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Honda Hr 217K9VKA (Self Propelled) Lawn Mower

The Honda Hr 217K9VKA (self-propelled) lawn mower is a small two stroke engine powered mowing machine with a compact design. The motor produces 2 hp at 12 volts and runs on gasoline or propane fuel. The Honda Hr 217K9VKA can be operated either manually or automatically depending upon the user’s preference.


2 HP Engine Power

Movable Handle Bar for Easy Handling and Moving Around the Lawn

Automatic Mowing System With Automatic Throttle Control For Maximum Efficiency and Speed. You Can Also Turn On/Off the Motor By Turning A Button On The Side Of The Machine.

3 Speed Settings – Low, Medium & High – Selecting Which Setting To Use Is Easy!

Powered By Gasoline Or Propane Fuel Only

Comes With Two Batteries And Charger Included

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Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery Pack With Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack.

Automatic Bagging System Makes Mowing Lawns Almost Hassle-Free.

Lightweight Machine At Only 58 Pounds With 2.4 Gallons Fuel Capacity And Easy To Carry

Easily Manoeuvrable, Even For Small Yards. A Handlebar Can Be Moved From The Left To The Right To Make Turning Around Corners Easy

Comes With 12 Months Of Free Spare Parts From Honda Along With An Extra Year Warranty (2 Years).


Provides a professional finish to your lawn.

It’s fast and easy to use and turns at sharp corners unlike other similar lawn mowers.

This lawn mower is very lightweight (weighs just 58 pounds) and can be carried to hard to reach places.

Powered by either a battery or gasoline, so no need to worry about extension cords or availability of electricity.

Very easy to start.

Very quiet. You can have a conversation with someone without raising your voice.

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Cuts evenly and has a great build quality.

Has a great customer support team in place in the rare case of an issue.

Very affordable as compared to other lawn mowers of a similar class.


The handlebar cannot be adjusted to different heights, which might cause inconvenience to people of different height or children.

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