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Best Budget Smart Light Bulb: WYZE BULB

Wyze is a brand name of Philips Lighting Inc. They are one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the world.

Their products include LED lights, CFL lights, HID (high intensity discharge) lights, and many other types of lighting devices. In addition to their own brands they also sell various parts from other companies such as Osram Sylvania, GE Lighting and others.

The Wyze brand was introduced in 2012. They have been making some of the most popular LED lights in the market.

These lights are known for being energy efficient and long lasting. However, they do not come cheap! The price range ranges from $40-$80 depending on where you buy them from. You can get your hands on these lights at places like Amazon or Lowes.

These lights are very bright and emit a lot of light. They last quite awhile, but they aren’t the cheapest option when it comes to saving money.

If you want something that will save you a few bucks then this might be just what you’re looking for.

The Wyze bulbs use Cree’s Cree XP-G2 LED technology which is considered one of the brightest LEDs available today. The lights have a lifespan of 10 years with proper care and maintenance.

These 50W equivilent lights consume only 6.5W of maximum power. The lights can emit around 800 lumens of brightness which is almost equivalent to a regular incandescent bulb.

The light has a smooth white color which makes it the perfect light for everyday use. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, basements, hallways and more!

The light shines in a very wide angle and can illuminate large areas with a single bulb.

The WYZB1100 model is a very popular option and is available on most major online marketplaces. It has great reviews and does the job very well.

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WYZE has several other variations of this bulb available as well such as the A19 model, BR30 model, GU10 model and others. Despite the wide selection, not all options are available at every store.

These bulbs are very cost effective and long lasting. They help you save a lot of money in the long run while still giving you a rich lighting experience.

Below are some of the features and specifications of the WYZB1100 model.


The bulb has an output of 800 lumens which is equivalent to a 50W incandescent bulb.

The bulbs have a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours. Over 3 years of continuous use.

The bulb is available in warm white and daylight temperatures.

The bulbs are Energy Star compliant.

The bulbs have a color rendering index of 75, which is very close to natural sunlight at 5000k.

The bulbs are dimmable and will work with most standard dimmers.

The bulbs are very cost effective and save up to 85% on your electricity bills.

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The bulb has a E26 Medium Base and weigh about 7 ounces.

The bulbs can be used in most standard household fixtures that take a incandescent bulb.

The bulbs emit zero UV rays and are safe for home use.

If you need help with anything, you can reach out to the Wyze customer service team who will gladly assist you.


Brand: WYZB1100

Watts: 6.5W

Lumens: 800

Base: E26 (Medium)

CRI: 85

Color Temperature: 2900-3100K (Warm White)

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CCT: 5000K (Daylight)

Length: 3.15″ / 8.00 cm

Diameter: 2.36″ / 6.00 cm

Weight: 7.00 oz / 198.41 g


The WYZB1100 model, as well as many other options from this brand are available on most online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay.

You can check out the price and read reviews here for the WYZB1100 model on Amazon.

Or you can check out the price and read reviews here for the WYZB1100 model on Ebay.

If you want to explore more options from WYZB then go here.


Are these lights dimmable?

The WYZB1100 model, as well as other options from this brand are compatible with most standard incadescent dimmers.

Can I use these lights outside?

These bulbs are not waterproof and are not designed for outdoor use.

My light is flickering, what can the problem be?

The bulb may not be compatible with your dimmer switch. These lights work best with traditional style dimmer switches. They will not work with a remote control, bidet, multi location or wall mount switch. They may also not work if you have an old style mechanical dimmer switch where you have to twist the knob. Make sure to replace these switches with modern electronic dimmers. For best results, you want to make sure that your dimmer can support a load of 600 watts or less when the lights are at maximum glow.

I heard these lights can save me a lot on electricity?

These lights save an average of 85% on your electricity bill compared to traditional lighting. This can add up to big savings over the course of year. You can also get bonus discounts from your power company if you use energy efficient bulbs.

Are these lights safe?

These lights are completely safe. They do not get hot and can be touched immediately after use. They also do not produce any UV light.

How long do the lights last?

If you use your lights 8 hours a day, at minimum, you should expect the lights to last 7-10 years before starting to dim. There may also be some slight color shift over this time period.

Which are better LEDs or CFLs?

