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The Boss Shower Caps are one of the most popular shower caps on the market today. They have been around since 2005 and they offer a wide range of colors and styles. The Boss Shower Caps come in various sizes which allows them to fit almost any head size. Their designs feature a skull design with a black background. There are different types of skulls including a snake, bird, fish, or even a human face.

Boss Shower Caps are made from high quality materials such as polyester and nylon. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes which makes it easy to choose the right size for your needs. You can get either the plastic or metal versions of these shower caps at Boss Shower Caps.


These shower caps have received rave reviews from customers all over the world. They are one of the leading shower caps on Amazon. They are also extremely cheap. Here are some actual reviews from customers:

“I love these shower caps! I have never been able to find a shower cap that fits my large head, but these fit great! They also stay in place and keep your hair dry.”

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“I needed some shower caps for chemo, and after reading reviews about other caps falling off or not being large enough, I decided to try these. They work great!”

“These shower caps are fantastic! They are a nice, thick material and they actually fit my huge head! I can’t stand the flimsy ones at the beauty shop that rip after one use, so it is great to have a few of my own.”


The Essentials Shower Caps are another top choice in shower caps. They come in over 75 different colors and designs. These shower caps are made from high quality materials. They are soft, stretchy, and mold to your head for a comfortable fit. The Essentials Shower Caps feature a drawstring to adjust the size.

They also feature an extra layer on the inside to ensure that your hair stays completely dry. These shower caps come in a pack of three and each one comes in a different color or design.


The Essentials Shower Caps have been rated very highly by users on Amazon. Here is what some customers have said:

“These shower caps are great! They are really soft and I love the designs. I also like that they come in a 3-pack so you can choose 3 different colors.”

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“These shower caps are perfect for using at the hair salon. My hairstylist recommended them because they are non-slip. They are also durable so they last a long time.”

“I got these shower caps as a gift for my mom. She uses them every week when she goes to get her hair washed and styled. She really likes the different patterns and says they are very comfortable. She also says her hair looks nice after her appointments.”

“These shower caps are perfect for my mother-in-law. She had chemo and now has no hair. These are soft and keep her head warm after her showers. She loves the pretty pastel colors. These are a great buy.

I highly recommend.”

Mylar Shower Cap

The Mylar Shower Cap is a great option for folks that need a waterproof and sterile option. These shower caps are made of shiny, see-through material called “Mylar. These shower caps are typically worn by cancer patients who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy. They can also be used after a surgery to help prevent infection and keep the area clean and covered until it heals. These shower caps are one-size fits all.


These shower caps have received mixed reviews on Amazon. Some people say that they are perfect for their needs while others say that they rip easily.

“The Mylar Shower Cap is perfect for my husband who has cancer and lost his hair due to chemotherapy. It is shiny and waterproof so it doesn’t get wet in the shower. It also keeps his head warm after his showers.”

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“The shower cap ripped after one use. I wish it had worked because it was very shiny and my wife would have loved it. I will try another one and see if it lasts longer. Also, it is a one-size-fits-all type of cap.”

“These shower caps are exactly what I was looking for! They are really shiny so you can see yourself when you get out of the shower! The pack comes with 3 caps so it was great because my mom, dad, and I all have different colored caps now. They are very stretchy, too, so they fit all sizes of heads.”

“These shower caps are perfect for what I need. I got them to wear while I had surgery. They kept any dirt and germs from getting on my head and into the incision. I liked having something on my head to keep it warm, too. I have really short hair and was worried that the cap wouldn’t fit, but it stretches a lot and still looks pretty neat even though it’s big on me.”

“I got these for my mom who just got chemo and lost all of her hair. She loves them because they cover her whole head and don’t let any of her hair get wet in the shower. They look really neat on her, too.

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