifteen different devices and features a large LCD display. It also uses commonly found AAA batteries and is very easy to program.

This remote can control up to fifteen different devices and uses commonly found AAA batteries. It features a large LCD display that allows you to easily see what device you are controlling.

This universal remote can control up to fifty different devices and uses commonly found AAA batteries. It features large function buttons that allow you to easily see and access the functions you use most often.

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This universal remote can control up to fifteen different devices and uses commonly found AAA batteries. It features an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen that makes it easy to see what device you are controlling in a darkened room.

This remote can control up to thirty different devices and uses commonly found AAA batteries. It features a large LED display that is easy to see in a darkened room.

Tips for Using a Universal Remote

Before using your new universal remote, you’ll have to program it to work with all the devices you want to control. Most remotes will come with instructions on how to do this. You may also want to look up instructional videos online as well.

Once you have successfully programmed the remote, try using it to control all your devices. Remember that you can always reprogram it if you need to.

Benefits of Owning a Universal Remote

There are many benefits to owning a universal remote. Chief among them is the fact that you no longer have to struggle to remember which remote controls what. The days of having to search for the right remote just to watch TV are over.

You also eliminate the hassle of keeping up with multiple remote controls.

Who hasn’t lost or hid a remote under or behind something only to have to waste time looking for it later?

Other useful features your universal remote may have include a backlight, which allows you to easily see what button you are pressing in a darkened room, and a mute button so you don’t have to get up every time a commercial comes on. Another handy feature is being able to learn the codes from your old remotes into your new one. That way, when you do find the one that was hiding under the couch cushions, you can still use it.

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