LEDs and CFLs are different technologies and have different pros and cons. In recent years, LED technology has improved vastly and may be a better choice for your application because of their longevity and energy efficiency. They also do not contain any harmful chemicals and do not get hot so you can safely make physical contact with them immediately after use.

Do these lights emit UV rays?

These lights do not emit any UV rays. They are suitable to use in bedrooms, living rooms, and even studios.

Do these lights require any special care?

There is no need to take any special care of these lights. You do not have to worry about replacing a bulb if you accidentally step on it or anything like that. They can also be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. Make sure to wipe the outside of the glass carefully as fingerprints may reduce the light quality of the bulb.

How do I turn off my lights?

Turn off your lights by holding down your touch sensor until they shut off. Keep in mind that they will also automatically turn off if they are left on for more than 6 hours. This helps to preserve the longevity of the lights.

Are there any dangers in using these lights?

These lights do not get hot and are safe to use. They are not a fire hazard and do not produce enough heat to be a danger. They can be safely used by children and animals. The only possible danger with these lights is if you were to knock one over and it shatters causing injuries from the glass. Please keep in mind, there are dangers in having anything glass in a household with children and animals.

Are these lights washable?

These lights are not suitable to be used outdoors or in areas that require washable lighting such as a kitchen. They also should not be cleaned with water. Make sure to wipe down any dust from the bulbs with a dry cloth. Leaving them in a dirty area can cause a lot of dust to collect on the bulbs and that can affect their ability to spread light.

How bright are these lights?

These lights are about as bright as a traditional 40 watt incandescent bulb. They provide great lighting for children’s rooms, living rooms, and dens. They are not designed for use as security lighting or outdoors. Just like standard bulbs, the brightness decreases as the watts increase.

Do these lights have a warm or cool color?

The color of light given off by these lights is very similar to an incandescent bulb. Unlike other lighting technologies such as fluorescent which have a specific color to them, these lights do not give off any significant color tint. This makes these bulbs great for decorating as you can pick a wide variety of colors without depending on the lights to match.

What is the range of motion for these lights?

The neck of these lights can be tilted up to 120 degrees and can bend side-to-side up to 60 degrees. They can be placed with the light facing up or down by adjusting the neck of the bulb.

How long do the bulbs last?

These lights are designed with a very long life span in mind. The average bulb could last 8 years of constant use under normal circumstances. This would be if the bulb was on for over 6 hours a day every day. These bulbs also do not become noticeably less bright until they have been used for many hundreds of hours. This means you will get the full 8 years out of your bulbs even with long periods of use.

Can I dim these lights?

Unfortunately, these lights are not designed to be dimmed. They are designed to provide a constant brightness.

Is there a wireless remote I can use to turn these lights on and off?

These lights do not come with a remote control or any way to turn them on or off remotely unless you purchase one separately and program it to work with these lights. We do not currently sell remotes that are compatible with these lights.

Are these lights weatherproof or water proof?

These lights are not designed to be outdoors as they are not weatherproof. They can withstand a small amount of moisture but any water such as rain or sprinklers will damage the lights. Running them under water or placing them outside is not recommended.

Can I hang these lights from the ceiling?

These lights are not designed to be hung or mounted as that could damage the wiring internally. The best way to get these lights to be at a specific angle is to either place them on a flat surface or tilt the bulb so it points up or down at the angle you want.

Can I run 4 or more of these lights off of one power cord?

You can connect up to 120 lights together without any adverse effects from an external power source like a extension cord or battery pack. You cannot connect more than 120 lights together as that would require more power than the external source can output.

How far will the signal reach from one light to the next?

The signal range is about 16-18 feet at maximum. If you are using more than 70 lights, you may want to place the controller closer to where you are installing the lights.

I want to run a long extension cord along the floor to hide the wire.

Is this ok?

It is not recommended to place any type of heavy object on the power cord as this can cause irreversible damage to the wiring inside of it as well as reducing the life span of it. The best way to hide the cord is to place it along the molding or floor baseboards. If this is not an option you can place it on the ground as long as you go over it with duct tape to ensure no moisture gets in and damage is done to the wire.

How many of these can I connect together?

You can connect up to 120 feet of lights together without any adverse effects on the power source. This means you can connect multiple sections of lights together to form a longer run.

Does this come with a warranty?

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