Best Sesame Street Toys

Best Sesame Street Toys: Elmo

Elmo is one of the most popular characters in the world. He was created by Jim Henson’s company in 1969. His name comes from “el móvil” which means “the little man”. He is a friendly yellow bear with a big smile and very expressive eyes.

He loves to make friends and play. He likes to sing songs, dance and have fun.

He is the only character in the show that does not speak or do anything himself. Instead he communicates through a series of squeaky noises made by his mouth (or other parts of his body). For example, when he says “meow”, it sounds like this: meow . When he sings , it sounds like this: song .

And so on…

The way he communicates is called “mumbling”. A person can understand him if they are able to hear his voice clearly enough. If you don’t hear his voice well, you may still be able to understand what he says because he uses lots of different sounds. You will probably need a good pair of headphones or earphones to fully enjoy Elmo’s singing and dancing.

Elmo is a very friendly and playful character who loves to interact with humans. Even if you are an adult, you can still have a lot of fun with Elmo.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Big Bird

Big Bird is the largest and oldest living bird on Sesame Street. He is eight feet two inches tall and he can fly. He has a best friend named Snuffy who lives in his nest and likes to eat snacks all day.

Big Bird’s hobbies include reading, swimming and going to the movies. He likes to spend time with his many friends and has many favorite foods like apples, peanuts and carrots. His best friends are Snuffy and Elmo. He also likes to watch TV and eat popcorn while sitting on top of his sofa.

He has a belly button because he is a bird, but he does not remember ever having a mother.

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Big Bird lives on the roof of a huge brown building at 123 Sesame Street. He can often be found playing with his friends or sitting on the front porch.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch is a cranky, miserable green creature who lives in a garbage can. He hates when people try to cheer him up, but he does not seem to mind children’s company. His best friend is Grundgetta who lives in a dirty pond near his house. He has a pet worm called Slimey who lives in a small glass at the bottom of his can.

He also has a friend named Grouchy who looks just like him, but lives in a nice clean trash can somewhere else on Sesame Street.

Oscar’s hobbies include collecting bottle tops, reading letters from his many fans and criticizing people for throwing away things that he could use. He has many favorite foods including shrimp, snail shells and the lids off of trash cans. His best friends are Grundgetta and Grouchy. He also likes to go to the movies and sit on his sofa.

Oscar lives in a big green metal garbage can underneath a fire escape at 764 1/2 Sesame Street. He can often be found sitting on his front porch holding a newspaper and grouching.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie are two characters who live at the corner of 123 Sesame Street. They live in an apartment at the top of their house, overlooking the street. Their hobbies include carpentry, cooking, sports, music and everything else. They enjoy spending time with their many friends and they both have many favorite foods like doughnuts, apples and fish.

They have a pet cat named Little Cat.

Bert and Ernie are different characters altogether, but they are also very similar. They share the same interests and sometimes they even look alike.

Bert and Ernie’s favorite colors are orange and yellow. They both wear striped shirts, but Bert wears plaid shorts and black socks while Ernie wears brown pants and no socks. Bert has a yellow nose and Ernie has a big orange nose. They both have black hair, but Bert’s is short and Ernie’s is long.

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Bert has a pet cat named Little Cat. She is little enough to fit in his pocket. Little Cat likes to sleep most of the day and play at night when everyone else is sleeping. She has a purple collar with dangling silver bells on it and a picture of a ball of yarn on it.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Mr. Hooper

Mr. Hooper is the man who runs Hooper’s Store. He sells all kinds of fruits and vegetables in his store, but he also sells toys in the back of the store. He wears striped pants, a white shirt, a red tie and a green apron.

Mr. Hooper has a pet canary named Checkers. The bird sits on top of the cash register all day long. He also has a girlfriend named Mrs.

Johnson, who runs a store across town. He is in the middle of a big argument with her because she does not like his canary and he does not like her cat.

