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Best Sippy Cup For Formula Feeding

If you are planning to feed your baby formula, then it is essential that you choose the right type of sippy cup. There are many types of sippy cups available in the market today. You may have heard about some of them before but never had any idea what they really were like or how they perform when used for feeding babies. So let’s get started!

What Is A Sippy Cup?

A sippy cup is a small container which holds liquid (usually water) and is placed inside a child’s mouth. They come in various sizes and shapes. Some of them are designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers while others are suitable for all kinds of liquids. Most of them are made from plastic, glass or metal, though some can be made out of wood too.

Why Use A Sippy Cup For Formula Feeding?

Sipping on a bottle while nursing is not only inconvenient but it also causes irritation of the nipples and gums. Also, if you are using a disposable bottle, it will eventually break down and become useless. Sip bottles allow you to nurse without having to worry about breaking one or losing one. The best sippy cups are made from materials which won’t damage your child’s gums or mouth. Most of them are spill proof too, so you can carry them around without worrying about a mess.

How To Choose The Best Sippy Cup For Your Baby?

When looking for the best sippy cup, it is important to be very specific about what you want and need. This will help narrow down your choices considerably. You can also take advantage of the many guides and lists which have been made by mothers just like you who have already gone through this process.

Here are some factors which you may want to keep in mind before choosing a sippy cup for your baby:

Durability: The best sippy cups are usually sturdy and durable so that they don’t break or crack easily. However, some are more durable than others so make sure to pay attention to this when choosing one.

BPA Free: Try to choose sippy cups which are free from Bisphenol A or BPA. This chemical compound is found in some plastics and it may have a negative impact on your baby’s health in the long term.

Size And Shape: Consider the size and shape of the sippy cup you want before choosing one. You may want to look for one which is easy to grip or you may want one which is more on the traditional side. It’s all up to you and your baby’s preferences.

Spout Cover: Most sippy cups come with a latex (or silicone) spout cover. This helps to prevent spills and it also protects your baby from getting tethered or poked by the spout. If you are looking for a sippy cup with a spout cover, then make sure to keep this factor in mind.

Sizing: Another important feature to look for in a sippy cup is size. You want to choose one which will fit your baby when he grows older. At the same time, you don’t want to choose one which is too big either (this will only cause messes). Look for the middle ground.

Easy To Clean: Last but not least, you want to choose a sippy cup which is easy to clean.

After all, who has time to scrub and wash sippy cups every day?

Look for cups which are dishwasher friendly or at least easy to clean by hand.

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Our Picks For The Best Sippy Cup

1. Munchkin LATCH Graduate BPA Free Baby Bottle

The Munchkin LATCH Graduate BPA Free Baby Bottle is a great choice if you are looking for something simple. This cup has everything you need and it is very affordable too. It has a large bottle for the big feeding times, a smaller one for those in between moments and it even comes with a latch to help with the transition from bottle to cup.

The large bottle holds 9 ounces of liquid while the smaller one holds 5 ounces. It even comes with a formula dispenser if you are planning on using this for powdered formula rather than ready to use liquid formula (not recommended). The spout is soft and easy for your baby to suck from.

The latch on the bottom makes it easy for your baby to grip and hold without spilling. It can also help with the transition from bottle to cup. The pieces are all BPA free so you don’t have to worry about that and it is very easy to clean, you can put all the pieces in the dishwasher.

2. NUK Learner Cup

The NUK Learner Cup may very well be the best sippy cup on this list. It is very simple but also very effective. This cup should be able to help your baby learn how to drink from a regular cup without any problems. It comes with a soft flexible spout which is very comfortable for your baby to drink from and easy to use.

The soft spout is made out of silicone and is very easy to clean (you can put it in the dishwasher no problem). The body of the cup is made out of a no leak material which means no matter how much your baby shakes or tips the cup over, no leaks will happen.

The cup is available in multiple colors and it is very durable. It can even be frozen which can help sooth teething pains. All in all, this is a great sippy cup for your baby.

3. Munchkin LATCH Magnetic Straw Cup

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The Munchkin LATCH Magnetic Straw Cup is the perfect choice if you are looking for a sippy cup with a straw. This particular cup has a flip top straw, which makes it very easy to use. It is also very easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher to make your life easier. You can also purchased different lids which allow you to turn this into a regular cup when your baby gets older.

The straw is soft and flexible, making it comfortable for your child to use. It also comes with a magnetic top which helps keep the straw secure, this prevents leaks and spills. This cup is perfect for babies who are just getting used to drinking from a cup or bottle. It can help teach them how to use one properly.

4. Playtex Baby Trainer Cup

The Playtex Baby Trainer Cup is another great sippy cup for your baby to learn how to use. The handles make it easy for your baby to hold and the spout makes it simple for them to drink from. It also comes with a removable ring which can help prevent leaks and spills although you should always still monitor your baby while they are drinking just in case.

The lid is very easy for your child to take off and on their own. Since this is made by a well known brand you can expect this cup to be very durable and to last your child for a long time. If you are looking for a sippy cup to help teach your child how to drink from a regular cup then this is a great choice.

5. MAM Anti-Colic Bottles

The MAM Anti-Colic Bottles are designed to help prevent the baby from getting colic, gas, and discomfort. It does this by allowing your baby to drink without having to suck as hard. This can help prevent a lot of pain and discomfort for your baby, especially if they are suffering from colic. You want your child to be as comfortable as possible so that they can grow up happy and healthy.

The anti-colic system on these bottles allows air to flow through the bottles, preventing your baby from getting too much air while they drink. These bottles help prevent gas and fussiness and can also help prevent spit up due to the vent system. Your baby should feel less discomfort while drinking from these.

6. Munchkin Latch Bottle

The Munchkin Latch Bottles are designed to encourage your baby to latch on correctly to a bottle, which could lead to better breastfeeding in the future. These bottles are very soft on the gums and easy for your baby to latch onto. The shape of the bottle makes it very easy for your baby to grasp.

These bottles are made without BPA, lead, and other materials which could be potentially harmful. They are also designed to prevent colic and gas buildup which could be uncomfortable for your baby. These bottles work with most standard bottle warmers so you can always make sure that your baby’s milk is the perfect temperature for them to enjoy.

7. NUK Bottle Comfort

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The NUK Bottle Comfort is a great choice for your baby if they are suffering from gas or colic. The anti-colic system works to eliminate air bubbles and wind while your baby is drinking, this helps prevent discomfort and fussiness. The vent system also helps minimize the amount of air in the bottle so that your baby gets every last drop of the liquid they need.

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