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Recoil Erasers

The term “Eraser” is used in the industry because it’s like a small piece of paper with a sharp edge on one side. The edges are designed to cut through the skin when shooting. They’re not meant to cause any permanent damage. But they do have their place in some situations.

A good example would be if you were using a pistol grip stock and your hand was starting to get tired from holding the gun too tightly. You could use a recoilless rifle (or other type) round to push the bullet out of your way so you don’t strain yourself anymore. Another great thing about these erasers is that they’re very cheap and easy to make. All you need is a pair of scissors, some glue, and some duct tape or electrical tape.

There are many different types of erasers available. Some are made out of rubber while others are made out of plastic. The most common ones that come in contact with firearms are the rubber erasers. These erasers usually cost around $1 each and can last up to five years before needing replacement. Rubber erasers will wear down over time but they’re still better than nothing at all!

It might seem a little silly to some people, but it actually works really well.

You can use a rubber eraser on most firearms and not damage anything. You can cut out any shape you want and glue it on the gun. If you’re going to be doing this a lot it would probably be best to get yourself a pair of safety gloves, some superglue, some scissors, and a block of pine wood. It’s also helpful to get a bowl of water because you’ll need to wet the eraser every once in awhile so it doesn’t dry out.

These rubber erasers can also be used on other items as well. For example you could use them on your body if you wanted to reduce bruising or scratching if you were using a knife, sword, or some other sharp weapon. They could also be used as protective gear for other activities such as paintball, airsoft, or any other kind of sport involving high velocity projectiles. These erasers are a fun and cheap way to protect yourself from injury whenever you need to.

How Do Recoil Pads Work?

Now that we’ve gone over the different types of recoil pads, we need to talk about how they actually work. It’s important to know how your equipment works because if you don’t you could easily hurt yourself.

The main purpose of a recoil pad is to redirect the force of the gun away from your body. This is done by having the pad catch the majority of force from each shot while you just hold on to the gun normally. The reason why this works is because the human hand can apply many times more force than a bullet can, therefore it can easily overpower the energy of the gun.

When you fire a gun you should always keep your strong hand as close to the gun as possible. You also want your weak hand to be as far away from the gun as possible. By doing this, most of the force will be caught by the recoil pad while your body is at a safe distance from the gun. If you hold the gun incorrectly then you could end up breaking or dislocating a finger due to the strain.

The second purpose of a recoil pad is to reduce the felt recoil, or the kick, of the gun. This is important especially for new shooters and women since the force can cause them to lose their aim. However, this can be a disadvantage for other shooters since you may not feel the force of the gun going off which can prevent you from flinching. This could lead to muscle deterioration over time due to lack of use.

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Other Important Things To Consider

Always wear safety glasses whenever you’re shooting. This is to prevent any debris or objects from getting into your eyes. You should already have a pair of these since they’re recommended when working with tools.

Wear closed-toe shoes whenever you shoot. Yes, this may be obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t follow this rule since boots can really dampen the recoil of a gun. If you’re going to be shooting a lot, maybe buy a pair of sneakers that you can only use for this purpose.

Wear earplugs or earmuffs whenever you shoot. Noise induced hearing loss is practically a given if you’re going to be around guns a lot. Even if you’re not, one stray bullet could end up anywhere. So it’s better be safe than sorry.

Stretch before you shoot. You wouldn’t jump right into working out without warming up first, the same logic applies here.

Always keep your gun pointed in a safe direction even if you think it’s not loaded. This is one of the most basic safety rules when handling a gun and should be followed at all times.

Get training from a professional before you try to use a gun. This is really important especially if you’ve never shot one before. A basic training course should run you about a few hours and it’s well worth it since you’ll learn everything you need to know about handling and maintaing a gun.

Practice, practice, practice! The more you shoot, the better you’ll get. Once you feel comfortable with a certain type of gun, then you can move on to another one. Just always be sure to follow the safety rules whenever you do.

What To Buy

When buying a gun, you have to take into consideration what you’re going to be using it for.

Are you going to be using it for self-defense purposes mainly? Target practice? Hunting?

Each type of gun is good for different situations so it’s important to think about this first.

Handguns are great for self-defense since they can easily be carried in a concealed place, such as a holster or inside of a purse. They’re easy to store since most of them are fairly small. Also, the ammunition capacity is smaller so you don’t have to reload as often which can be a big advantage in a life or death situation where you have to react quickly. The disadvantage is that they’re not as versatile as other guns since their range is shorter and not ideal for long distance shots.


Rifles are mainly used for hunting although they can still be used for protection as well. The bullets can go through a target much easier since they’re not being propped back like with a shotgun hence the range and ammo capacity is much better. The downside is, they’re bigger and heavier than most guns so they’re harder to carry around.

Shotguns are mainly used for hunting although as the name suggests, they spread out into a certain radius so that each bullet hits the target hence dealing more damage. Like the name suggest, this is perfect for hunting birds since it can take down a good-sized flock with one shot. In terms of protection, they’re not ideal since the spread can result in some bullets not hitting the target hence useless.

When it comes to ammunition, you have the standard bullets that most people think of when it comes to guns. Then you have different kinds of specialty bullets that are designed for a certain situation.

Normal bullets are good for general purposes if you just want to go out and shoot targets or whatever else you’ll come across.

Armor Piercing Bullets have a much harder shell hence the name and can go through hard surfaces much better than the average bullet. However, they don’t do as much damage since they’re more focused on penetration rather than destruction.

Explosive Bullets are your average bullets with a bit of gunpowder shoved inside of them on top of some sort of material that’s easily flammable. Putting a small hole in the bullet allows a small spark to ignite the inside materials which creates a small explosion on impact. It doesn’t do as much damage as one might think though and most of it is concentrated in a small area hence not very good for hunting.

Incendiary Bullets work very similar to explosive bullets except they use a flammable liquid instead. The liquid can be lit on fire before or after they’ve been shot hence setting the target on fire. These bullets don’t do as much damage as the explosive bullets and only ignite what they hit directly hence not good for hunting.

Tracking Shells contain small radio transmitters that allow you to follow the target once it’s been hit. They’re mainly used for hunting since it allows one to track the dying animal hence making it much easier to find and retrieve it’s corpse.

Grenades are specialized ammunition that are only allowed to be used by military groups. They explode a few seconds after they’ve been shot hence blowing up whatever you shot at. They can be used in many different situations however military grade grenades are very hard to acquire and difficult to store since they require specialized equipment to manufacture.

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There are many more types of ammunition that you can acquire but these are some of the main ones that are found throughout the world.

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