Best Samsung Curved TVs

Best Samsung Curved TV Prices:

Samsung curved TV are not cheap. They cost from $3,000 to $6,500.

That’s a lot of money! But if you want a great picture with high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles then these TVs are definitely worth it. There are two types of curved screens available for purchase today: flat screen and curved screen. Flat screen TVs have no curvature at all. These are called “flat” because they look like regular flat televisions. A flat screen TV has a single image plane (the wall behind it) which is perfectly straight and parallel to the ground. An example would be a television set that displays images on a black background. A flat screen TV has no curvature. Flat screen TVs are usually cheaper than curved screens, but their picture quality is often inferior.

Curved screens have a slight curve along one or both sides of the image plane. For example, the image on a 60 inch curved TV looks like a mirror.

The curve is very subtle and almost indiscernible when you stand in front of the screen. But if you move to the side, you can see that the image plane is curved. A curved TV has a shallow radius of curvature along the entire length of its image plane. These TVs are usually more expensive than flat screens, but their picture quality is generally much better. They have deeper contrast ratios with richer colors and a more 3-dimensional appearance.

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