Mr. Hooper sells apples, oranges, bananas, tangerines, grapes, cherries, strawberries, carrots and celery from his store. He also sells flowers and toys on a limited basis. He likes to eat pancakes for breakfast and he hates phoners because they never buy anything.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Oscar’s Friend

Oscar’s friend is someone who lives on Sesame Street, but his face is never shown and he is never named. He can be seen in “The Trash Deposit” episode sitting on the bench and in the background of many other street scenes. His best friend is Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar’s friend has brown hair and wears brown pants, a white shirt with a black jacket and a bow tie. He also has black boots and black gloves. He is often seen carrying a brown bag and wearing a hat of some sort.

Oscar’s friend has many favorite foods including hot dogs, pretzels and candy bars. He likes to eat peas with butter, but he does not like liver and hates to cook. He loves to travel in the summer and he has been as far away as Cape Cod.

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Best Sesame Street Toys: The Old Man

The Old Man looks like he is about 100 years old, but he is actually much younger. He has a gray beard that covers most of his face and has a long gray pony tail that hangs down from the back of his baseball cap. He wears a faded blue shirt with yellow suspenders over it and cutoff jeans shorts. The rest of his legs are covered with a pair of old socks and white tube socks.

The Old Man likes to hang out in the park and talk to children. He gives them lollipops and tells them jokes. He has a pet canary that sits on his shoulder and sings. The Old Man has a nephew that looks just like him, but he is much younger.

The Old Man’s favorite foods are fish, corn on the cob and rice pudding. He likes to go roller skating and would like to learn how to play the banjo.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Officer Cleary

Officer Cleary is a friendly neighborhood police officer. He is big and strong and has a friendly face with a handlebar mustache. He wears a blue police uniform with a matching cap, black boots, and a shiny belt with a gold buckle.

Officer Cleary likes to keep the streets safe by cracking down on crime. He attends the annual block party and has been known to hand out ice cream when it is really hot. He also has a soft spot for children and considers them to be citizens too.

Officer Cleary likes to go fishing on weekends, but he doesn’t like hiking or swimming. He eats pancakes for breakfast and likes to collect snails in his spare time. He is allergic to bees.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Oscar the Grouch

Oscar the Grouch is one of the most popular residents of Sesame Street. He lives in a trash can and hates everybody except his friend, Big Bird. He is green with a round body and stubby legs. He has black hair, a pointy nose and round feet.

He wears a light green vest over a white shirt, as well as dark green pants that are held up by a rope belt. He is almost always seen with his favorite orange blanket. Oscar has been known to complain about everything, from bad food to the cold.

Oscar the Grouch has a pet worm named Slimy and lives in his trash can home with his friends Grundgetta and Chicken. He also has an unnamed pet lizard that lives on his back.

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Oscar eats almost anything, including eggshells and oatmeal. He prefers sleeping late, but likes to sing in the morning. He is afraid of the dark and the vacuum cleaner.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Prairie Dawn

Prairie Dawn is a pretty girl with long blonde hair and a pretty pink dress. She lives in an old farmhouse with her mom, dad, and little sister. She has two pet kittens named Beauty and Beast.

Prairie Dawn has lots of hobbies, including singing, dancing, cooking, and painting. She also likes to be outside gardening and riding her bike.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Rosita

Rosita is a pretty girl from Mexico. She has long black hair and a bright colorful dress. She loves to sing, dance, and spend time with her friends.

Rosita plays the piano and the guitar and dreams of becoming a famous musician one day. She also likes to play tennis and go swimming in her free time.

Best Sesame Street Toys: Telly

Telly is a little orange monster that looks a lot like Oscar the Grouch, except he is a different color and has a cone-shaped nose. He loves to eat pizza and his favorite food is eggplant parmesan. Telly has lots of friends on Sesame Street, even though he can be shy at times.

Telly’s best friends are Elmo, Zoe, and Lisa. He has a pet lizard named George, who lives in a tree house.

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