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Best Samsung Laptop Reviewed: Samsung Series 7 Notebook

Samsung Series 7 Notebooks are known as the most affordable laptops available in the market. They have been designed with students in mind and they come at a price that makes them suitable for everyone.

These laptops offer great value for money and their features make them ideal for everyday use.

The Samsung Series 7 notebooks are based on the latest Intel Core i3 processor which offers good performance and battery life. They feature a 15.6 inch screen and are powered by a single hard drive, but they come with two memory slots so you can expand your storage capacity if necessary.

In terms of design these laptops are very similar to their larger brother, the Series 5 models. They come in black or silver colour options and they all have a sturdy metal chassis.

There is no distinguishing mark between the different models other than the model number printed on the lid. You will notice that there is no optical drive included with any of these laptops, but you can easily add one yourself using external hard drives.

The keyboard is 87% of the full size which makes it perfect for fast and accurate typing. It also has an integrated numeric keypad which is always a useful feature to have and it frees up some space at the bottom of the keyboard.

The keys are well spaced out and responsive with a good feel when typing. They are not backlit which might be an issue in low light conditions, but there is a bright LED display included to help you see what you are doing.

The touchpad is a Microsoft precision touchpad that is very responsive and easy to use. You can perform all the standard gestures with it and it supports multi-touch commands also.

The entire surface acts as a button so there are no physical buttons included like with most laptops.

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The speakers are some of the best you will find on a laptop and they are designed in partnership with Bang & Olufsen. They offer great sound quality and are more than powerful enough to fill a small room with sound.

There are also volume control buttons included on the keyboard for quick adjustments.

The battery is advertised as being able to last for up to 7 hours between charges, but this will depend on how you use it. Under normal usage you should easily be able to get between 4 and 5 hours between charges.

The main selling point of the Samsung Series 7 notebook range is their price. The cheapest model is available for less than 900 dollars and that comes with a dual core processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive.

The most expensive model is just over $1,500 and comes with a quad core processor, 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive.

These are very capable laptops that come with powerful hardware, excellent build quality and premium features such as the Bang & Olufsen speakers. They might not look as flashy as some other laptops, but if you are looking for a good all round laptop that won’t break the bank, this is a great choice.

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